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Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, 28 days until my Myrtle Beach Trip, and I have my first snag. For the life of me, I can't seem to get anyone to replace one of my members who's leave just got canceled. We are arriving late night June 23rd or Early Morning June 24th, we have the condos at the Glens for 4 days, Thursday through Sunday. We are playing Thursday afternoon at Sea Trails Maples, Friday Morning Tiger's Eye, Saturday Morning Leopard's Chase and a decent break, then Lion's Paw. We are leaving Sunday morning.

 We are a group of guys, aged 38-44, who like to act like we are 25. To us, age does not matter, just the spirit of the person. We never have arguements, fights or anything, we are all friends and treat people like that. That being said, we like to drink, on and off the course, we go to Happy Hour at Master's on Friday evening, play poker, smoke cigars, flirt with women (most of us are all talk, we married you know)

 I am looking for someone to have some with with our group, hang out with us, play golf with us (handicaps range form 3 to 29), drink with us and maybe join our golf group for good! The price for the 4days/4 nights is 318.00, please message me here or e-mail me at if you are interested.

Hope to meet and be playing with you soon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rock Bottom Golf Sweepstakes/Get Entered

Rock Bottom Golf $100 Sweepstakes!

May 26th, 2010
I have decided to that I love my Rock Heads so much, that I am going to run a sweepstakes for you all.

Want some more details?
  • Prizes? $100 Gift Certificate to the cave!
  • Who’s Eligible? ANYONE!! (well, the laws say you must be at least 18)
  • How Long Do You Have To Sign-Up? I am giving ya until June 23rd at 12:08pm (EST), Random Time I know, but make sure you get those entries in before then! And most importantly:
  • How do you Sign up? Well, choose one of these 3! For more chances, feel free to sign up on all of ‘em!
On Facebook: On Twitter:
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Saturday's Golf Clinic/The Driver

Last Saturday, at the Jamie Smith Golf Clinic, the Driver Lesson brought out over 35 people and 3 PGA Professionals for the class. It turned out to be great weather, and a lot of information and direction for an hour and half lesson for 15.00 dollars, that includes range balls.

Jamie Smith address the crowd, and preps them for the Big Dog lesson.

Jamie working one on one with a member of the group, Jamie keeps it light, while giving instruction, keeping everyone feeling relaxed and involved.

Jamie working on the take away and swing plane with a group member.

Working on set up and posture is an important part of any golf lesson, Jamie stresses this in his lesson before the balls start flying.

Jamie talking about ball flight to the record crowd of over 35 people.

Every session is full of question and answer periods, Jamie wants to make sure every has a firm grasp of the concepts before moving on.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jamie Smith's Golf Clinic/ 2 Classes on Saturday Now

By popular demand, we are going to split the workshop up into two classes. We have grown like a stock used to and now it will split!!!!

The first class in two weeks will be the same 9:30-11:00 and the second will be 11:30-1:00.

Now when I ask for show up replies, please let me know which class you will attend.

If we don't have enough for one of the classes, we will default to the 0930 class until we have enough,

Great job on Saturday, I hope you all had fun,

Jamie and Rick,

Golf Digest's Best Balls Under 20.00 a Dozen

2010 Hot List

GOLF BALLS: Under $20

June 2010


PRICE: $20/dozen
TECH STORY: This two-piece ball has a thin ionomer cover that wraps around an extra-large 1.595-inch core (the largest in the Callaway line). The ultra-low compression ball is the softest of any Callaway model, yet the ball is designed to optimize initial ball speed for a variety of swing speeds. The large core and thin cover produce less spin with the driver, Callaway says, helping initial launch and mitigating hook and slice spin.
Launch: HIGH
Spin: MID

VERDICT: A nice-feeling ball that not enough players tried last year. Reducing the price should get this ball more attention.


PRICE: $15/dozen
TECH STORY: Designed for swing speeds of less than 85 miles per hour, the ball has a soft, low-compression rubber core that's made to efficiently transfer energy from the clubface. Designers say they've reduced the core's compression to 35 without losing its resiliency. The cover, an ionomer blend of soft, firm and bimodal elements, feels soft yet doesn't scuff easily. Players can spin the ball more easily at slow swing speeds.
Launch: HIGH
Spin: MID

VERDICT: Heed the swing-speed guidelines: Above-average speeds will likely see some ballooning on iron shots. At $15, this is a ball that a lot of golfers should consider.


