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Friday, October 30, 2009

We Played a Haunted Golf Course

Willbrook Plantation Golf Course – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a golfer’s paradise and offers incredible courses for just about any skill level. But only one course can claim to have been built over an ancient graveyard. Tread lightly around the eighth hole, as local folklore says that restless spirits still wander the golf course.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This week

Will be formally forming the VB Golf Crew at the first of next month, to make sure we have a full year of membership covered.

Looking for help with the NMCRS Charity Event, I need more sponsors, and a lead Sponsor for sure. I am willing to work on the price, but it has to make sense.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Winter? Golf?

Wanted to take a few minutes and talk about Winter Golf. This area, Virginia Beach, is blessed sometimes with some pretty warm days in the Winter. We all try to get out when the chances present themselves.

There is Ross and Evan's Annual Thanksgiving Day Golf Outing, which has been in the driving rain for the last 2 out of 5 years. Side ways rain, and these diehards won't call it a day. I think Evan even threw his 8 iron in the water on a Thanksgiving Day!

For a while, we played on New Years day down in Nags Head, NC.

What do you guys do for Winter, do you play? What's the lowest temperature you will play in? Going South would be great, anyone make a Winter warm weather trip?

Lastly, I would like to congratulate our very own Marc Daniels on the birth of his baby boy.

He was 11 pounds 9 Father like Son!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Cobra ZL Driver Review

The guys over at My Golf Spy have tested and posted another in depth review of the new Cobra Zero Limits Driver. The Driver looks stunning, and holds a lot of new tech, and Cobra is known for great drivers, this maybe their best!

Here is the Link to My Golf Spy, the best Tech site on the web, they really are spies!!

Cobra ZL Driver – looks good…feels good…and sounds good too

OK…I am impressed! The guys at Cobra have created a driver that not only looks good…but it feels good…and sounds good too…there aren’t many drivers like this out there. I have to say Cobra might be the most under-rated driver company in all of golf. Year in and year out they put out one impressive driver after another…which is more then most golf companies can say. I can name quite a few of the big dogs that put out a dead duck on a routine basis. This year’s Cobra Zero Limit driver is the real deal…they just always seem to put out a hot face driver…kudos fellas ;)
Using A Technology Many Have Given Up On

And they have done it with a technology that many have gone away from (Carbon Fiber Tech). Many companies have tried the carbon fiber technology but given up on it for one reason or another. It either effected the sound too much…the returns because of breakage were too high…it just caused a lot of problems…and companies thoughts the disadvantages outweighed the advantages. And the word on the street was not good from consumers…so most companies just gave up on it. But there are advantages to the technology and every company knows it. And Cobra has been the one company that has chosen to stick with it and almost perfect the technology and use it to its advantage.

“But I am tired of those “Speed Dimples Cobra always uses”, you say. Well you will be happy to know they have been replaced with a more traditional crown for a better look at address too. They were smart…I think the dimples were catchy at first but that fad is over and I think they recognized it in a timely manner…so kudos again for that.
Easy…User-Friendly Adjustments…Shew!

Now the adjustable hosel isn’t new…almost every company has their own version…but what I like about Cobra’s is they made it simple and user-friendly. I mean compared the Nike’s STR8- FIT driver that had a 50 page manual you had to read in order to know how to use the thing…this is a dream. I mean don’t they know…MEN DONT READ INSTRUCTIONS. This one is a 3 way adjustable hosel – open/neutral/closed (O-open, N-neutral, C-closed) and adjusting it is fast and easy.

* SoundMuch improved over the L4V and the L5V.
* LooksThe driver looks like a mix between classic and modern…this is one of the best looking drivers puton the market in the last 5 years.
* Feel The feel was above average for a driver with a carbon fiber crown…I think they achieved this by using 6-4 titanium for the face. It gives a softer feel on impact…but generally is not used as much in oversize heads. Another advantage to using carbon fiber for the crown…because it allows the 6-4 titanium to be used.
* Distance – was on par with all the other drivers we tested it against. I think the 6-4 is responsible for its average distance. Where it does feel better it unfortunately is not as long of the tee compared to some of the newer blends of titanium. But all in all the combo is great for Cobra.


* I do not think they should have gone with a stock 46″ club length. I understand why…although it is much too long for the average golfer and creates more problems in regards to accuracy then it helps with distance in my opinion.
* Not a fan of the stock shaft…although I was lucky enough to get one with the cool new prototype Aldila R.I.P shaft which was a great combo for this review.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Next Gen Cobra Driver is Out!!

The New 2010 Cobra Driver is out, an adjustable driver to help every swing!

Cobra ZL Driver

The Cobra ZL Driver is a multi-material design driver with a highly engineered structure that produces a hot face with superior sound. Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT) provides three adjustable face angles for optimal ball flights. The stock shaft in this club is the Aldila Voodoo and the stock grip is the Cobra Tour Velvet by Golf Pride. This is the best driver for all golfers seeking maximum distance.

FLEX Regular, Stiff/Firm
HAND Left, Right
LOFT 10.5 °, 11.5 °, 8.5 °, 9.5 °

PRICE: $349.99

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who's House? Stone House!

Just outside of Williamsburg, lies one of the toughest golf courses in our area. Stone House Country Club, home to huge pot bunkers, slopes and and more slopes!

Golf With History

Located just outside Williamsburg, Virginia, Stonehouse is laid over wild, tumbling hills near the York River in the Tidewater Region. When it opened in 1996, The Tradition Golf Club at Stonehouse was named "Best New Upscale Public Course in the Nation" and one of the "Top New Ten You Can Play" by golf Magazine. The tradition of accolades and awards continues. In 2001, Gold Digest ranked Stonehouse among the top 6 courses in Virginia. Stonehouse is also on Golf Magazine’s "Top 100 You Can Play" and Golf & Travel’s list of "100 Best Modern Courses". In 2002, Stonehouse was awarded 4 1/2 stars by Golf Digest. And, as you would expect from one of the best courses in the country, Stonehouse has first-rate conveniences such as a full-service bar, dining area, practice facilities, and a pro shop.

The Course
Stonehouse winds over 6,962 yards of steep forested hills, wide plateaus, and abrupt ravines. Against this tumultuous backdrop, the danger of deep bunkers and long carries is balanced by the relative safety of broad fairways and enormous putting greens.

Course Accolades

* Best New Upscale Course in the Nation (Golf Digest, 1996)

* 4 1/2 Stars - "Places to Play" (Golf Digest

* No. 6 - Best in State: Virginia (Golf Digest)

* Good Service Award (Golf Digest)

* Top New 10 You Can Play (Golf Magazine, 1996)

* No. 14 - Top 100 You Can Play (Golf Magazine)

* No. 14 - 40 Best Public Courses (Golf & Travel)

* No. 31 - 100 Best Modern Courses (Golf & Travel)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fairway Wood Tips

Tips For Using Fairway Woods
Step 1 Relax as you address the ball. Take an athletic position by flexing your knees and keeping them shoulder length apart. Allow gravity to pull your hands to their natural position in order to hit the ball with a relaxed swing.

Step 2 Use a full hip and body turn to hit your fairway wood. A fairway wood especially requires a steady and repeatable swing to hit correctly. That means a full hip turn as well as a full turn of the upper body. Speeding up when swinging a fairway wood will almost certainly result in a mis-hit.

Step 3 Hit the ball up in the air by playing it from the correct position. With a fairway wood, play the ball off of your left heel which will allow you to have full momentum with your swing at impact. If you are using a 5-wood, play it one ball length closer to center from your left heel.

Step 4 Change your swing plane when you are using a fairway wood. It should be longer and flatter and that will allow you to hit through the ball. Most golfers try to hit at the ball instead of hitting through it. A longer and flatter swing will promote a full follow through, which is what is needed with the fairway wood.

Step 5 Practice with the fairway woods usually. Because fairway wood is one of the most difficult clubs due to its length and weight so it requires a lot of work on the practice tee. Hit at least 20 percent of the balls you hit at the driving range with your fairway woods.

Friday, October 16, 2009

NMCRS Charity Tournament Update (Thanks Rock Bottom)

A special thanks again goes out to the Cave Man at Rock Bottom Golf. Not only does his blog and news letter feature our site and the NMRCS Tournament, he gives me a special shout out.

These guys run a first class business from selection, customer service, price and shipping. You can never go wrong with a purchase from!

Golfin’ For A Good Cause!
October 15th, 2009

Golfers and giving back seem to go together like milk and cookies, and with the end of the PGA season (and its suddenly much more available tour pros), charity golf tourneys seem to be poppin’ up all over the place!

All this week notable names from the world of golf, sports and entertainment have been playin’ some golf at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas for the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. Aside from gettin’ in a few Pro-Am rounds, participants contribute to the Shriners’ cause and raise money to help support sick children.

Also underway this week was the 3rd Annual Caddy For A Cure Golf Tournament, hosted by the TPC at Eagle Trace in Coral Springs, Florida. One of my Rock Heads from Australia, Paul Miles, gave me the heads up on this one via my Facebook page. I was too late to get involved with this year’s outing, but this group does a whole lotta good all year round. They support a couple different charities, including the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund which helps people like Paul’s son Jasper who have Fanconi Anemia. (Be sure you check out their newsletter to see a feature on Jasper!)

Another Rock Head (who happens to be a frequent contributor to this blog) has been workin’ hard already this summer and fall to prepare for a tourney next May to support the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. John Barry’s doing a lot of good for this worthy cause, and you can keep tabs on his efforts through his blog, The Golfer’s Trip.

There’s only about a million more charity golf outings, tourneys, auctions, and fundraisers, and this Caveman just can’t keep up with all of ‘em. But I do encourage ALL my Rock Heads to get out there and give back by finding their favorite charity or good cause, and I’d love to hear about YOUR experiences with golfin’ for a good cause – just leave a comment below!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hybrid Tips from Scratch

The Cave Man offers some really nice insight into the wonderful world of hybrids. The Cave Man might not be a Tour Professional, but he sure swings a lot of clubs!

Hybrids, rescues, utility clubs – whatever you call ‘em, they’re changing the game of golf. They cut through the rough like a blade, but can be as forgiving as a pitching wedge. They’ll sweep a ball as cleanly from a tee as they will the fairway and get you on the green from way back, or you can choke up and chip from the fringe with one. This Caveman will be taking a look at a handful of ways you can use these versatile clubs and you’ll see why so many pros (and duffers!) have added them to their bags.

For the most part, you’ll want to hit your hybrid like your 7-iron, with an emphasis on swinging down at the ball. But as you’ll see below, small adjustments in specific circumstances will help you get the most out of your hybrid:

Hybrid Iron/Woods

* From the Tee – keep the ball tee’d low and in the center of your stance. Focus on your follow-through to maximize your power.
* From the Fairway – move the ball closer to the center of your stance but remember to still swing down on the ball. Concentrate on following through on your stroke to ensure you get the full force of the clubhead on your ball. You’ll want to take only a small divot – you sod farmers out there are likely losing distance by tearin’ up monster divots in the short grass.
* From the Rough – take only a three-quarters backswing to maintain control, but you can add power by accelerating down and through as you contact your ball. Make a complete follow-through and finish your stroke normally.
* From the Bunker – as long as the ball isn’t buried, a normal fairway swing with your hybrid (with a slightly shorter stroke) can add distance to your recovery shot. If your ball IS buried, your only option is to use a wedge and dig it out to a better lie.
* From the Fringe – choke down on the grip and use your regular bump-and-run chipping swing. Experiment on a practice green to hone your distance.

Just as you would with any new club, you’ll want to take some extra time to practice different shots before you hit the links for real. I think you’ll find a new hybrid, rescue, or utility will quickly become a go-to club and a valuable addition to your set.


Monday, October 12, 2009

The Seven Cities Golf card on Sale Now!!

Here is the link to where you can buy the card:

Click here to find out more!
Want to get $500 worth of Golf at 7 of the area's best courses for $199? WTKR has our 7 cities slam golf card!

Bay Creek Resort and Club

Bay Creek marks the first time both Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer designed courses for the same club, and the golf legends did not disappoint. The two 18-hole Signature Courses combine the extraordinary views and natural features of the Eastern Shore, with historical landmarks from Cape Charles' 19th and early 20th century railroad days, all into one incredible state-of-the-art golf facility. The courses have been designed with tee placements that will challenge the low-handicapper while creating an enjoyable golfing experience for players of all levels. The legendary Palmer/Nicklaus rivalry lives on at Bay Creek Resort & Club making it a premiere golf destination to be tested and remembered by passionate players of every skill level.

