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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let Mr Fancy Pants Dress You For Golf

 Not to be out done by anyone, I am presenting golf clothes with my style, flair and terrible game in mind. I am going to try and work together an outfit once a month, and would love to see some clones of me out there!!!


The Polo: 39.97|~White


The Pants: 49.97|~Surf


The Pull Over: 29.98 Peel

the belt.jpg

The Belt: 32.97 Orange


The Hat: 21.97 Grey


The Shoes: 54.98 Grey

John Barry
Bring the Funk, Back to Golf

The Golfer's Trip

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Monday, October 28, 2013


 Coming to a select few courses near you in the Tidewater of Virginia, thanks to FMI Golf VA!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FMI, Leaderboard Golf Coming To Virginia

FMI golf, the nation's leading gold marketing score board company is coming to Virginia, with Virginia Beach as their first target area.

The company installs large steel and marble score boards to golf courses, at no expense to the course. they use a teaming up marketing model to use advertising to a "marketing circle" for everyone involved. The employees of FMI hand pick a course and present them their plan to do their marketing for them, no charge to the course. The y next approach the members, looking for business owners who want to be on the board as advertisers. the course tailors a custom plan, 100% up to each course, that will give the advertiser free rounds, a tournament, and reward cards with special rates and offers.

The advertiser then in turns hits their target market, as the board is viewed between 25,000 to 40,000 times a year. the advertiser also has in hand, 1000 rewards cards, good for a two year period, and freely gives them out to customers, friends and family. this process has one objective in mind, filling the courses tee sheets on a daily, weekly and yearly basis!

This is just an over view of the whole process and the business model for FMI and the newly forming FMI Virginia. The company's web site FMI Web Site

Monday, September 16, 2013

Myrtle Beach Battle for the Cip Cup 9/11-9/15

If this was twitter, I think hash tag beer and golf would be spot on. We left Wednesday morning early for the usual warm up round. A 6 hour drive give or take 10 minutes, and I drove to help keep me from being a mess when we got there. 24 of us total, a nice sized group staying at the Legends Condos, 50 feet from Alisa's Pub ( good and bad for us ).

  First round was MBN West. We got there at 2:45 and somehow, they let us play for the replay rate (maybe they knew I was friends with Brian!) 20.48 a person, couldn't ask for a better start. The course was in great  condition, and maybe the fastest green of the trip. They may have actually been the fastest I have ever played anywhere. West is a fair course, nice amount of water and mix of holes and for the value, couldn't be beat. I would play this course as a warm up course any day. We were out so late, no cart girl, but it was ok, I think we were well stocked anyway!

 First night is a Alisa's pub night, bar tender Halston, is a great guy, served us well, keep drinks filled and the food was great. Really loved their wings, very nice sized. We sat out back and drank a whole lot. The waitresses (the only women in the bar) were of course good looking, nice and the center of attention!

   Had a few folks flying in Thursday, so we had a 2pm start on Mooreland. This course is exactly like I remember it, an *** kicker!!! The fairways were perfect, greens a 9 out of 10, speed good, true rolling, there was nothing to complain about expect it was pretty dern hot. The cart girl helped though, I think we saw here 4 times on the front side and 4 times on the back side. She was very friendly and beers were flowing. I can't think of one single negative thing to say about this course or Legends in general, other than it was crowded and a 5 hour and 15 minute round, but we were not in a hurry.

  That night turned into another pub night, no driving, no chance of being stupid with a DUI, makes perfect sense, so once again, dinner is there and we shut the place down! Halston keeps the drinks coming faster than we can drink them. The back deck Tiki bar is open and great spot to drink at, we ended up doing shots with all the waitresses and this was a re-occurring theme! I think we turned in at 4am!

  Friday bring an 8:45 start on Parkland (the toughest course there?) and another very warm day, no breeze. I vow not to drink on the course, as of course I am hung over, but a bloody mark on our 5th hole starts the healing process, and the 12 packs from our VERY hot cart girl start flowing. My and my buddy that I am riding with are hacking but having a great time making fun of each other. The course, again, is perfect, and I love this one the most, I actually like bunker shots, and it has plenty of them. The 3 hackers in the group shot in the 100-105 range, and our buddy Andrew shots 80. No clue how we didn't drag him down with us!

  Of course, with ever round, there is the breakfast, lunch and two beers, and I think a chicken sandwich is all I end up eating before going to the Master's Happy Hour...check the GC folder later for my report. Let's say the next morning hurt pretty bad also!