PRICE: $15/dozen
TECH STORY: This distance ball has a thin ionomer cover for soft feel (without sacrificing durability) and a large, soft core that's designed to increase initial ball speed off the clubhead. The 332-dimple icosahedral pattern is designed to reduce drag on the downrange flight to promote ball-flight consistency and limit dispersion.
Launch: HIGH
Spin: LOW

VERDICT: Don't be fooled by the Pinnacle name. Refreshingly, this isn't a typical distance rock. Though its strength is straight off the tee, it has the soft feel of a ball with the script logo of its big-brother company (Titleist). Plus, you get three of these for the price of one of those.


PRICE: $20/dozen
TECH STORY: Made for swing speeds of 70 miles per hour and higher, the ball gets its energy from a resilient, large-diameter core that gets firmer the farther you move from the center. The core is designed to work with the low-friction, blended ionomer cover to increase ball speed and lower spin on tee shots. The 328 dimples in eight sizes and depths are designed to reduce air resistance and produce a higher flight.
Launch: HIGH
Spin: LOW

VERDICT: It's not going to win any awards for greenside spin, but slower swingers (sub-80 mph) will like its higher launch angle, reduced sidespin and cushy feel. In fact, just about any player will like its feel.


PRICE: $20/dozen
TECH STORY: The only three-piece ball in this category, the V2 has a low-compression core, a polymer mantle, and a slightly firmer ionomer cover than last year's Gamer to limit scuffing on iron and wedge shots. A thick and soft mantle aims to reduce driver spin, and the dimple-in-dimple pattern is designed to optimize carry.
Launch: MID
Spin: MID

VERDICT: Last year's Gamer offered more technology per dollar than any ball in golf. That's still true, but this year's version offers improvements in ball speed (the same core technology found in Callaway's Diablo) and durability.


PRICE: $20/dozen
TECH STORY: The large core has a soft center with a firmer perimeter to increase ball speed and launch angle. The 333-dimple pattern (first to have an odd number of dimples) features six sizes to increase trajectory and produce a ball flight with a flatter landing angle for more roll on tee shots. The blended ionomer cover is slightly thinner than last year's model for more spin. It's targeted for swing speeds of 80 mph and higher.
Launch: MID
Spin: MID

VERDICT: Unless you're bringing way more than the average amount of clubhead speed, the AD333 does the two things most of us need: flies high, feels soft.


PRICE: $20/dozen
TECH STORY: The low-compression core is infused with neodymium to create the same low spin on tee shots as firm-feeling, high-compression balls. Most driver hits occur above the sweet spot, according to TaylorMade research, resulting in shots that spin less. Therefore, the dimple pattern on the Burner LDP is designed to improve carry on low-spinning mis-hits.
Launch: HIGH
Spin: LOW

VERDICT: We're not sure too little spin is the biggest problem facing average golfers, but we are sure TaylorMade has produced a distance ball that feels as soft as many tour balls.


PRICE: $20/dozen
TECH STORY: The large core (1.585 inches) is designed to increase initial ball speed, and its low compression is intended to improve feel. The Surlyn cover is just .048 inches thick, or more than 25 percent thinner than the last DT SoLo. Still, it has been developed to increase durability, and the 392-dimple pattern encourages a higher launch.
Launch: HIGH
Spin: MID

VERDICT: We prefer the single DT option versus the twin DT approach of last year. The new model seems to incorporate the best elements of its predecessors with decent greenside spin. Some like to argue that Titleist's best ball is its least expensive, and for some slower swingers, we would agree.


