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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hell's Point Golf Club Review

Saturday, myself, Bob Garrison, John Hadzima and Tommy "Bunker Shots" Krotzer set out to play Hell's Point on the warmest day of the year. It was about 98 and 110% humidity, nice conditions to play. We figured this a good "warm up", no pun intended, for Myrtle Beach.

The course, tee, boxes, fairways, and greens, was in fantastic shape. We had a lot of heavy rain the 2 days before, and we figured it to be wet, but they improved the drainage a few years back, and it really shows. The Par 3's on this course are all a guarded challenge, but of course, on the last day of the El Burro Loco Bet, Chef birdies one and now I owe him lunch there in Myrtle. My only chance to even up with him is to birdie a hole a Long Bay, maybe the toughest course at MB..great!

We couldn't even drink a beer the course was so hot. I drank two Power Aids, and 4 bottles of water, never went to the bath room once, and sweated it all out.

Let me also state, the crew at Hell's Point is top notch, friendly, helpful, very nice looking cart girl and they were not upset at me being 10 minutes late. Thanks guys, see you again this summer!

A must play if you come to Virginia Beach for vacation. This course is the hidden gem of the beach, no houses, wild life, quiet and inviting.

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