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Monday, September 16, 2013

Myrtle Beach Battle for the Cip Cup 9/11-9/15

If this was twitter, I think hash tag beer and golf would be spot on. We left Wednesday morning early for the usual warm up round. A 6 hour drive give or take 10 minutes, and I drove to help keep me from being a mess when we got there. 24 of us total, a nice sized group staying at the Legends Condos, 50 feet from Alisa's Pub ( good and bad for us ).

  First round was MBN West. We got there at 2:45 and somehow, they let us play for the replay rate (maybe they knew I was friends with Brian!) 20.48 a person, couldn't ask for a better start. The course was in great  condition, and maybe the fastest green of the trip. They may have actually been the fastest I have ever played anywhere. West is a fair course, nice amount of water and mix of holes and for the value, couldn't be beat. I would play this course as a warm up course any day. We were out so late, no cart girl, but it was ok, I think we were well stocked anyway!

 First night is a Alisa's pub night, bar tender Halston, is a great guy, served us well, keep drinks filled and the food was great. Really loved their wings, very nice sized. We sat out back and drank a whole lot. The waitresses (the only women in the bar) were of course good looking, nice and the center of attention!

   Had a few folks flying in Thursday, so we had a 2pm start on Mooreland. This course is exactly like I remember it, an *** kicker!!! The fairways were perfect, greens a 9 out of 10, speed good, true rolling, there was nothing to complain about expect it was pretty dern hot. The cart girl helped though, I think we saw here 4 times on the front side and 4 times on the back side. She was very friendly and beers were flowing. I can't think of one single negative thing to say about this course or Legends in general, other than it was crowded and a 5 hour and 15 minute round, but we were not in a hurry.

  That night turned into another pub night, no driving, no chance of being stupid with a DUI, makes perfect sense, so once again, dinner is there and we shut the place down! Halston keeps the drinks coming faster than we can drink them. The back deck Tiki bar is open and great spot to drink at, we ended up doing shots with all the waitresses and this was a re-occurring theme! I think we turned in at 4am!

  Friday bring an 8:45 start on Parkland (the toughest course there?) and another very warm day, no breeze. I vow not to drink on the course, as of course I am hung over, but a bloody mark on our 5th hole starts the healing process, and the 12 packs from our VERY hot cart girl start flowing. My and my buddy that I am riding with are hacking but having a great time making fun of each other. The course, again, is perfect, and I love this one the most, I actually like bunker shots, and it has plenty of them. The 3 hackers in the group shot in the 100-105 range, and our buddy Andrew shots 80. No clue how we didn't drag him down with us!

  Of course, with ever round, there is the breakfast, lunch and two beers, and I think a chicken sandwich is all I end up eating before going to the Master's Happy Hour...check the GC folder later for my report. Let's say the next morning hurt pretty bad also!

   Saturday, the last golf day had all the buddy, fun groupings. I play with 3 junior high school friends I known almost all my life, and we get all together once or twice a year now, so it was a blast heckling each other, drinking, joking and flirting with the hottest cart girl I have ever seen. Heathland again is great shape, and it's cool and breeze blowing thanks to a front that had come through. The greens, fairways, tee boxes, again a 9.5 out of 10. this was the most enjoyable round of golf I have played since the last trip. Myrtle Beach is about buddies, and this is the sole reason I come to play. Yes I love the golf and courses, but I would rather shoot a 130 with my buddies than a 85 without them.

  We are leaving 6am Sunday, so the night is a chill one with Buffalo Wild Wings take out, and lots of college football.

  My only thing I was disappointed in, was Brian messed around and got a damn concussion thinking he was a 25 year old softball star, so I never got to see him. He is a great guy, as we all know, and put together the best trip as usual. Heck, I don't think we give him enough credit.

  My unsung super start is Legends very own lead man Matt, he worked his *** off while we were there. I saw him do almost every job you could, I ever saw him picking up trash at one point. The guy is a machine, and he is all about customer service, and his club house and courses reflect it!!