TECH STORY: To address this year's less-effective groove designs, the D:25 combines a low-compression core with a softer cover to engage more of the clubface at impact. Wilson believes this will lead to less hook and slice spin on drives, as well as longer, higher carry on shots from the rough and from within 100 yards of the green.
Launch: HIGH
Spin: LOW
VERDICT: Wilson touts this ball as a longer version of last year's Fifty Elite, but we believe a ball needs to be about more than just distance. D:25's low-compression, soft-cover technology is a fresh take on approach-shot performance for balls in this category.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Interview With Scott Sterner of Loud Mouth Radio

Scott Sterner,  Executive Producer of the LoudMouth Golf Radio Network which includes 2 shows on Clear Channel’s 740 the Game and the PodCast. 
Florida Sales Rep for LoudMouth Golf and BogeyPro
Joined the golf industry with Walt Disney World in 1996.  Passed my Playing Ability Test in 1999 and did the golf pro thing for about 4 years until I dedicated myself to White Metal Golf with partner and amazing  inventory Rob Porter ( check it out.  Found my true calling with radio and LoudMouth Golf in 2006 and plan on dedicating my life to the pursuit of the ultimate LoudMouth lifestyle where golf can be enjoyed to it’s absolute fullest both on and off the grass!

Really?  Hmmmm.   That’s tough.  What does make LoudMouth Golf different from the rest?  I guess I just can’t think of anything.  We are so freaking cookie-cutter it’s pathetic.
Sarcasm is cool.
LoudMouth Golf Radio includes more than just myself Aaron and Mike.  Larry Jackson, CEO and heartbeat of LoudMouth Golf is probably the most interesting and inspirational guy I’ve ever met.  I will save the story of how LoudMouth went from a tiny little basement operation to the multi-million dollar rock star apparel company it it today because only Larry can tell it like it really is.  Combine the story of how LoudMouth Golf Radio came to existence will give LoudMouth Golf’s story a pretty good run for it’s money and I promise you’ll enjoy them much more when you hear them on the podcast as I believe they will be instant classics.
I have been suffocating on AM Sports Radio since July 2006.  PODCAST  #1-  The History of LMGR will tell the whole story but let’s just say that it’s been a long time coming.  It took a record-breaking # of dumps on terrestrial radio to finally be set free and clear so I could finally concentrate on the world and not a few thousand people in Orlando. 
Our mission statement is basically that we promise to be a great outlook for all those in LoudMouth nation and with power in numbers we will spearhead the campaign to get the world to recognize the LoudMouth Golf Apparel fan as the ultimate fun-seeking, partying, loyal customer there is.  Those who wear the pants have sooo many stories to tell and this will be their outlet both through podcast, blog and of course…VIDEO!  You have to see some of our stories to believe them.

In no particular order…
Grand Cypress Resort
Marriott’s Grande Pines
Bay Hill
Orange Tree (seriously the best kept secret in Orlando)
Isleworth Country Club ( I provide the caddies for the course and it’s absolutely gorgeous)

The group picture at the rooftop of the Reunion Grand at Reunion Resort where the girls ended up in the pool was pretty crazy.  The fact that security decided to deliver the drunks to my room that night was crazy in my opinion.  It was quite an interesting wake-up in the morning.

We all try to out-entertain each other.  We always raise the bar because the pants give you super powers.  Seriously,  ask someone who puts them on for the first time to tell you how they felt.  It makes khaki’s feel like a straight-jacket.

Bring LoudMouth to the masses and bring more people to golf because of it.  We want to be the most downloaded golf podcast EVER and we won’t stop until it happens.  Your followers are welcome to contribute, suggest or even complain about any aspect of the show so we can deliver what will keep them coming back.
Wearing the pants successfully eliminates the HATERS from your life.  THEY avoid you while the ones that like the pants are magically drawn to you.  No drug can do that.  It’s truly magical.  They are a confidence booster and can help the guy with the weakest game score like Tiger.  We are the personification of LoudMouth Golf and the place where we can celebrate our super powers together!
Peace, Love, LoudMouth!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Golf Lesson this Saturday at Bow Creek, Playing Lesson Next Week

We are getting closer to the Driver Workshop on Saturday at Bow Creek, 0930. If you would like to be a part of this and have not replied, please do so I can get a good plan.


For those of you that showed interest in playing lessons on memorial weekend, as we will take a week off from the workshop, I have good news.

