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Friday, July 31, 2009

NMCRS Charity Tournament Update 2


$110.00 PER PLAYER
$440.00 PER TEAM

TEAM NAME:________________________________________
PLAYER 1 (TEAM CAPTAIN)____________________________
PLAYER 2___________________________________________
PLAYER 3___________________________________________
PLAYER 4___________________________________________


MAIN SPONSOR: $5000.00












Thursday, July 30, 2009

VB Golf Crew's Web Site

Here is the web site for the VB Golf Crew, a Virginia State Golf Association sponsored golf club. I am working on most of the content, but the bare bones is up. Demoing clubs, free golf, discounted lessons, charity work (and tax breaks) are just a few benefits of being a member.

The by laws and mission statement will be completed soon. Ask a friend who is a member about joining or speak with me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NMCRS Charity Tournament Update

Good morning all. I wanted to pass a long a couple of updates for the May 20th Tournament next year. Aeropines is the course, and we will be working to raise money for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.

What I need from folks is a partner on the administrative side, helping with the sponsorship programs, fliers, and keeping records.

Brett Holidman is my Navy contact person helping with the tournament,but I need some more folks willing to devote some time and effort to help us pull this off.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Myrtle Beach Course of the Year 2009

A special thanks to Chris King for this story about Shaftesbury Glenn, and congrats to them on becoming the Myrtle Beach Course of the year for 2009!

Shaftesbury Glen’s list of honors just got a little longer. The Clyde Johnston design has been named the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association (MBAGCOA) Course of the Year. The par 72 layout, which was inspired by the designs of A.W. Tillinghast, is the 13th course to receive the award.

A highly regarded layout since it opening, Shaftesbury (official site) was also nominated by Golf Digest l for “Best New Public Course in America” in 2001, and Golf World ranked it the 34th best resort course in the United States in October of 2008.

“We are truly honored to have Shaftesbury Glen named Golf Course of the Year,” Jason Himmelsbach, the Glens Group’s director of marketing said. “The MBAGCOA judged our course using strict criteria and to be recognized as the best, when there are so many great courses along the Grand Strand, really showcases the hard work and dedication of everyone here at the Glens Group and Shaftesbury Glen.”

The MBAGCOA evaluates courses on conditions, quality of ownership and management, contributions to the community and efforts to improve the growth of the game.

Last year’s winner, Grande Dunes, went on to win National Golf Course of the Year honors.

“It feels good to win an award like this but to me the real credit goes to golf course superintendent David Kingsland,” said Johnston, who designed the other three Glens Group layouts, Glen Dornoch, Heather Glen and Possum Trot. “I designed the course, and that’s all well and good, but the land was still in a raw state (upon completion). It’s a tribute to David and the work he’s done to continue nurturing the property. It’s also a tribute to Paul and Jack Himmelsbach (the course owners).”

A 4-star layout, according to Golf Digest’s prestigious “Best Places to Play Guide,” Shaftesbury Glen is a traditional design. The course features open fairways and raised greens heavily guarded by bunkers. The ample fairways provide latitude off the tee and the course rewards a strong short game.

Shaftesbury, which features a clubhouse that overlooks the Waccamaw River, is a long-time participant in Myrtle Beach’s Kids Play Free program, allowing junior golfers to play for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

By virtue of winning the MBAGCOA honor, Shaftesbury is eligible win South Carolina Golf Course of the Year honors.

The National Golf Course Owners Association implemented the award in 1996 and the MBAGCOA has since nominated courses from the Myrtle Beach area. Past recipients of the award include Wachesaw Plantation East (2007), Burning Ridge (2006), TPC of Myrtle Beach (2005), Indian Wells Golf Club (2004), World Tour Golf Links (2003), Wild Wing Plantation (2002), Blackmoor (2001), Tradition Golf Club (2000), Bay Tree Golf Plantation (1999), Arrowhead Country Club (1998) and Myrtle Beach National’s King’s North (1996). Five of the Myrtle Beach regional winners also captured the state award; Burning Ridge, TPC, Wild Wing, Tradition, Arrowhead and King’s North. World Tour was named as the national “Golf Course of the Year.”

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Morning Myrtle Beach

Thanks to a great poster over at Elliot, I am going to leave you this morning with some of the best Myrtle Beach pictures taken from a golf trip I have ever seen. Featuring Kings North, Caldonia, True Blue, the TPC and some of the Glenns courses.

Thanks again Elliot!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hireko Hybrid Review

Dynacraft Avatar XMOI/Hireko Golf

I just bought this hybrid/iron as a tool to check out the company, the clubs, and their online fitting tool. I went through a fitting, measured finger to wrist, wrist to floor, my biggest finger, answered questions about how I grip it, swing speeds, how far I hit a 5 iron, etc.