   Saturday, the last golf day had all the buddy, fun groupings. I play with 3 junior high school friends I known almost all my life, and we get all together once or twice a year now, so it was a blast heckling each other, drinking, joking and flirting with the hottest cart girl I have ever seen. Heathland again is great shape, and it's cool and breeze blowing thanks to a front that had come through. The greens, fairways, tee boxes, again a 9.5 out of 10. this was the most enjoyable round of golf I have played since the last trip. Myrtle Beach is about buddies, and this is the sole reason I come to play. Yes I love the golf and courses, but I would rather shoot a 130 with my buddies than a 85 without them.

  We are leaving 6am Sunday, so the night is a chill one with Buffalo Wild Wings take out, and lots of college football.

  My only thing I was disappointed in, was Brian messed around and got a damn concussion thinking he was a 25 year old softball star, so I never got to see him. He is a great guy, as we all know, and put together the best trip as usual. Heck, I don't think we give him enough credit.

  My unsung super start is Legends very own lead man Matt, he worked his *** off while we were there. I saw him do almost every job you could, I ever saw him picking up trash at one point. The guy is a machine, and he is all about customer service, and his club house and courses reflect it!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2013 Pinehurst Trip

 Very late report out of our group trip to Pinehurst North Carolina, but, even with a Tropical Storm washing us out totally on Friday, it was a great trip.

 The New Hyland park was raining on us, but man, what a great course, and brand new greens. The people were great there, and told us no matter how many holes we finished, they would give us rain checks. Didn't need them, we played through it, and it poured some of the time. What a great drainage system they had!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pants to Rule The World

My addiction to Bonobos pants continues, as they pump out new styles, new seasonal styles, and limited edition pants. Below are are a couple of the new style/color ways, and I of course already own some, and strive to grab the rest before they sell out.

Try Bonobos for yourself, and check the fit, the materials, and the build that makes them the "Best Pants in the World."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Madie Golf by Bonobos

First, let me start off by saying, I own a lot of Bonobos Chinos, heck, I am trying to buy every color and they keep coming out with more!

That being said, they have just recently started Maide, their golf line The Maide Story

Now, i do not own any yet, but this company thrives on attention to detail, fit, fabrics and especially service! Let me state that again, because it can't be said enough times, SERVICE. They are with out a doubt the most friendly, fast shipping, and "insanely easy return" company out there.

Here is the The Maide Look Book

They as a company, are more about the clothes, fit and fabric, than branding, so you won't see huge branded names or logos, they want the style to speak for itself. Hey, this is John Barry, this doesn't even look like anything he would wear right? Well, no, I do love their pants, and I can see myself "dialing it" a bit with a polo and their awesome Maide pants. One thing I have always loved about their pants too, was their lining. So check out the brand, and MGS, would love to see a review!!

Maide Golf Shop

Attached Image: monthly_05_2013/post-312-023709900 1367869454.jpg

Attached Image: monthly_05_2013/post-312-021763900 1367869455.jpg

Friday, February 1, 2013

Number 8 Better Than Number 2????

The day will come very soon, when you say, I am playing Number 8!!!


Pinehurst number 8 is fast becoming the rage, like Number 2!! Even though the number 2 course at Pinehurst has the 2014 US Open, number 8 is the buzz in the Southern golf world.



Tom Fazio, 1996

No. 8 opened in 1996 to commemorate Pinehurst's Centennial. Fazio incorporated signature Ross features into the design of No. 8, including dips and swales around the greens, sloping greens and false fronts. The combination of beautiful rolling terrain, natural wetlands and proximity of the greens to subsequent tees make No. 8 a pleasure to walk. As the site of the PGA Club Pro Championship in 1997 and 1998, it is a proven championship course that daunts and delights all who play it.

The Following is a Great Review by Dan Perry, a golf blogger.