I have three tee times set for Saturday the 29th starting around 1030. I can only take twelve people for this one. I will have a Pro in each group. Because of the limited spaces for our first edition group playing lessons, I will open the spots first to those that raised their hands last week. When you respond that you want in on this, please let me know that you were one of those. That way if I have space after that, I can take other responders. I will take them in order of response.

Thanks and it is going to be a fun workshop,


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Golf's Biggest Problem (Please Read)

This is a discussion going at My Golf Spy's Forums, and it really effects us all. Please take a moment to read, post a response, give an idea, as something will have to be done to see golf continue.

The scariest number for the golf business has nothing to do with how many days Tiger Woods will miss from the bulging disk in his neck or exactly how many mistresses he may or may not have taken up with.

It's this: According to the National Golf Foundation
's most recent participation report, the number of golfers age 6-17 dropped 24 percent to 2.9 million from 3.8 million between 2005 and 2008.

Posted by SirMattikis:

I'm not in this stat anymore since i just turned 18 but, as far as my community goes, golf is a pretty common hobby among high school kids, but that's probably due to how small my town is. Small town kids (in Ohio) are playing golf more than ever ,but i would not be able to comment on inner city kids.


Posted By Jamo:

Posted Yesterday, 06:32 PM
I just made a lengthy post sort of about this on another forum, but here goes something a little different: I think there are 2 problems with kids golfing (being a minor myself): 1) the divide between those who are really good and can afford nice clubs and lessons and memberships and those who can't is huge. There are a lot of kids who devote their lives to it, and there are a lot of kids who just play every no and then with their father, but the middle ground is shrinking very quickly. At the tournaments that I play (especially the MA state championship) are just so many really really good kids, a lot of kids think that if they can't be that (and get that college scholarship that will satisfy their parents), what's the point? There seems to be no middle ground.

The other problem I see is social. I'll admit it, I'm no social butterfly, but playing golf definitely doesn't help that. In fact, I rarely wear my golf team sweatshirt because I wonder how people will think of it. I know that is a little bit of my inner superficial-ness coming through, but golf is on a much lower level than football, or cross country, or soccer (golf is a fall sport in my HS), and my school is really good at golf. I can't imagine what it is like in schools that suck at it. I wouldn't say it is looked down on, but no one like being "the kid who is good at golf", they want to be "the fastest kid the state" or the star quarterback.

Also, FWIW, I love this topic. if anyone has any questions, fire away. I have played in most every sort of golf competition at the high school level, so I know a thing or two.


Posted By Me:

Posted Today, 09:47 AM
Here is my take:

The PGA needs to promote more, golf being a social game, a bonding experience between Father and Son, or Grandson, or Mom. The First Tee is great program, but we need something more. We need courses that are membership based, to have a Father/Mother and Son/Daughter day maybe once every week or every other week. Let's get those kids playing, and what better way to get them playing, than by us, the people who current play and love golf.

How about something along the lines of the NFL's "Play 60", a great way the NFL is trying to get kids more active. Golf needs this, a good marketing idea that actually has some heart behind it.

Golf Stores need to have Junior days, demos for Juniors, free 10 minute lessons, something to get kids into the game. High School Golf Teachers, you need to encourage your team to start a golf club in your school, where the team members help introduce the lessor players or the interested friends, into getting involved.

I will give it some more thought, there has to be 100s of ideas to get this number up, since, the children really are the future.


Posted by: Andrew Bush

I have golfed since I was 5 years old, 25 now, and in my neck of the woods we had a tri state circuit tournament where we would play in ohio west virginia and kentucky and then a a tri county where we played in 3 different counties. So I would play about 15 tournies in the summer and when High school golf came along about 30.

What I am trying to say here is, it is now the kids nor parents faults at not getting the numbers up but the chance of getting to play a round of golf in tournament conditions.

The 2 gentlemen that ran these 2 programs were all invested in it to promote the game with different flights and reasonable pricing to be able to play. We need more of these PROMOTERS of sorts to be around to get the game back to the youth and away from the tether of game consoles. They would post our tee times in local news papers etc andmake a big deal about. Also we were able to play some courses that were private or pricey for the same as the cow pasture down the road which was inticing to a 12 year old, name in papers and the allure of the ritzy country club.