I came up with a surprising result, based upon maybe my bad distance with my long irons. Regular length(knew that), a mid sized grip ( I suspected this) and a Senior Flex Shaft (This blew me away, I am 40, swing about 95-103 mph). I wanted to put their fitting system to a test, so I ordered a 5 Hybrid. Loft was 27 degree, the Lie was 61 degree, Face Height was 43mm, Off-Set is 3.8mm, Volume was 100cc and the Shaft Length was 38.5".

I tested this club several ways, in my back yard into a hitting net with real balls, the driving range off the mat, and a true test, 2 18 hole rounds.

The look of the club is handsome, the blue with the black a little strange at first, could be all black, but it's fine. The club was assembled by them, and looks very well put together. I didn't upgrade the shaft, just went with their Acer Velocity Graphite Blue, in Senior Flex. It feels natural at address, and I have hit the Cleveland HiBore Hybrid set, but this club looks a little different.

First the back yard, I hit around 200 balls in a 3 day period, it was crisp off the club face, solid, a very, very slight metal ting, but nothing that offends. It seems solid with no vibrations, and I liked the ball flight.

Next the Range, 120 balls, hitting off the mat, again solid, but what surprised me is the senior flex shaft didn't seem to feel strange or whippy, it felt natural. I hit this club about 160-165 consistently, but the fact that I hit 90% of the balls straight, which I have a huge slice problem. A very forgiving club and a definite game improvement club.

Lastly, 18 holes, where I tried hitting it as much as possible. Now on the course, I am a different man, never as good as on the range, but again, straight and true. I hit a par 3, 152 yards, up hill, left to right wind, about 9 feet to the hole. This club is staying in my bag, and I am debating on selling my R7s and getting the whole set.

All and all, I was more than surprised by the performance of the club, the fact that the Senior Flex Shaft I got out of their fitting, all came together with the mid sized grips, to make the most accurate club in my bag.

Changing The Face Of Golf Club Hybrid Technology - Introducing The New Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids.Changing The Face Of Golf Club Hybrid Technology - Introducing The New Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

May 2010 Chartiy Golf Tournament

Good morning folks, exciting news, the First ever, VB Golf Crew Charity Golf Tournament will be held May 2010 on Thursday the 20th. It will be held at Aeropines Golf Course, on the Naval Air Base Oceana , depending on the numbers of teams, may even be on both courses.

Great news, but it gets better. This area has strong ties to the military, and every gets to see on a daily basis what that means for us, and our country. Being able to wake up, and not fear for your life is something the every day person takes for granted. It is all due to the sacrifice of our Armed Forces at home and especially abroad, being in harms way to protect us. It is fitting in the nation's largest military town, we do something to give back to the people who lay down their lives for us every day.

I am proud to announce that the 2010 VB Golf Crew Tournament will benefit Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. I did a lot of research, and thanks to our great military representative, Brett "I wanna" Holdiman, we decided this is the best charity to help our troops. The deciding factor is, when a solider has an emergency, and can't find a way home to family, they can contact the fund, and they will get them home. Who could bear to be away from a death in the family, or the birth of their first child.

Here is their Mission Statement:

The mission of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is to provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Services of the United States, eligible family members, and survivors when in need; and to receive and manage funds to administer these programs.

The Vision of the NMCRS:

Our Vision: We are a private, non-profit, volunteer, service organization. As a Center of Excellence, we are committed to ensure that all available resources are used to assist personnel of the Naval Services - active, retired, and their eligible family members - to achieve financial self-sufficiency and find solutions to emergency needs.

Founded in 1904, the NAVY-MARINE CORPS RELIEF SOCIETY is a private, non-profit, charitable organization. We exist solely to support the active and retired communities of the Naval Service. Located at approximately 250 offices ashore and afloat throughout the world, the Society’s work is accomplished mainly by its 3,600 dedicated, trained, and caring Volunteers who are supported by a small cadre of paid employees.

The Society’s mission is to provide – in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps – financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Service of the United States, their

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society can provide interest-free loans or grants to help with emergency needs such as:
• Emergency Transportation
• Funeral Expenses
• Medical/dental Bills (patient's share)
• Food, Rent, and Utilities
• Disaster Relief Assistance
• Child Care Expenses
• Essential Vehicle Repairs
• Unforeseen Family Emergencies
For more a in depth review of what we do, you are welcome to go to our website

The goal is to raise as much money, while providing everyone playing the best experience possible. I will be working on the Corporate Sponsors, but I urge each and every one of you to help me locate hole sponsorships, prizes, and teams from companies. I will be putting together the sponsorship package and have it by next week for every.

Please get in touch with me at: or 757-406-3067

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lone Wolf Rules

Thanks to Vice President Ross Hampton for putting the Game Lone Wolf into easy to understand terms, so we may all enjoy the game as we play. For his help, Ross has won a Ben Hogan, 9.5 degree driver from The Golfer's Trip, way to go Ross!