Sleepy Hole Golf Course

This newly polished gem on the shore of the mile-wide Nansemond River has hosted eight LPGA Tour events and served as a venue for many prestigious amateur tournaments. Picturesque Sleepy Hole Golf Course was designed by renowned architect Russell Breeden and built in 1972. In June of 2003, we gave our venerable course a well-earned rest and renovation under the direction of golf course architect Tom Clark, of Ault, Clark and associations, Ltd. Now, we invite you to get to know Sleepy Hole all over again. It's better than ever. You'll love the experience of golfing on the Nansemond River, presenting water hazards on five holes. Enjoy the wide, playable tree-lined fairways, beautiful landscaping, immaculate greens, and well-placed bunkers. The legendary 18th hole, rated "most challenging in Hampton Roads," is tougher than ever, and ready to test you.

The Pines at Elizabeth City

This 7,017 yard, par 72 Tom Clark designed masterpiece winds through the Albemarle pine thickets and features elevated greens, wide fairways and large chipping areas. The five sets of tees enhance the enjoyment of the course by all players. All the greens have been rebuilt to USGA specifications and boast A1/A4 bent grass while the tees and fairways feature a new hybrid of Bermuda grass, which is more heat resistant. All the sand bunkers are new and lined to protect from erosion and discoloration. The full service practice facilities have also been completely renovated and feature target greens, fairways, chipping areas and putting green

Virginia Beach National Golf Club

Virginia Beach National opened in May of 1999 as the premier public golf course in the Tidewater Area. A Pete Dye Design with assistance from Hall of Famer Curtis Strange, VB National is a masterful blend of natural grasses, waste areas, rolling fairways and "tour quality" greens. The course has hosted some of the best players in the world over in past years as the host of the NATIONWIDE TOUR's Virginia Beach Open. This Par 72 course stretches to well over 7200 yards from the Championship Tees and can offer you all the challenge you want, however, five sets of tees insure you the ability to find your "comfort zone." Please join us for a round at Virginia Beach National soon… Test your game on a course that has "tested" the pros

Heron Ridge Golf Club

Heron Ridge Golf Club opened in the spring of 1999 and has developed into one of the finest, best kept & friendliest golf facilities in all of Hampton Roads and we invite you out to find out for yourself! Heron Ridge, which features 14 holes with lakes, water hazards or natural wetlands winds around a unique setting of tall Oak, Beech & Elm Trees, Wetlands, Natural Depressions and uncommon Elevation changes, topography that is not typically found in this geographical area. All of these elements lead to a unique feel on each and every hole and provides a more memorable experience for those that take on the challenge. Heron Ridge offers 5 sets of tees with yardage ranging from 5000 yards all the way up to 7000 yards for the "Big Hitters" we are confident there is an appropriate tee to match your skill level.

River Front Golf Course

A truly breathtaking experience, Riverfront was designed by renowned golf course architect, Tom Doak. It is situated on the banks of the Nansemond River, near the mouth of the James River. The spectacular layout takes full advantage of it's dramatic and unique riverside location. Riverfront is an old-style course that winds its way through riverfront acreage, tidal marshes, huge oaks and pines and vast rolling farmland. It offers a truly amazing setting for a great round of golf. Riverfront was voted 4-1/2 stars by Golf Digest and included in "40 best Daily fee courses" by 'Golf and Travel Magazine'. This course is a "must play" in the Hampton Roads area for golfers of all abilities.

Hell's Point Golf Club

Hell's Point Golf Club is a signature design by renowned golf course architect Rees Jones built in 1982. Our 18-hole championship golf course plays to a par of 72 and meanders through the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge some 6,776 yards. Deer and fox often venture across our tree lined fairways and our natural waterways are home to a variety of indigenous birds.Hell's Point Golf Club has been featured in many well-respected golf publications including Golf Digest as "One of the Best New Courses You Can Play". A true golf players course, each hole will challenge your game on every shot with risk and reward. As one of the "Best Designed Courses in the Country", Hell's Point Golf Club is a must play sure to bring you back.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tiger's Eye Review, Possible Myrtle Beach 2010 Golfing Spot

The following is a review by Chris King of Myrtle Beach Golf Holidays. Chris has been in the business for ages, and vital part of the Myrtle Beach Golfing Community. He writes reviews for all the courses that are unbiased and based on his experience.

Walking out of the double doors onto the Tiger’s Eye clubhouse deck, a panoramic shot of the course comes into focus. The view of the 9th and 18th greens, the 10th fairway and a large lake offer a stunning peak at the Tim Cate design.

The Ocean Ridge Plantation course has uncommon coastal elevation changes and rolling fairways carved into a pine forest. It’s a course of unquestioned quality and regarded by some as the finest of ORP’s four Big Cats.

The Myrtle Beach golf market features some of the nation’s most respected courses, and Tiger’s Eye can comfortably take its spot alongside the best of them. Tiger’s Eye (official website) has been ranked among America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses by Golf Digest and is universally regarded as one of North Carolina’s best.

One of the most appealing aspects of Tiger’s Eye is its playability. Water is visible on nearly every hole and waste bunkers are nearly as abundant, presenting ample challenges. It’s cliché to say a course has a set of tee for everyone but in the case of Tiger’s Eye it's true.

Cate installed six sets of tees, including three that range from 6,120 yards to 7,014. If players check their ego at the door and play from the proper distance, an outstanding and imminently fair test of golf awaits.

Tiger’s Eye features bentgrass greens that are in impeccable condition. The greens are among the Grand Strand’s largest and have considerable undulation, making distance control pivotal to success. Players that can lag the first putt inside four to five feet can approach the next putt confident in the fact they will get a true roll.

Tiger’s Eye was the third course at Ocean Ridge Plantation, coming after Lion’s Paw and Panther’s Run and before the acclaimed Leopard’s Chase – and there are very few houses visible, adding to its appeal.

“It’s a stand-alone golf course,” assistant pro Patrick Holloman said. “When you are playing you feel like you are isolated from the rest of the world. There are very few houses.”

Cut into a pine forest, the course is a testament to the work of Cate, one of golf’s most underrated architects. Cate, who has Leopard’s Chase and The Thistle, among others, to his credit, uses waste bunkers, water and elevation changes of up to 60 feet to enhance the layout’s visual appeal and challenge.

Perhaps most unique components of Cate’s work at Tiger’s Eye is his use large coquina boulders. The giant stones were harvested locally and they form a bulkhead around practically every lake. It’s stunning to the eye and speaks to the commitment that was put into making Tiger’s Eye an elite layout.

“I’d definitely recommend this course,” Pennsylvanian Henry Garcia said.

Par 3s
Holloman believes the par 3s at Tiger’s Eye are as good as any on the Grand Strand and it’s not an unreasonable position to hold. All four holes provide great visuals and water is a factor on three of them.

The front side par 3s – No. 2 and No. 6 – are both excellent. The second is 190 yards and it plays uphill into a large two-tiered green. A forced carry over water is required but it’s not exceedingly long. Of greater concern are the two bunkers in front of the green. The hole plays longer than the card reads because of the elevation and greatest penalty is for coming up short. If there is any doubt, take an extra club.

The sixth is the only par 3 that doesn’t feature water but a waste bunker envelopes the green on three sides. The green features three different tiers, so finding the dance floor is no guarantee of par.

The 11th hole is one of the course’s prettiest and most popular. It is surrounded on three sides by water and the coquina boulders are at their most prominent. It’s the shortest par 3 at 165 yards, but the most difficult, according to the scorecard. The water is a daunting challenge on its own and the green is just 28 yards deep, the course’s second smallest. Don’t be a hero and go flag hunting. Find the middle of the green.

The 208-yard 17th hole has decided more than a few matches. Water creeps up to the left edge of the green and bunkers are on the right. The front of the green is narrow and trouble isn’t hard to find. The scorecard ranks No. 17 as the easiest hole on the backside, don’t believe it.

Par 4s
The par 4s at Tiger’s Eye offer great diversity. The holes range from 356 yards to a meaty 452, playing form the Saber Tooth (or back) tees. Players that choose the right set of tees will love the challenge of the par 4s at Tiger’s Eye.

The 422-yard fourth hole, with its double fairway, two large waste bunkers and a lake exemplifies the type of risk-reward challenges Cate presents to players. If you can successfully cut off the dogleg, a short approach and possible birdie await. A wayward tee shot could lead to a number you only want to see on the front of your balance statement.

Players that choose a more traditional route face a hole that is relatively long and challenging. The choice is yours.

The easiest hole on the course, according to Holloman, is the 377-yard first hole. The fairway is generous and the green large. It offers the opportunity for a nice start.

The 10th hole, which is visible from clubhouse deck, is the shortest par 4 at 356 yards. The hole rewards players who can hit the ball 250 yards+ with an extremely wide fairway and a good angle into the green.

The final two-shotter is the 447-yard 16th. The hole is straight as an arrow and a creek dissects the fairway 90 yards from the green. The fairway is relatively large but two bunkers on the right loom alongside the primary landing area 230 yards from the tee box. The creek shouldn’t come into play but two bunkers around an elevated green certainly can.

The Tiger’s Eye par 4s are challenging but very enjoyable.

No. 4 Tigers Eye.jpgPar 5s
At some layouts, par 5s offer the chance to pick up easy strokes. Tiger’s Eye isn’t one of those courses. The par 5s represent three of the course’s four hardest holes, according to the scorecard, and all of them measure at least 531 yards.

The opening par 5 is the 551-yard, third hole. It’s arrow straight but the fairway is narrow and a waste bunker on the right side is unrelenting. The third hole requires one of the course’s longest carries – approximately 230 yards from the back tees – though it’s not over water. The second shot can be equally hazardous as the fairway is at its narrowest point 125 yards from the green.

The seventh is 562 yards and has water menacing the right side that gives players the shakes. The fairway is a little more generous, but three fairway bunkers come into play. It’s a beautiful hole that ends with a green surrounded by three more bunkers.

The 531-yard 15th is the shortest par 5 and it offers the rare chance to go for the green in two, if you can bomb a 3-wood off the deck, but it’s not without risks. The hole is one of Holloman’s favorites. For players going for the green in two, the green is 42 yards deep, the course’s biggest.

Ironically, the longest par 5, the 592-yard 18th, is also the easiest. It plays from an elevated tee box down into the fairway. The final approach to the green, with a lake and the clubhouse serving as a backdrop, is stunning. It’s a picturesque way to finish a round.

The Verdict: Tiger’s Eye is an outstanding course. It offers challenge, scenery and conditions. You will remember numerous holes long after you’ve left the North Strand the layout. After the round, the clubhouse deck offers one of Myrtle Beach golf’s prettiest views. Enjoy the golf and a post-round drink. You won’t be disappointed.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

NMCRS Charity Tournament Update 3

I want to take a moment and personally thank Brian Noblin, of Myrtle Beach Internet Fame and a golf director at The Golf Desk in Myrtle Beach. He has signed on to sponsor a hole for our Charity Tournament, but went way beyond just that. Brian has provided 200 bags with a special Golf Desk Tee set inside each, to hold all the giveaways for the tournament.

He also provided a sign and stand for the hole, and his check of course. I keep trying to tempt him to come up and play the tournament, but I know May is a busy season for this hard working young man.

Brian runs THE Myrtle Beach Golf Forums, where locals, group leaders, and golf pros from the area come to talk about golf, course conditions, trips, reviews and speak with Brian, and other famous Myrtle Beach Golf professionals like YANK, PapaJoe, Mac, RAVENBOY2001 and of course Kieth of B&C Golf!

The Forums are located here:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Foot Joy Give Away

Hey Folks, Foot Joy is giving away their brand new hi tech golf socks. Huh? Hi Tech Socks, but entry is free, and you can win free golf socks. It's worth 2 minutes of your time I am sure.

Anatomically Shaped

Anatomically shaped foot-beds provide enhanced cushioning in targeted areas of high impact.

Cradle Support

Provides support in all the right places, designed to conform and cradle the foot for maximum stability.

Breathable Mesh

Breathable mesh inserts are strategically positioned in key areas to boost ventilation.

Lycra® / Spandex

Lycra/ spandex provides excellent fit and superior stretch and recovery. Used in FootJoy socks.

Dri-Lex Moisture Control Technology

Dri-Lex helps lift moisture and vapor off the skin, allowing for a drier, more comfortable sock.

Targeted Cushioning

Provides additional cushioning in both the toe and heel areas.

Reinforced Heel

FootJoy reinforces the heel of its socks by double-layering the heel area which provides support and cushioning in a known high abrasion area.

Comfort Seam™

Comfort Seam is FootJoy’s exclusive enclosed toe seam for advanced comfort and fit.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Enter Fast, Free Myrtle Beach Trip for 4

My only stipulation is, if you win, you must take me along. I will take you if I win, and a fall trip to Myrtle beach, all expenses paid sounds like the cure for a long fall and winter!