 The Dan Perry Golf Blog

Pinehurst 8 golf course review – Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst 8 golf course, Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina
by danperry on July 4, 2010
The final round of our Pinehurst trip was at Pinehurst #8, and it turned out to be my favorite course of the 4 we played (including Pinehurst #4, #6, #7 and #8.) Pinehurst #8 was built by Tom Fazio to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Pinehurst Resort. There also aren’t any houses on the course, and the tees and greens are close together, making it perfect for walking and enjoying the scenery.
It’s located about 2 miles from the Pinehurst Resort. The first thing I noticed upon entering the property was the impressive practice facility. Large putting green and plenty of tee stands on the range.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
I played the Blues, which measured 6,698 yards which is well within my range. On the tee boxes, there is a small plaque that describes a specific highlight of each hole. I love this! The first hole noted that it was an Audobon Signature Sanctuary.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Pinehurst #8 starts out easily enough, with a 338 yard par 4. The ranger said about 180 would put you at the bend, giving you a straight shot at the green but even if you’re a bit long you should be fine here. Here’s the opening tee shot; the green is to the left.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
The second hole is a 532 yard par 5. When you get near the green, it’s obvious that this course was inspired by Donald Ross; just take a look at the greenside bunkering.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
The third is a 377 yard par 4. What I remember most about this hole was the fairway bunkering. Hanging out to the right here is not a bad play. There’s more room than you may think so aim for the fairway bunkers on the left and fade it into the center.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
And here’s the view of the third hole looking back from the green to the tee. Thought it made for a pretty nice shot’ let me know what you think.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
The fourth hole was built on top of the old Pinehurst Gun Club shooting range. This is the first hole with a blind tee shot so to allow players to see if it’s safe to hit or not, they’ve installed a viewing lens that shows the view of a camera that’s hidden in a tree further down the course. This is brilliant, and used multiple times on this course; absolutely love it.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Once you get near the green, again you’ll note that the bunkering is classic Donald Ross. If your sand game is sharp be aggressive; this is a potential birdie hole.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Hole 5 is a 138 yard par 3. The tee box notes that lots of nesting boxes have been placed on this hole, for Eastern Bluebirds, Screech Owls, Fox Squirrels and Bats. This is the perfect place as there is a large are of water to the left of the green. Here’s a pic of the tee shot:
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
And here’s a closer look at the birdhouses placed behind the green. I’m such a big fan of wildlife on the course, and Pinehurst #8 has gone above and beyond; so impressed!
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
As you go from 5 green to 6 tee, there is an on-course restroom. Big fan of those too; Pinehurst #8, so far, very impressed!
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Six is a 584 yard par 5, and the number 1 handicap hole on the course (meaning it’s the hardest to score par.) The tee shot needs to carry some water, but instead of showing you the picture of the tee shot, I was more impressed with the bridge they built to convey golfers over the water. As you may know, I’m a fan of golf course bridges, and Pinehurst Eight didn’t disappoint. Check this out:
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Was I right? Beautiful.
Once you cross, the next shot is probably too long to go for it (well, it was for me anyways.) The play is up the right, between the fairway bunkers. You should be left with a reasonable wedge to the green but be careful; long is trouble so be sure to stick the green if you can.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Remember how the par 3 (5th hole) was only 138 yards? Well, they’re not all that short. The eighth hole is 201 yards from the Blues (238 from the Golds!) The best play is to fade it into the green, giving you the best chance of avoiding the bunkers. Here’s the tee shot; the barely-viewable pin is behind the bunker on the right.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Oh, and you’ll be crossing back over the water, so that gave me another opportunity of taking a picture of another golf course bridge. Just beautiful.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
And finally, here’s the view from the green back towards the tee. I’m hoping you’re starting to understand why this course was our favorite… And we’re only on the eighth hole!
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
Nine is an uphill, 418 yard par 4. It doglegs to the right, but since this was our first time playing here, I played it relatively straight, and was left with a loooong second shot. If you’re driver is on, feel free to cut the corner a bit. Here’s a picture taken from the dogleg pointing towards the green. If you look closely, you can see the 150 yard marker.
Pinehurst No. 8 golf course
We stopped at the turn and bought some water and chips. It was tempting to just have a seat and watch the golfers pass by but we pressed on; back nine here we come!
Pinehurst Number Eight golf course
The tenth is a relatively straight-forward par 4 that slowly moves to the left. You can’t see the green from the tee, so here’s a shot from the green looking towards the tee. You should be on top of or over the hill with your tee shot, so here’s what you have to look forward to.
Pinehurst Number Eight golf course
The 11th is a 574 yard par 5, and I remember thinking that this hole seemed to play longer than the other par 5 (which was 10 yards longer). There aren’t really any secrets or comments on this hole; just be long. We did see one of the native squirrels, and I put my zoom lens to the test. Kate had never seen a squirrel like this up close, so I’m guessing some of you may not have either; enjoy.
Pinehurst Number Eight golf course
The twelfth is the shortest par 4 on the course (328 from the Blues.) It’s also rated as the #18 handicap hole on the course (the easiest to par.) My suggestion is a 200-220 yard shot, leaving you with a wedge to the green. There is trouble surrounding it, so the shorter your second the better the chance for a birdie.
Pinehurst Number 8 golf course
The thirteenth is a 184 yard par 3, but the difficulty of the hole is that there isn’t anything behind it to give you any sense of depth; it’s just blue sky which really played a trick on me. I ended up right of the green, and had a tough uphill chip. Trust the yardage and focus on landing on the green; it’s surrounded on all sides by trouble.
Pinehurst Number 8 golf course
Behind the 14 tee there is a large area of wetlands where the cool wildlife hangs out. You know, the ones that rarely (if ever) make a public appearance? Once again, I put my zoom to the test and found this guy (wood duck?) in the wetlands. Absolutely beautiful.
Pinehurst Number 8 golf course
The fourteenth had one of my favorite tee shots on the course, and possibly of any of the courses I played at Pinehurst. A true risk/reward tee shot, it gives you the opportunity to bite off as much as you think you can chew. It’s all carry over the marsh and if you have a draw, this hole was made for you.
Pinehurst Number 8 golf course
I aimed for the right edge of that bunker, hit a fade and ended up in the rough on the right side of the fairway. Still, absolutely loved this hole. Here’s a view from green to tee.
Pinehurst Number 8
The sixteenth is a 381 yard par 4 that starts out uphill, then ends up downhill (like the tenth.) There’s room to the right so if you miss, try to make sure it’s over there, as the left is trouble. The green is downhill and receptive, so with a good drive, you should be able to stick the approach.
Pinehurst Number 8
Seventeen is the last par 5, measuring 489. The tee shot is perfect, with lots of visible room to land a bomber, yet enough trouble on the right and a small blind area on the left to cause hesitation. Well designed!
Pinehurst No. 8
I hit it a bit right, ending up in the rough. Here’s my view, with the flag being behind the sand on the right. I laid up to the left (too tight of a landing area for me from the rough) and put a wedge on instead of going for it.
Pinehurst No. 8
Pinehurst #8 finishes on a 426 yard, uphill par 4, making it play more like 450. It’s the #2 handicap hole for a reason!
Pinehurst No. 8
I aimed my driver up the left edge of the fairway, expecting a fade but it stayed straight, which made the hole play that much longer. I then took a hybrid and went for it but caught it a bit heavy, leaving me a wedge. I bogied this hole, but wasn’t that upset with it. It’s definitely a tough finisher.
Pinehurst No. 8
Still wondering why I thought this was the best of the 4 Pinehurst courses we played? When you combine the perfect weather, lack of houses, abundant wildlife and a Donald Ross-inspired golf course, it would be almost impossible for it not to bubble to the top of the list. Then again, I haven’t played Pinehurst #2… yet.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Private Dormie Club You Can Play

