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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tidewater Golf Club Back Open and Pristine

Featured Course


Tidewater Golf Club Plantation in North Myrtle Beach

Opening to the public in February of 1990, Tidewater continues to rank as #1 because of its fine architectural design (due arguably to some Rees Jones input and ultimately Ken Tomlinson) and highly conditioned golf course, but golfers love coming here, not so much for its design, but for its challenge. With its alignment near broad marshland and the Intracoastal Waterway testing players more than most of the other Grand Strand golf courses, Tidewater draws players from all over the world. Check out the par-4 4th hole with its dogleg left around the waterway, careening in roller-coaster approach to an elevated green-great for long drives. Let us know that you want to play the Burroughs and Chapin golf package for a great day at Tidewater!

Overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, Atlantic Ocean, and the saltwater marshes of the Cherry Grove Inlet, Tidewater has been called the "Pebble Beach of the East." This incredibly beautiful course has been recognized as one of America's finest layouts. Designer Ken Tomlinson believed that Mother Nature was the best architect so he incorporated none of the usual special effects; no island greens, no waterfalls, no elevated tees, greens or fairway mounds. Tidewater's signature hole, and one of its most memorable, is the very intimidating par 3, 198 yard 12th hole that plays almost entirely over water to a tricky green that slopes away towards the marsh. With breathtaking scenery and top-notch conditioning, this world-class design can challenge even the best players while also providing an enjoyable outing for players of all skill levels.
Tidewater is a par 72 measuring 7078 yards from the Championship tees, with Tifdwarf Eagle greens, sloped at 144 with a course rating of 74.8. If you want to experience the best of Myrtle Beach golf, Tidewater is a must

Course Details
Yards Rating Slope
Black 7078 74.8 144
Gold 6630 72.5 139
Silver 6164 70.2 129
Copper 5097 66.0 106
Jade 4615 67.1 115

Architect Rees Jones, Ken Tomlinson
Year Opened 1990
Type Public
Greens Bent
Golf Season Year Round
Driving Range Yes
Rental Clubs Yes
Pro Yes
Walking No
Sunday Alcohol: Yes
Coolers Allowed: No
Spikes Soft

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VB Golf Crew Membership

The VB Golf Crew is an official Virginia State Golf Association Golf Club in Virginia Beach. We offer fun, golf, friendship and golf trips to all our members, along with your chance to be crowned "The King of Myrtle Beach."

Membership is 23.00 a year, and along with all the other benifits of the VSGA membership, you have ascess to the GHIN Handicaping system for free. All members are able to play, and give their score to the president or the Handicap Officer and have their scores and handicap kept.

All Golf Associations and GHIN clubs are provided several valuable software programs and services as part of the GHIN service. Clubs will receive a preseason package with updated Handicap Indexes, Information Notices, and any updated GHIN software releases. GHIN revises its Handicap Program software on an on-going basis with new and improved added features.
The GHIN software poses no additional cost to the clubs or association. As new software features become available, they will be distributed to the clubs as a service from your Golf Association.
Some of the advantages of the GHIN Handicap Program software are:
  • Interactive membership score posting with contemporary graphics and a friendly navigation style accommodating touch screen technology.
  • Twelve-month score and Handicap Index archives.
  • Enhanced peer review via member lookup and score ticker features.
  • Automatic electronic transmissions that are totally transparent to golfers.
  • Report library supporting "Paperless" environments and a powerful report designer, which is flexible enough to design almost any report.
  • Clubs can print their own reports, handicap listings, local number list, addresses, Handicap labels for membership cards, etc.
  • All score corrections, new member adds, name changes, addresses, etc., are reflected immediately.
The GHIN Handicap Program software provides for scores to be electronically routed from any club within the GHIN network. Away scores are re-routed to the home clubs Clubs have access to the USGA Handicap Indexes of all other two million golfers on GHIN across the country. Clubs may inquire about the USGA Handicap Index of any visiting golfer on GHIN Each golfer can see the immediate impact that each new score may have on the individual's Handicap Index at the next revision via the Trend.
You may provide news releases (up to 20 lines of 78 characters per line) to your clubs using GHIN Handicap Program software by submitting the information to GHIN, or utilizing the GHIN VPN Package access to the Enterprise Server. Reports may be created and printed locally, as well as sorted many different ways: by golfer's name, GHIN number, local number, Handicap Index, print group, or a combination of all of the above.
The GHIN Handicap Program software effectively manages score posting; Handicap Index calculations; exceptional tournament score reduction (Section 10-3 of the USGA Handicap System); allows access to all Course Ratings and Slope Ratings contained in the association-wide database; performs golfer Handicap Index and score inquiries; networks all golf club members on the GHIN service and much more.
Score Posting Made Easy
GHIN has made posting scores easy and simple. Clubs may selectively choose to use an easy-to-remember two-to six-digit local number to access their files. A menu will then appear, which can be customized, with all the necessary information for golfers to post their scores. The golfer's name, GHIN number, Handicap Index, score history, current date, and most-often-played tee will appear on the screen automatically. The golfer only has to enter the score and confirm the other information. Once the score is posted, it will then be shown on the screen and automatically saved. An optional musical tune can be played in the background for confirmation.
Touch Screen Interface
GHIN has developed an optional golfer interface that utilizes touch screen technology to simplify the score posting experience for members. Our current Windows version software has been designed to easily integrate this touch screen technology, allowing members to remain comfortable with the same interface.
One of the most important features of the GHIN Handicap Program software is the tremendous flexibility of the program. GHIN services more than 7,700 computerized golf clubs around the country, all with many different needs. This can only be accomplished through the flexibility of the many options throughout the program. Options may be set to prompt the member for score information when posting a score such as score type, tee played, and choice of posting an adjusted score or using hole-by-hole entry, which automatically computes Equitable Stroke Control. Clubs may allow individual score posting or restrict posting to a committee or staff member, but in either case, fellow members may review other members' score histories by a simple last name lookup feature.
Features with Password Restrictions
The GHIN Handicap Program software has many other features located in the Handicap management module, which can only be accessed from the membership score entry screen with a password. These features include Rapid Score Entry, Player Management, Preference Management, Club Management, Reports, Inquiry, Transmission and Messages. Additionally a scrolling screen-saver is comprised of electronically updated news from your Golf Association, association logos, as well as current USGA press releases.
Simplified Transmissions
Clubs using the GHIN Handicap Program software can set an automatic dial feature, which transmits at scheduled days and times chosen by the club. The program is designed to automatically dial GHIN's toll-free telephone number and send all transactions and scores posted on the PC to the Enterprise Server. The communication options now include utilizing the Internet or the AT&T Global Network for transmission of information. This feature is designed to also automatically communicate during times set by the club.
Hole-by-Hole Stroke Analysis
GHIN can perform a Hole-by-Hole Stroke Allocation Analysis for any club that provides GHIN with scorecard data. There is a small charge for the data entry service. If the Golf Association wishes to enter the scores and analyze the club information itself, GHIN will provide a Hole-by-Hole Stroke Allocation Analysis PC Program, with instructions, at no cost. Additionally, the GHIN Handicap Program software includes the ability to import Hole-by-Hole entered scores into a module for analysis.
Multi-Terminal Option
The GHIN Handicap Program software supports multi-terminal systems consisting of a host machine and several remote terminals. The host computer may be operated from a central office and used to communicate to the GHIN Enterprise Server, as well as run all the GHIN software programs. The remote workstations may be placed in the golf shop, locker rooms or other traffic areas that will facilitate entering scores.
GHIN multi-terminal systems can utilize Windows or other networking software, which offers an Ethernet-type network. Such networks operate at a much more reduced cost than other major network systems. The GHIN Handicap Program software will run under other networking systems, but the complexity may increase. The benefits gained from using the Ethernet-type network are:
  • Simpler to set up and maintain.
  • Less expensive to acquire.
  • Faster response time when running the remote workstations and entering scores.
Clubs using the GHIN multi-terminal system have found it to be reliable and advantageous. The number of multi-terminal network clubs has grown to over 500 since their introduction in 1990.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Great Myrtle Beach Trip

 Thanks guys for coming to Myrtle Beach 2010 and competing in the King of Myrtle Beach contest. It ended up being a 3 way tie between Edgar, Clem and Danny. Congrats to Edgar winning on a tie breaker. Wanted to share a few photos with everyone, awesome courses, great time, and lots of warm weather will make this one to never forget!

The group at Sea Trails Maples, the fun begins!

Jamie Smith teeing off at Sea Trails Maples

Sea Trails Maples

Number 2 at Tiger's Eye, pretty, but deadly!

Tiger's Eye is the toughest course we have ever played.

Danny Byrd on the 18th at Tiger's Eye, relaxing!

Leopard's Chase, a great course, great conditions and layout.

Lepoard's Chase has some sand, but nothing like Tiger's Eye

Leopard's 18th from the tee box, a signature hole!

Finishing up by the waterfall and the 18th

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Myrtle Beach Starts Tonight, Enjoy!

As we embark on our Myrtle Beach Trip, the Blog posts will resume on Monday the 28th. I leave you with the following:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the Green to Tee workshop on Saturday 19 June at Bow Creek Golf Course, we will continue forward from Chipping, which required a Single Lever stroke. We are now going to get into that Pitch shot that you will find yourself with more than any other shot in the game. This will use a Double lever system and must be met with a Descending Blow into the ball.

If you are getting ready for any golf outings or tournaments, this class is a must and a steal for only $10.

Please email me if you would like to join in at the 0930-1100 or the 1130-1300 class.

 I got to attend the morning sesson of this clinic with Jamie Smith and ever popular Rick Bidnick! We had 37 people, but even with this large number of people, we were split up into two group, working on two different sides of the chipping area. Working over the bunker with Jamies, with a 2 level chip, and working with Rick on the open putting surface with a long 1 level pitch.

 For 10.00 a person, this maybe the most informative class I have attended so far. The short game is where you score and save shots.

 The great news is, Wedbnesday Night, at 5:30, Rick will be teaching this short game clinic starting next week. Another chance to perfect your short game.

 We are dragging Jamie with us to Myrtle Beach tomorrow, I hope he is prepared for our group, we can be a handful!! 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ocean Annie's Myrtle Beach/Bar With Style

 Myrtle Beach is famous for golf, night life, their beaches, their friendly people, and Ocean Annie's Bar and Grill.

The Sand Ocean Club:

has a reputation for being one of the most fun-filled, exciting resorts in Myrtle Beach. As home of the famous Ocean Annie's Beach Bar, Sands Ocean Club Resort provides a perfect setting for live entertainment and relaxing good times.

Ocean Annie's Beach Bar

The most popular outdoor beach bar in the area, Ocean Annie's features live entertainment from mid-March thru mid-November (weather permitting). Your favorite beverages, frozen drinks, and pool party with outdoor dancing make this the hottest spot in Myrtle Beach for fun and excitement

 We will be paying a visit, to the best time at the beach!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sports Tradition and It's Highest Awards

 Sports has a rich history, and a very storied past. There is the Ice Bowl in Football, the Miracle of Ice, with the US Hockey team beating the unbeatable (then) U.S.S.R.. Tiger Wood's run at the Golden Bear's Major record, the Steeler's winning 6 Super Bowls and some of the greatest Soccer the world has seen in the 2010 World Cup.

 Lets talk about tradition in certain sports. Golf has the Master's and the Green Jacket. Golf's greatest venue and it's greatest match. The thing of dreams, every golfer's goal.

 The Pittsburgh Steeler own 6 Super Bowl Trophies, on the back on the great team that every played the game, the 70's Steelers, and Big Ben's 2 Title. The Vince Lombadi Trophy symbolizes greatness, in America's greatest sport.

 The Stanley Cup, Hockey's greatest trophy, it's tradition, it's names, enscribed every year on the cup. Some of the greatest teams in Hockey's history on this piece of sacred metal. Old names, new names, hall of famers have all held the cup, some have even drank from it!!

 The World Series of Baseball, America's Sport, the Yankee's, The Red Sox, the Pirates, the Giants and all those great game sevens. Nothing packs people in like our National Pasttime, or as Red, White and Blue as Baseball. The Trophey, everyone wants to hold as a kid dreaming on the fields in the dog days of summer!

 Now we have another Trophy, and another Tradition that will go down into history as one of the most sought after awards ever. Once in a life time is like this started, something that people will look back in a 100 years, and say my Grandfather was there for the first KOMB Tournament. I dare say, the ultimate reward will be drinking, as a victor, from the cup itself sitting atop the thick maple wood. The glittering gold figures adoring the trophy, representing all that it takes to win this award.

 America, I give you Golf's 5th Major, the Myrtle Beach Tournament, know as "The King of Myrtle Beach" and the awe inspiring Trophy that comes with winning it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Myrtle Beach Golfer's, Take Advantage of This!

 I have been informed by Kevin, that the world's best cold beer on the golf course, is on special starting todat at Bottom Dollar. Yes, Natural Light, by the case, is on sale for 9.50 per 24 pack. How can you beat a deal that's less than 1.00 per beer?

Stock up, buy some cases, load your golf bags, load your coolers, load your body(but don't drive!) Natural Light is the beer with the taste for food, and MYRTLE BEACH!

There is a Bottom Dollar on the corner of South Rosemount Road and Lynnhaven Road.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Myrtle Golf Trip Friday: "The Worst Dressed Golfer" Contest

A friendly reminder we are all going for the "King of Myrtle Beach" Crown and Trophy this year. One of the most important categories we are being judged on, is Friday's "Worst Dressed Golfer" contest. A few notes about this, you must be with in the course dress code, no jeans, collared shirt, etc, other than that, it's wide open.

Even though my outfit has yet to be seen in public, I can give you guys a taste of the good bad style that is needed to win this contest, so enjoy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday Group Golf Lesson with Jamie Smith

Bow Creek, 2 sessions, 9:30am-11:00am and 11:30am to 1:00pm, cost is 10.00 per person.

Good Tuesday all,

As we go through the Series we have finished the putting section and moved into the Chipping portion.

We will continue with the chipping this Saturday and move forward to Pitching.

In the chipping, some of the key points were.

1. Grip, hands forward of ball at contact for descending blow to the ball.

2. Posture and alignment to have the best chance of a successful chip.

3. We used a single lever (putting stroke with no wrist break).

4. Use different club options depending on the lie, distance, carry, slope of green.

All these things will get more and more important as we move into Pitching and into the full swing ahead.

Once again, we need to get a count of those coming to each class.
Please respond with the time frame you will attend.



Jamie and Rick

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Golf, Sewell's Point, Sign Up Fast


 The Joe Cipolinni travel golf scranble will be at Sewell's Point in Norfolk this Sunday Morning, a Father's Day 2.00 a man Golf Scramble. If you are interested, I need to know as soon as possible, as there is only 20 spots open.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ocean Ridge's Golf Operations Manager Interview

Name and Position and what does it entail:

Roxanne Shearon
Golf Operations & Retail Manager 
Ocean Ridge Plantation & Golf

What new and exciting has been going on at the Ocean Ridge Plantation Courses? We are currently renovating Panther’s Run, one of our most popular Big Cats! The renovation will include new Mini-Verde greens surfaces, reshaping, some general added aesthetics, tree movement and placement, as well as general maintenance. We are very excited for the re-opening of Panther’s Run, 9/1/2010. The course will have a new and different feel and should be even more enjoyable than remembered!

I am sure the question on a lot of people’s minds, what’s going on with Jaguar’s Lair? Jaguar’s Lair is still in the works and will be an ongoing project. Nine holes are completed and being maintained with the exception of the greens surfaces. We are currently concentrating on completing the development side of the project before moving forward with the golf course. We have not released an opening date at this time.
What is your best round on your course? We are not going to publish that! I am not a Professional Golfer by any means so we are just going to leave that question alone.  Best round ever?

How many years have you been in the golf business? 18 Years and love it!

Where are you originally from? Indiana

What makes your courses stand out compared to the other courses in the Myrtle Beach Area? We offer four 18 hole courses in one facility, each with their own unique layout. Each Big Cat is challenging, aesthetically beautiful and always in great shape. We offer premium golf courses at an affordable price. We also appreciate our patrons which continues to bring them back year after year! 

Describe your signature holes, and how to play them?
Lion’s Paw #3
Tiger’s Eye #11
Leopard’s Chase #13

Have you played competitively? No.

What do you see for the Myrtle Beach Golf Industry in the future? I see some downsizing of some of the smaller properties but overall success for the industry as a whole. The most important thing is that we all work together very well in this market to keep the industry thriving. From real estate, to the package providers, to the golf courses and even the restaurants in this area; it is our main focus to bring patrons to Myrtle Beach and keep them returning! 

What tip can you give the weekend duffer who wants to improve and enjoy golf? Get some lessons and be ready to commit to playing on a regular basis.

Tell us about your golf lessons, rates, times, and an overview of your style of teaching: We have several Teaching Professional on property and you may call for rates at 1-800-233-1801.
What course improvements have you undergone in the past year, or what improvements are you considering? Panther’s Run Renovation.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Win a New Nike VR Driver, Hurry and Get Entered

From My Golf Spy and

Do you remember what golf websites you were shopping on back in 1995?  Hell…I know I don’t and I have been involved in some type of internet golf business since 1998.  I think the first golf site I recall was…if you don’t remember the name maybe you might remember the commercial.
Golf sites on the web come and go…ones that are popular today might be distant memories just a couple years later.  But…there are a select few that have weathered all the storms the web has been able to throw at them.  And our new sponsor is one of them.  The men and women at are a dying breed of businesses that actually answer the phone and remembers that customer service is extremely valuable.
More info on Golf Circuit: Online golf pro-line golf retailer since 1995. Excellent, personalized customer service. Their customers feel like they know them, and even send in pictures of themselves using their clubs on courses across the US!   You don’t find that much anymore.  You can also find them on facebook and on twitter too. When they can’t make it out to the course, they like to play fountain golf.

How To Enter

To enter Golf Circuit’s Victory Red Driver Giveaway:
  1. Fill out the entry form on
For Additional Entries:
  1. (1 Extra Entry)Twitter the following: “Victory Red Driver Giveaway from @golfcircuit & @mygolfspy #GolfCircuit “
  2. (1 Extra Entry) – Come back to on this article and tell us what golf course you play most often.
Hurry, the contest ends June 21st. Best of luck!