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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift Ideas Part 3/ Indoor Sports

Well, even though it's not officially a sport in our country, others take it very serious. The Winter time is the best time for this sport, and some of the best "rounds" are to be had when the temps are cold. Am I talking about golf? Indoor Golf? No, I am talking about the age old sport of drinking fine beer, when you can, or can not play golf itself.

It makes a great Christmas gift also, so ladies listen up, your man or woman would love some great seasonal beer for the holidays!

So enjoy, in no particular order, Beer, the best 4 letter word you could ever utter!

Monday, November 29, 2010

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Limited Edition Bobby Grace Putter


They are finally in stock this week.  The F-22 and the F-18 are showing off their new suit from our top anodize specialist in California.  These are anodized with a hard coat black finish by the same company that does the anodize for the Space Industry.  Very durable and rich looking these new High M.O.I. mallets are sure to raise the eyebrows of your playing partners when they see how many more putts you are making.  Each one comes with our incredible insert with 3 sweet spots that allows the weekend golfer to play his best golf.  You miss the sweet spot and don’t even loose any distance.  The best $350 you ever invested in your golf game!!

Many One-Putts

Bobby Grace

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holidays Are Coming, Gift Ideas VB Golf Crew Style (Part 2)

 To continue on with my hint for all those ladies and people out there looking for gift ideas for us golfers, I continue my ideas. Please note Santa, I will take 1-6 please!!!

4. Every golfer could use a package of 3 lessons for Spring!

 Of course I am partial to the Jamie Smith/Rick Bidnick PGA Professional school for lessons. They are very affordable, and offer group classes also!!









4. How about tickets to a PGA or LPGA Tour Event, every golfer would love to go watch and cheer on their favorite pros and become a part of history!!

6. You got golf clothes, you got new clubs, a trip to Myrtle Beach, lessons and PGA tickets for an event, lets go...wait, you forgot your shoes!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Myrtle Beach, Your Golf Destination

Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Continue To Please

Legends Resort is home to three outstanding Myrtle Beach golf courses
The words Myrtle Beach golf courses bring smiles to face across the nation. While the area often referred to as the Grand Strand is actually a 60-mile swath of coastline spanning North and South Carolina, nearly every discussion of the region rightfully begins with the most popular name in golf travel.

Like good real estate, location, location, location, is the key, and Myrtle Beach golf courses have it. The centralized locale allows easy access to Myrtle Beach golf courses from every corner of the Grand Strand.
The origins of the area’s rise to prominence remain entrenched in the Central Strand. The destination’s first and most recognizable courses – Pine Lakes and the Dunes Club – were built downtown, as were some of the Strand’s bedrock layouts – King’s North and its sister courses at Myrtle Beach National - that emerged in the 1970s to expand the area’s notoriety.

While the popularity of the North and South Strands has grown exponentially over the years, many players continue to prefer the Myrtle Beach golf courses located in the heart of the destination.

While Pine Lakes, the Dunes Club and Myrtle Beach National helped launch the area as a golf destination, outstanding courses emerged around them.

Legends Resort, home of three 4-star courses, introduced a new stay-and-play component in the 1990s, and Grande Dunes raised the bar for the entire community in the opening decade of the 21st century, introducing an upscale development on par with nearly any in the country.

Myrtlewood, home of the PineHills and Palmetto courses, has long been a favorite of locals and visitors alike, too.

World Tour Golf Links, a 27-hole facility, was inspired by the greatest layouts from the around the world and offers one the area’s most unique experiences. The three Mystical golf courses, Man O’War, The Witch and Wizard have cast a spell over golfers for years.

Layouts like Prestwick, Arrowhead Country Club, Arcadian Shores, Shaftesbury Glen, Burning Ridge, Quail Creek and Wild Wing, to name a few, provide the Central Strand a large of cadre of quality layouts that guarantee an outstanding golf trip.

To put the quality in perspective, consider that 17 of 24 Myrtle Beach golf courses earned at least 4 stars in Golf Digest’s prestigious “Best Places to Play Guide.” Four stars, according to Golf Digest, means the course is worthy of planning your next vacation around. That’s a lot of Myrtle Beach golf vacations!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waterway Hills Myrtle Beach, Get Golf Up In The Air

Waterway Hills Golf Club Rises Above

waterway hills intracoastal.jpg
Waterway Hills Golf Club is one of 7 Myrtle Beach golf courses that play along the Intracoastal Waterway.
There are more than 100 Myrtle Beach golf courses but none comes close to matching the rousing start provided by Waterway Hills Golf Club, a facility players don’t forget.