We're giving away one incredible vacation a month and if you win, you'll be able to invite three friends for golf, accommodations and more. Sign up below for your chance to win:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Group Lesson+ 2 PGA Pros=Bargin!!

Jamie Smith, PGA Pro, and staff member of Taylor Made and Adams Golf:

Jamie joins PGA Pro Ed Collins of the Ed Collins Golf Academy

Jamie's Golf Philosophy :

I believe that we all want to learn. It is not impossible to learn a sport for ourselves, but to be good or even great we must get help. The golf swing is no exception. My study of the golf swing and my experience in teaching Martial Arts has helped me understand the lever system and core rotation needed to deliver a precise blow to an object. This knowledge has helped me become an effective teacher of the game. It is my personal obligation to pass the knowledge given to me to golfers of all levels. I too must learn and continually seek more education in order to provide the best and most complete lesson plan. I have been teaching throughout my career and feel I am, and will be a great asset to the sport of golf

Meet Ed Collins:

I began my career as assistant professional at Pasadena Yacht & Country Club in Gulfport Florida where I worked for 9 years. While working there I took lessons from tour pro Bill Buttner and PGA teaching professional Bob Ellsworth.

Later, I moved to Ft Lauderdale where I worked to complete my entrance into the PGA of America. While working for Coral Ridge Country Club, personal course to Robert Trent Jones, I began taking lessons and seminars with Chris Toulson, PGA Director of Instruction for Jim McLean at Doral in Miami.

Upon arriving in Virginia in 2003, I worked as PGA Head Professional at Cahoon Plantation in Chesapeake. I began teaching while at Cahoon which later became a full time position at Indian River Golf Center. Now, I am living my dream of teaching full time!

From Jamie and Ed:

I hope you all are enjoying my new web page. My good friend, Ed Collins and I are going to have a clinic for mine and his students. Sunday, October 25th at 3:00 will be a swing clinic, which will include stretching and strength preparation for the swing, plus a clinic on the Driver on how to "work" the ball and not to SLICE!! Fee will be $25

This will be held at Bow Creek Golf Course. If we are looking at rain, we can divert it to Lynnhaven Golf Park.

Any interested, please reply,

Jamie Smith,PGA

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hireko Golf Introduces Iron/Hybrids: The Best of Both Worlds

Hireko Golf, which their well respected and high awarded brand of Irons, Acer, has introduced the new hybrid iron set, the best of both clubs combined to be a straighter, higher flying iron set. The price is right also, and look for a review up coming Golf Magazine, as they make the new product list for 2010:

Take The Top Down And Enjoy The Ride!

For over 8 years, golfers’ world-wide had enjoyed the virtues of the original Acer XDS Wide Sole series iron making them one of Hireko’s best selling and performing irons in company history. Golfers found out first hand what the benefits that a wide sole iron can provide. The Acer XDS Cabriolet takes that same concept and combines it with the modern hybrid. Some hybrids on the market are merely a hollow-bodied iron as a way to move weight further back from the face to create greater forgiveness on off-center shots and the purpose of a wide sole iron is to shift a higher concentration of weight lower to assist in getting the ball up quickly and easily.

The Acer XDS Cabriolet does both by starting out with the chassis of a hybrid but removing the heavy crown and relocating that weight to the extra wide sole creating the best of both worlds; an iron look with hybrid accuracy. The gigantic face will instill confidence for those that need it the most making these the ultimate game improvement iron without the massive offset. Each club in the set required a distinct sole radius to complement the progressive sole width (wider in the longer irons and gradually reducing in size in the scoring irons). This places weight where it is needed most to ensure an ultra-forgiving design that is not only functional, but puts more fun back into the game.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hi Tech Golf Courses

Back at Indian Wells for the second time in two days. The 2007 Myrtle Beach Course of the Year has a new feature, an HD Virtual Walk Through of their whole course. This is starting to show up in the market, and it's a great tool to show case your golf course.

Here is the link:

The company that produces these HD Virtual Tours is HD Virtual City Tours:

Here is the Grand Dunes Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach:

Myrtle Beach National: King's North: Go back and relive the Gambler!

John Daly's Wicked Stick:

The TPC Myrtle Beach:

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