Now we're talking!

Ok, at the first tee you set the order- the old toss the tee in the air trick is the method of choice.
You will keep this order throughout the round (i.e. no "honors"). You will just rotate teeing off first through this order for each hole. First hole: A,B,C,D Second hole: B,C,D,A Third Hole: C,D,A,B and so on.
The guy who tees off first is the Wolf. He will pick his partner for the hole, and he will do so after that player tees off. The catch is, the wolf cannot pick a partner once the next player down the line has teed off. So if player A hits, then watches B tee off, he must choose B as his partner BEFORE C tees off. If he decides to not choose a partner (or all the tee balls suck) he will then declare Lone Wolf and is required to howl at the sky.

You play a best ball format (low ball) and it is your "team" vs. the team of the remaining 2 players. Of course if you go Lone Wolf it is your ball vs. the other 3 guys' low ball.
So let's say A picks B to be on his team and one of them shoots a par; C and D can manage only a bogey, so both A and B get a point/dot on the score card.

Lone Wolf doubles the point value if you can pull it off. So if you go Lone Wolf and win, you get 2 points. Lose, and the other 3 get a point.

At the end you add up each players total points, figure out the difference and pay accordingly (usually $1 a point is reasonable)

Thanks Ross!! In his next installment, he will be giving us the rules for Scat, for club house play after a round or if you get rained out and don't want to go home!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

River Oaks, MYrtle beach, getting a face life

The good news here, is that is actually really a nice lay out, a little tight, but lots of surprises. The course conditions and terrible management has been the problem. The staff has been rude, the goose droppings on the green are a more welcome sight then their rude starter. Since we stay right next door every year, an improvement to the course merits at the very least, another 9 squeezed into the next trip.

Signature Golf Group has been hired to assess the needs of River Oaks Golf Club and oversee a renovation project at the 27-hole facility, and designer Craig Schreiner of Myrtle Beach has been hired to implement the project.

The Otter nine holes closed this month for bunker renovations, new drainage, tree removal and new cart paths. Additional improvements are planned for the clubhouse and parking areas. Schreiner hopes to have the work on the Otter completed by Sept. 1 for a reopening as early as October.

"They're really going to make a concerted effort to take a course that was moderately built to begin with and upgrade it," said Schreiner , who recently restored Pine Lakes Country Club and is a co-designer of the private Members Club at Grande Dunes.

"The bunker renovation will dramatically improve the strategy of each hole as well as the playing quality. Every shot will have more interest as a result of this thorough master planning project."

The Fox nine is set to close for a similar project next summer and the Bear nine will likely be renovated by 2011. River Oaks' greens were changed to Champions ultra-dwarf Bermudagrass in recent years.

Schreiner said this summer's project included the removal of at least 650 trees primarily pines from the heavily wooded Otter course.

"That lets me grade and gives me sunlight, and you get a breeze out there now," Schreiner said. "It's golf not an arboretum. We're still leaving some vegetation that defines the holes. It will still have a sense of hole definition but it won't be dominated by the trees that are there."

American Golf Corp. operates River Oaks, which was designed by Gene Hamm between 1987 and '91, but Signature Golf president Dave Downing said the contract will expire late next year. "[The owners] wanted to start doing some renovations so when the lease ends in 2010 and they get the golf course back, they have a golf course that's ready to be fitted for the marketplace," Downing said.

Signature manages Indigo Creek, Island Green, Rivers Edge, Wicked Stick and Woodland Valley on the Grand Strand, and three courses outside the area. It also operates a marketing cooperative involving another dozen Strand courses, and plans to do some marketing work for River Oaks.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Jamie Smith, PGA Pro Working Hard for You!

Can you introduce yourself to the readers and tell us about yourself?

My full name is Jamie Dean Smith, age 47. I am from San Diego CA. I grew up as a competitive Surfer on the west coast and in Hawaii. I am retired from the US Air Force and my wife is currently a 04 in the Navy as a Nurse Practitioner. I am a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a former instructor.

You are a PGA certified golf instructor; tell us a little bit about your lessons and your style of teaching.

I did not start golfing until the age of 27. On my first round, I birdied the 18th hole and was hooked. I got into the business while we were stationed in Hawaii. I first worked at the Mamala Bay Golf course at Hickam AFB. My mentor there told me that I would not pass the Players Ability Test until I am a three handicap. He was correct. I finished the 6-year education program in 2 years.
Other instructors have asked me many times, who’s system I follow. The answer I always give is no ones system. I treat each student as an individual and based what they are trying to accomplish I will choose the best procedures for them. That is usually the answer they are looking for and my students tend to agree. I use Video when needed to see in slow motion what I may miss at full speed. This is also good to show a student what they are doing that they may not realize.

Where do you give your lessons at?

I currently am a Sole Proprietorship (Jamie Smith Golf Instruction) at Lynnhaven Golf Park on Holland Road. I also am the only PGA instructor at the Ocean View Golf Course in Norfolk.

You are also active in the community with local golf tournaments, and I spoke to you about mine, and you offered a unique prize, can you explain.

Many golf outings go out and look for sponsors that can give products or money. I am not in that type of position. I do however have time that I can give.
I donate a lesson to each member of the loosing team as a gift certificate in trade for placing my business card in each grab bag that is usually handed out.

You are also on staff at Adams Golf, can you explain what you do for them?

I am on staff with Adams Golf for the woods and Irons and on Cleveland for the wedges.
They provide me with fitting clubs to custom fit golfers. I have an account with them just like the golf shops to order direct from the factory. I may also have Taylor Made soon.
I find much easier to teach when a student is properly fitted in a proper set of clubs for their level.

Adams Golf is a respective name in golf, where do you see the company heading in the next few years?

If you look at the, what’s in the bag stats for each tournament you will see that they have their Hybrid clubs in more bags than any other on all the tours. Their quality control is as good as anything out there and I see them doing very well in the future.

If there is one piece of Adams Golf equipment you would like to speak on and recommend, what would it be?

They have a new driver out that is very good. They have a three wood that compliments it as well.

Tell us a little bit about your years in working in the golf industry:

I have worked at both indoor facilities and green grass. Both gave me great experience. In both cases, I felt bound by the rules of the organization that I worked for. Now that I have my own business I have much more flexibility to do things that work much better for me as well as for my students. In total, I have worked in the industry for 6 years and have been golfing for 20.

What is your favorite course locally and then what is your favorite you played world wide?

I have only been here two years so I have yet to play some of the really nice tracks but so far my favorite was probably Bayville. The most beautiful and most difficult course had to be Ko’o Lau in Hawaii.

I have met you several times and I know the answer, but what sets you apart from all the other PGA Pros giving lessons locally?

I would think most of us are pretty well trained to teach a golf swing, but what makes a great teacher is being able to build a relationship. I feel we need to get to know the person and not just the person’s swing. Unlike most, I was an instructor in the military and in the martial arts, which gave me a good foundation for the game of golf.

Any specials you would like to offer up for people who read this on the web site?

Although I may offer the occasional holiday special, my continuous offer of four lessons for the price of $150.00 is better than most in the area.
I also do not charge for club fittings as most others do. I expect that if I do a good fitting, they will trust that I am also going to get them the appropriate product.

Thanks for your time Jamie, any last words for us?

I love the game enough to want to share the things that I have learned, to hopefully give the golfer the best chance to have a good experience on the golf course.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.

Jamie Smith, PGA
Jamie Smith Golf Instruction

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kiawah Island Ocean Course

This morning, a nice relaxing photo journey through Kiawah island's Ocean Course, thanks to a fellow member Elliot DeBear. Please enjoy, maybe the best looking course I have ever seen. Some stats first about the area:

Located on a beautiful barrier island just a few miles from historic Charleston, South Carolina lies Kiawah Island Golf Resort, the Official Golf & Tennis Resort at Kiawah Island.

Endless possibilities await our guests to our island resort. Experience for yourself why readers of Golf World Magazine voted Kiawah Island Golf Resort "#1 Resort in the U.S.", T+L Golf Magazine the #2 Golf Resort in the U.S. and the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler as the #2 Island in North America and the
#3 Resort in the U.S.

* Five award-winning championship South Carolina golf courses including the Ocean Course, home of the 2007 Senior PGA and 2012 PGA Championships, offering challenging play for golfers of all levels.
* Hard and clay courts are available at the #1 Tennis Resort in the World, as ranked by
* A variety of recreational activities are sure to please everyone in your family. From kayaking, nature tours, bicycling to beach fun at the "Top Family Resort", as voted by Travel + Leisure Family Magazine
* Hotel and vacation rental accommodations. Stay at our Award-Winning oceanfront Sanctuary Hotel
* Inviting beach vacation rental homes and villa rentals, perfect for family beach vacations in South Carolina. Choose from oceanfront and scenic vacation rental homes, or family villas, that will fit every price range, family, or group of any size
* Outstanding dining options that include The Ocean Room, the resort's premier steakhouse, The Atlantic Room at The Ocean Course , our signature seafood restaurant, Tomasso at Turtle Point, Charleston's finest Italian food and Jasmine Porch, authentic Lowcountry cuisine, plus many other restaurant options located throughout the island that are sure to please

The staff at Kiawah Island Golf Resort invite your family or group to visit and enjoy everything our resort, as well as the neighboring Charleston, South Carolina area has to offer. We want you to enjoy a gracious tradition of golf and hospitality.

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