A 27-hole Robert Trent Jones design, Waterway Hills Golf Club has what might be the most unique entrance in the nation. At Waterway Hills, golf bags don’t arrive at the clubhouse in a car, they come via aerial tram. The parking lot is located along the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway, while the clubhouse and course are on the west side.

Players take the tram, rising more than 100 feet above the Intracoastal, across the waterway. The ride offers a stunning (and beautiful) start to a round of golf. The tram ride lasts less than two minutes and drops players off at a clubhouse overlooking the waterway. (In case you were wondering, the tram is enclosed, protecting players from the elements and the ride across is enjoyable)

When the tram reaches the clubhouse, attention immediately turns to golf. The three nines at Waterway Hills – Oaks, Lakes and Ravine – all showcase the architectural splendor that Trent Jones is renowned for.

Robert Trent Jones fans will recognize the large bunkers, tree-lined fairways and undulated greens. For players who haven’t played a course designed by one of golf’s most famed architects, Waterway Hills serves as a great introduction to the virtues of a traditionally designed golf course.

A four-star facility, according to Golf Digest, Waterway Hills doesn’t require great length off the tee for success. The longest of the three nines is the Oaks, which measures 3,271 yards from the tips, and there is only one par 4 that stretches more than 400 yards.

Don’t associate a lack of length with a lack of challenge. Waterway Hills is a player-friendly course, but it requires accuracy off the tee, and its greens, which are typically in superb condition, are fast.

The recipe for success at Waterway Hills includes a large portion of good course management. Players that can hit the ball long and straight will love the layout because there is ample opportunity to pound the driver. But the reality is most of us don’t hit it long and straight.

If you struggle to keep the driver in the short grass, don’t mindlessly walk to every tee and pull it out. Hit the 3-wood or a hybrid, something that will end up in the fairway, and enjoy the benefits of a good angle of approach to the green.

“You are better off not hitting driver on every hole and managing your way around the course,” head pro Dick LeSieur said.

From an architectural perspective, there isn’t a great deal of difference between the Oaks, Lakes and Ravine nines. All three provide players with a good and exceedingly fair test of golf. (Checkout the 3 best holes on each 9)

Visually, the first hole on the Oaks and Ravine nines offer the appeal of playing along the Intracoastal. The view is particularly dramatic on the Ravine, where the waterway is visible from tee to green (quick tip: don’t slice the ball on that hole!).

The Lakes course doesn’t play along the Intracoastal but it’s, arguably, the most scenic of the nines. A couple large lakes framed by area’s native hardwoods help create a visually pleasing nine holes.

All three nines feature the large bunkers that RTJ is famous for.

The combination of the holes along the Intracoastal, the tram ride and RTJ’s design work have long made Waterway Hills one of the most popular Myrtle Beach golf courses among locals and visitors alike.

The Verdict: The trip on the tram to begin and end each round guarantees that players don’t forget Waterway Hills Golf Club. But the facility offers much more than a memorable ride. Waterway Hills is a good, traditional design, and there is a premium placed on course conditions and customer service.

If quality golf, value and memorability are high on your list of priorities, Waterway Hills Golf Club is a good fit for your next Myrtle Beach golf trip.

5 Things You Need To Know About Waterway Hills Golf Club

The trip across the Intracoastal on the aerial tram at Waterway Hills Golf Plantation is a rousing start to a round of golf.
Waterway Hills Golf Club is a 4-star facility, according to Golf Digest, with 27 holes to tempt players on a Myrtle Beach golf trip. It’s a Robert Trent Jones design and one of just seven area courses that play along the Intracoastal Waterway. But that information is easy to come by.  We’ve got five nuggets about Waterway Hills you likely don’t know, particularly if you’ve not played the course.
1. High Point: The trip to the Waterway Hills clubhouse is the most unique in all of Myrtle Beach golf and maybe the nation. The course’s parking lot is located on the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway while the course is on the west side. Players park their cars and take an aerial tram, rising more than 100 feet above the water, across the Intracoastal. The ride, which no one forgets, offers a stunning view of the waterway and the golf course.

2. It’s Not That Wet: Players often assume they will need a surplus of golf balls playing a course named Waterway Hills. That might be true, but water won’t be the cause. The course is named because of its proximity to the Intracoastal, not the amount of water on the layout. Don’t be scared by the name, Waterway Hills is relatively dry.

3. Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch:
Waterway Hills is home to three nines – Oaks, Lakes and Ravine – and none of them play longer than 3,271 yards from the tips. Don’t confuse lack of length with lack of challenge. Waterway Hills is a player-friendly facility but it tests everyone that plays.

4. Speaking of Distance: The runway tee box is a Robert Trent Jones specialty and gives courses great latitude in how long or short each hole plays. Waterway Hills makes great use of the long tee boxes Jones provided, so make sure you check the yardage stone on each tee to gauge distance.

5. Be Nice To Your Putter: The greens at Waterway Hills Golf Club aren’t exceedingly big, but they do have ample undulation. When the contours of the greens complexes are combined with the typically outstanding conditions, the putting surfaces at Waterway Hills are quick, just the way players like them.

3 Best Holes At Waterway Hills Golf Club

Waterway Hills16.jpg
Waterway Hills Golf Club has long been a favorite of locals and visitors alike.
The dean of golf course architects, Robert Trent Jones, designed 27 holes at Waterway Hills Golf Club, so there is ample quality at the Myrtle Beach golf course. The challenge for head pro Dick LeSieur was naming the three best holes, one from each of the facility’s nine-hole layouts.

The veteran pro agonized over a couple choices, but he gave us his list of Waterway Hills Golf Club’s best.
Oaks 9, No. 3, 422-yard, par 4 – The longest par 4 at Waterway Hills, the third hole forces players into a decision. There is water on the left (250 yards from the tee) and right (280 from the tee). The two lakes parallel each other, so threading the needle requires accuracy but the reward is a much shorter approach.  The water is much closer from the white tees (215 on the left, 245 on the right) so everyone will be faced with the decision. LeSieur’s advice?

“If you are comfortable hitting your three-wood and about 160-165 yards on your second shot, that’s the way I would play it,” he says. “Driver brings water on both sides into play.

Lakes 9, No. 2, 534-yard, par 5 – Waterway Hills’ longest hole is also its toughest. You have to be a serious bomber to even think about hitting the green in two. The hole is tree-lined from tee to green and a lake looms halfway up the right side of the fairway. The key to success on No. 2 at the Lakes is getting off the tee and playing smart.

“After I hit my tee shot, I play the hole backwards,” LeSieur says. “I hit my second shot to leave myself a comfortable yardage (on my approach). That normally leaves me with a real good birdie opportunity.”

Ravine 9, No. 3, 483-yard, par 5 –
This one presents a true risk-reward decision. At 483 yards from the back tees, the third hole on the Ravine 9 offers most everyone the possibility of going for the green in two. But there is a catch. A ravine, hence the name, runs in front of the green so the second shot is all carry.

A 250-yard drive leaves a 230-yard carry. It’s makeable, but it will take a good shot from a strong player. The smart thing to do is layup, but sometimes emotion rules the day.

“It’s almost like, ‘I’m on vacation, and I have to give this a try,’” LeSieur said of what most players do. “Rather than manage the hole, you see a lot of three woods being pulled from the bag.”

What would you do?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Holidays Are Coming, Gift Ideas VB Golf Crew Style

 Here comes the Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, a great time of the year. Most of us have kids, and it sure is fun to share the Holidays with our families, especially the young children we have. The magic in their eyes, the wonder, being crazy for 5 weeks straight waiting for Santa,

But what about us, the Father's of the VB Golf Crew? Well of course there is the huge dinners of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Get your sweat pants out and get ready for the time of the year we love to call Turkey season! But what else is there to ask for, or give the wives hints about that we would want. Well, allow me to lend a hand, John Barry style:

1. This is what I ask for every year, I ask for Karen to pay for my Myrtle Beach Trip. Nothing like getting a golf trip for Christmas, you have to wait a bit for it, but having it paid for makes it sure nice!

2. Another idea of course is new clubs for the golfer in the family. But finding a new set of irons or a driver, or a putter can be tough for someone not experienced. Gift cards to Golf Galaxy works well, as you can go in and get what's best for your game. A few clubs to keep an eye on for the High to Mid Handicappers (which most of us are):

3. Golf Balls, lets face it, every golfer, at least most we know, goes through a lot of golf balls through out a season. There is plenty of value to be had in golf balls, and a 2 piece golf ball is the best for the normal golfer. The ProV1 isn't going to help you, especially with less than 105 mph swing speed, so here a few good choices: 

4. Looking good on the golf course is very subjective, as looking great might mean looking like your Grandfather! I applaud those people who dress in the cutting edge of golf, so here are a few of my ideas: