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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Myrtle Trip, and what to do while I am gone!

Well, the Myrtle Beach Trip is finally upon us, our group of 52 have started going down already (that's what she said) and the bulk of us will be leaving tonight, and meeting those driving down Thursday at Long Bay Golf Club for our first round.

While I am gone, I thought I would leave you with a few links (which for some reason I can post still, so copy and paste please).

Golf Rewind:

One of my personal favorite sites to sit back, talk golf, share stories, play Fantasy Golf with, equipment reviews, trip reviews, photos and tour talk. Go sign up, it's a warm welcome and a great place to visit!

Golf Rewind 2:

An off shoot of Golf Rewind, more great guys running the site, showing everything from rules to what did you shoot to who had the best golf trip.

The Cut Line:

Another golf forum with a way more laid back approach. They still take golf serious, but various private invite only sections promise to show much, much more. Let's just say they know how to have a good time!!

Myrtle Beach Golf Talk:

Now this is Myrtle Beach, 24/7 Myrtle Beach golf talk, courses, trip calenders, trip reports, general talk and a Gentle Man's Club review section. The site is run by Brian Noblin, a golf provider, but this site is biased in no way. It's as up to the minute as any golf site can be about Myrtle Beach. The Bonus is that Brian can get you to Myrtle for less, and take the hassle out of your trip.

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