That gets to my next point I will tell people who will make rude comments about a youth playing around making noise on the golf course etc by saying if the generations behind us do not play now and learn how will the golf courses be open in 20 years when we are old?
Start them now or they wont play later.

On to Jamo point about the social aspect, nice equipment money to play etc is a problem that everyone cant get around golf is pricey and is a social thign to, when u pull up into a golf course people looking see what ur driving there what shirt ur wearing and what clubs ur gaming it is a big high school where old men talk like 15 year old girls about each other

But as with any sport there is good and bad but the main thing is the chance of playing there needs to be more done with youth golf, aside from the first tee, we as a golf culture have to promote it to the youngsters.

This is what i use to do was give out my old nikes and say this is what tiger plays and watch the little kids face get red after they would see what i was giving them, a golf ball with a swoosh on it now i save the callaways and say phil since the tiger thing.



Posted by: Sprinklerhead

I agree that this is going to be a problem with the game in the near future..The best idea is if you're a father, get your kids out to the range and let them hit balls and have fun. Just show them the basics, teach etiquette and leave them be.
I'm thankful that my father (who worked long hours during the week) took the time to take my brothers and myself to the range as little kids. We loved the family time and developed games between us that made us better. By the time we got to the course we were familiar with how to hit and how to act, the last 40 years I've spent learning how to play :rolleyes:
I only have one child and he's more of an X-games kid and none of his friends played, so he didn't take to it. Maybe later on he will, but I got him out to the range a number of times, so at least he knows what to do if he ever gets curious again..But that's the other part of the equation..Golf is expensive and has gotten much more expensive. We started on a short 18 (just under 6000 yards) that we played for a little over $120 for a season membership. That sort of thing no longer exists (accounting for inflation, it might be $300 or $350 now). It was cheap, it was simple and it was a safe place to drop us off for the day once we knew how to act properly and the parents didn't have to worry. I wonder if that still exists. I know it's given my brothers and I some of the best memories of our lives.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Group Lesson this Week saturday:Bow Creek 9:30-11:00am

Good Morning,

As we get closer to this weekend's Driver workshop at Bow Creek, 0930-1100, I will, as always ask that you let me know if you are in.

Also, I have to ask that you all do me a favor when the opportunity presents itself. As we get busy teaching the workshop and in the heat of the moment, we, the instructors hope to get to not only teach the basics as a group settting, but love to give as much one on one as we can during the session. Sometimes we may overlook someone that might really need some attention. If you become one of those people, no one will feel insulted if you speak up and let us know that you need help or just don't understand. Also, if you are paired up with someone and think they may have been missed or are not sure of when to ask for help, then please ask for them. I never want anyone leaving the workshops feeling short changed.

I know we don't charge much for the workshop, but I want you to feel like you just got a $1000 lesson.
Whatever that is!


I have been told that Father's day is coming up. I will run a special on the 4 pack gift Certificate I offer. Instead of the ussual $150 rate, I will offer it for $130. You or the "gifter" must contact me for this, so I can email it out.

I hope you all learned something on Saturday, See ya next,


Monday, May 17, 2010

Golf Buy of the Week: Ogio Kingpin Cart Bag

    Price Reduction! Ogio Kingpin Cart Bag Orig. $160.00, Now $99.88! Ogio Kingpin Cart Bag features:
  • 9.5", 7-way Woode™ top
  • Single padded shoulder strap with stash loop
  • Lift Grip integrated trunk handle
  • 12 zippered pockets store your golf gear
  • 2 insulated hydration pockets with leak port (these are cooler pockets)
  • Fleece-lined accessory pocket for valuables
  • Hidden cart strap containment loops
  • Glove/putter cover velcro strip
  • Pull-cart accessible umbrella holder
  • Internal business card pocket
  • Internal cell phone pocket
  • Includes rainhood
  • Tee holders
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs

    Colors: Black • Black Pinstripe • Navy/White
Enhance Your Game With Innovative Accessories!

This is a great, not too expensive cart bag with TWO cooler pockets to hold beverages, and it drains outside of the bag, so no messes!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Picks for the Week

ne cannot overstate the importance of Brooks Brothers as makers of its own clothing. As both "Makers and Merchants" since the company's founding in 1818, Brooks Brothers has served its customers, not only as a brand built on providing merchandise of the highest quality, but also as a purveyor of sound advice.

For over 190 years, we have endeavored to educate our customers on the finer points of gentlemen's dress. Timeless Classics is a modern-day continuation of this practice, a way in which we can both elucidate and further the conversation in this, the most electronic of ages.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lesson 4 of 4 with PGA Professional Jamie Smith

Lesson 4 of 4 with PGA Professional Jamie Smith

Today's lesson at lunch started as per the norm now, Jamie picking me up in the Bow Creek parking lot, before I can take a step away from the car. No jokes today, actually a little jab from Jamie, who is about to receive his Taylor Made Super Deep Driver in the next few days. He's on staff with Taylor Made, Adams Golf, Cobra Golf, Callaway Golf, Bag Boy, and Titleist Golf, meaning he has demo clubs coming at him left and right, and he knows I want to hit the Super Deep. Before we dive into the lesson, just thought I would point out that Jamie can fit you for all these brand clubs, and he does so for free, hoping you become a lesson customer for life!(do we ever really need to stop taking lessons?)

Off we go to the Chipping Green for today's lesson, after Jamie gives me a vote of confidence on my iron and wood play. He has me take my Sand, Pitching Wedge and 8 Iron out, and hit 3 balls each with them, aiming for a hole near the back of the green. Like an agile Mongoose, he jumps upon my short game, finding holes in the swing and finish. Lesson 1 of the Day is applied, a Decending Blow for chipping. I have not used that term to much in my reviews, but he sure has in the lessons, and I can not stress it enough. In his first lesson, he diagnosed me as a "Scooper" of the ball, trying to hit it clean and lift it, when I need to hit down on the ball and "pop" it into the air.

A short, 1 Lever Swing, hands holding postion through out the swing, and not breaking or releasing. Lesson 2 comes through me just seeing my practice balls, the flater the club, the more control running it up to the hole I have. My hands are more forward in my stance, and I keep my head down, and I hold the follow through, all this is applied while hitting down on the ball to make it pop up. So running it up to green looks to be addressed, just need to practice my distances.

But what if there is a hazard between you and the flag? Good questions, next comes Lesson 3 and 4 of the day. I put 75% of my weight on the front foot, to help with the decending blow, put the ball back in my stance, and employ a 2 Level Swing. To get the ball up and over the hazard, or to get it higher and work more spin on it, in my back swing, I go to the 2nd level, I release my hands then back to the 1st level on the swing forward and contact and hold the finish. This helps me again, hit down on the ball with an even more decending blow, to pop the ball up much higher and over the hazards, and stop the ball better.

Now, by no means is my game perfect now, but my confidence is at an all time high, along with my mental approach to the game and the course, and what I should be doing on the course. I have to give Jamie a lot of credit for keeping the lessons easy to understand, lite, funny, but full of him evauluating me, finding the weaknesses and attacking them. I am little biased, Jamie is a new friend (for life) but the guy really knows what he is doing, and he is doing the weekly group From Tee to Green Series for 15.00 a man, which includes range balls and an hour and a half of instruction. A great, inexpensive deal, you will come away with a better game and a better understanding of The Game.

I give him a 98 out of a 100 for his lessons. (subtracting 2 points because his height, or lack there of!!!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday Group Lesson at Bow Creek

Good afternoon everyone,

This Saturday's portion of the series will be all about the Fairway Woods. We will focus on what it takes to get solid contact and a good ball flight. And most of all, when you should use them.

I need to get a list of participants so I can get the required help. Please let me know if you are in.

Also, some good news. I have added Rick Bidnick,PGA to the scheduling roster. I respect his teaching discipline and am honored to have him on the Jamie Smith Golf Instruction teaching staff. If you have gained a good relationship with him through the workshops and you feel you can learn from him, feel free to get some private lessons from him. Please wait until he gets his calender set up. I will announce when he is ready for you to start scheduling.