Dormie Club

Talamore Golf Resort’s Partner Golf Courses

Course Architect: Coore & Crenshaw
Location: West End, NC
Minutes from Talamore: 10-15
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Dormie Club, located minutes north of the Villageof Pinehurst, is a single membership private golf club. Nestled amongst nearly 1100 acres of sandy, rolling and wooded terrain, Dormie is the first Coore & Crenshaw course in the state. After several months of walking the property the preliminary routing was uncovered in the winter of 2007. The golf course was finished in January of 2010 and opened for play Memorial Day Weekend.

“The minimalist approach favored by Coore & Crenshaw makes the layout look like artwork. The holes are laid across surprisingly rolling terrain and the most striking feature is how rugged the land will be off the fairway.” Ron Green Jr. – Inside Golf

The golf course sits in a 310-acre window of the property and has no paved surfaces within the boundary of the course. Dormie reflects a return to classic architecture of the past and evokes a natural, rustic feel. The areas that surround the fairways are filled with sandy soil, pine straw, native grasses and fescues. Firm and fast playing conditions will allow for a variety of shots to be played into and around the greens.

“The wooded property, which has two natural lakes and sandy soil, has more elevation change and wider variety of flora than its famous neighbor.” Geoff Shackelford – Links Magazine.
Rated #3 Best Private Club in America built in 2010 – Golf Magazine