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Monday, May 13, 2013

Pants to Rule The World

My addiction to Bonobos pants continues, as they pump out new styles, new seasonal styles, and limited edition pants. Below are are a couple of the new style/color ways, and I of course already own some, and strive to grab the rest before they sell out.

Try Bonobos for yourself, and check the fit, the materials, and the build that makes them the "Best Pants in the World."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Madie Golf by Bonobos

First, let me start off by saying, I own a lot of Bonobos Chinos, heck, I am trying to buy every color and they keep coming out with more!

That being said, they have just recently started Maide, their golf line The Maide Story

Now, i do not own any yet, but this company thrives on attention to detail, fit, fabrics and especially service! Let me state that again, because it can't be said enough times, SERVICE. They are with out a doubt the most friendly, fast shipping, and "insanely easy return" company out there.

Here is the The Maide Look Book

They as a company, are more about the clothes, fit and fabric, than branding, so you won't see huge branded names or logos, they want the style to speak for itself. Hey, this is John Barry, this doesn't even look like anything he would wear right? Well, no, I do love their pants, and I can see myself "dialing it" a bit with a polo and their awesome Maide pants. One thing I have always loved about their pants too, was their lining. So check out the brand, and MGS, would love to see a review!!

Maide Golf Shop

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