See you all Saturday


As always, bring some style to the golf course!!!

Lesson 3 of 4 with PGA Professional Jamie Smith

Lesson 3 of 4 With Jamie Smith, PGA Pro:

Leave work a few minute early for my 1pm lesson with Jamie at Bow Creek, giving me plenty of time to get there and be ready. Before I am out of my car, he is in his cart picking me up from the parking lot. The lesson starts before we leave the lot, he asks me, about an e-mail I sent him the day before. I e-mailed him after Friday's lesson, I played that afternoon with some co-workers, and I did well, shooting an 87. Saturday comes, and I play with Joe Cippolini and his group of guys at Honey Bee, and I proceed to shoot the worst round in about 8 months, a 101.

"John," he says, " Today's lesson we are going to find out where you head is at, because your swing is coming along." We jump in his cart, go to the club house and pick up his clubs. He is playing the New Burners but with Rife KBX steel shafts, tell me the combo gives him a forgiving iron with a fitting pro players shaft to do everything he needs to do with a club.

We ride right out onto the course for a playing lesson, 3 holes to test my swing, but more importantly, to see what I am thinking on the golf course, and how I am executing it. This usually cost more for a playing lesson, but he insists it will be better for me, and we are only playing 3 holes, so there is no up charge. Guess I owe him lunch now in Myrtle Beach though.

First hole is a par 5, about 500 yards. This hole is pretty straight, some trouble with trees on the right coming into the fairway, but open and clear on the left side. He tells me so many people make the mistake of lining themselves up with the tee box, and not where you want to hit the shot. He tells me where do I want to be after this shot. I say fading the ball around the trees about 280 yards down the fairway, with a shot at the green for my second shot. He asks me out of ten times, how many times can you hit a shot like that? I say maybe 1, which is true. Lesson 1 is applied right there. Managing the course, and knowing what you can and can't do. "let's make you a bogey golfer first, and you will have your shots at the pars and a few birdies as you improve and manage the game." Words of wisdom! I aim to left of the trees on the right, right over the left ladies tee for a spot in the middle of the fairway, and Jamie and I both hit it, about 250 yards, in perfect shape. The next shot is about 250 yards, and I know I am not getting there with my 3 wood, so he says, cut that distance in half, aim for a spot you want to hit into the green from. Boom, a smooth, easy 8 iron and I am about 115 yards out. 9 iron into the green and a par is had. Nice, easy, smooth. My swing feels more natural, I am relaxed, not over swinging, and managing myself and the course.

Second hole is a par 5 also, but this one dog legs right, and straight out about 250-260 is a big bunker. I have learned my lesson and say, I am not pulling my driver, what do you think I ask. How about a nice 4 iron right down the middle, giving us a good second shot. We both hit them about 200-210 yards, in the middle and a perfect angle for a second shot. I know I can't get there with anything but a perfect 3 wood, so I hit an 8 iron to about 100 yards. He hits in to about 75 yards. We both then hit easy Pitches to the green, where I end up 2 putting for par.

Last hole, the confidence is there, a par 4, little to the left, but mostly straight, but woods on both sides of the hole. Lesson 2: "Why would you hit your driver here when you could hit a more reliable 3 wood. You will still have a short iron into the green either way, so go the safe route in case you do mishit the wood." Makes sense to me, both of us put our 3 woods out about 220 yards. (I make a note that I out drove him here as a silent moral victory in and of itself!). He hits a 9 into the green and pushes it a bit, trying the ride the wind back toward the center of the green. He doesn't get it to come back enough, he's off the green but pin high. I hit my 8 iron about 15 feet from the hole, pin high, easily the best shot I hit all day. It felt smooth, effortless and was right where I aim and I make the put for a birdie. (Chef and Egg, wish you where there for El Burro Loco reasons!)

Learning to manage the game and the course, trust in my irons and my swing, that's what I came away with, and wish I could go back and replay Saturday's round, I know I can improve upon it.

Tomorrow lunch time is my last lesson of the 4, and after work, off to play 9 holes with the guys from work and Chef. I am hoping to carry these lessons and attitude to the course tomorrow!