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Friday, August 28, 2009

Off for a Week

I will be in Las Vegas for work for the next week, so the blog will not be updated for a awhile. I am still here, and will be back on duty Monday the 7th.

I leave you with these handsome Men, on the first tee at Long Bay!

Oyster Bay, A VB Crew Golf favorite back for 2010?

There is a good chance that we will be playing in 2010, the Legends package, which includes Oyster Bay. Now, we usually don't return to the same course, but this maybe the year we repeat a course.

Oyster Bay was one of our favorites 3 years ago, a tough course with great marsh views, gators, great staff and awesome conditions. This would be the perfect place for the Thursday round, the "drive in" round as it is on the way to Myrtle coming through Wilmington.

With us staying at the Legends Resort, and having 3 courses outside the condo doors, this would be the only "travel" round. We could include the Heritage or TPC, but they would be a good 50 minutes south, and raise the price.

I would like us all to weigh in on the idea of playing the same course twice, as I have always tried to get us on different courses each year.

Also, remember the free trip give away for founding members of the VB Golf Crew for next year.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hireko Caimen Irons Review

The following is a review by Kiel Christianson, Senior Writer for

Hireko Golf has been offering components and assembled golf clubs since 1980. Hireko’s quality and affordable prices have built a strong following in Asia and North America.

Over the past several years, Hireko has added well-known brands like Acer and Pal Joey, and recently added the highly-respected Dynacraft line to their stable.

Another one of Hireko Golf’s brand names is Power Play, and the new Power Play Caiman irons offer a passel of game-improvement features for a mere pittance.

The following is a review by Kiel Christianson, Senior Writer for
How Hireko Golf’s Power Play Caiman irons play
I recently tested the Caimans against my current favorite big-name, mid-handicap irons, the Cleveland CG Gold, on the excellent practice range at Stone Creek Golf Club in Urbana, Illinois.

The game-improvement features of the Caimans are a bit more pronounced than in the Cleveland sticks, with a thicker top-line and slightly larger offset. However, after the first couple of swings – which produced lovely shots the likes of which I can rarely hit on an actual course – these features completely faded from view.

During the several hours of testing, in which I was trying to eradicate the chronic hook that bedevils my game, I began to hit too strong of a fade with the Cleveland irons. The Caimans, with their anti-slice design features, produced shots with a straight to soft-fade ball-flight without changing my swing at all.

Importantly, the height and distance of shots didn’t change a bit when switching back and forth between iron sets. And if anything, the Caimans were a tad more forgiving on off-center contact.

The verdict on Power Play Caiman irons by Hireko Golf
New irons might be a tough sell in this economy, but the Caimans are worth a serious look as alternatives to higher-priced, higher-profile sets. The clubs can be ordered directly from Hireko’s website already assembled with Apollo shaft and Golf Pride grip for $30 each – that’s 3-PW for under $250.

Here is the link to Hireko Golf's custom online fitting tool, then build your irons, custom, and exactly fitted for you and you only!

Power Play Caiman Irons Square 200x200

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Adjustable Cobra Driver, Nov 1st

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Several top Cobra Golf staff players are currently testing the company's new adjustable-face ZL driver here at Liberty National. Among them are Geoff Ogilvy, Ian Poulter, Camilo Villegas and J.B. Holmes. In fact, Ogilvy and Villegas have both Tweeted about trying the club.

According to Brian Parker, Cobra's manager of tour promotions, Ogilvy saw the club as a prototype, but Tuesday was given the final product for the first time. The Aussie had been using a Cobra S9-1 Pro D (10.5°), but after just one afternoon's practice with a ZL (9.5) set 1° open with an Aldila RIP 80X shaft, he is planning to use the club this week in the Barclays Championship.

(Alidla's RIP shaft will be available in 2010.)

"The club is easier to draw and easier to fade [than the S9-1]," he said during his practice round this morning. "But it's harder to hit it really wide."

The ZL driver has a titanium face and body, but the crown is made from weight-saving carbon fiber. A weight plug—which is not adjustable—has been positioned on the lower-back portion of the club to increase the moment of inertia, lower the center of gravity and create a higher initial launch angle. Using an included torque wrench, the ZL driver will allow golfers to set the head into one of three different face angles – 1° open, square or 1° closed.

Cobra's ZL driver will be available to the public November 1.

NMCRS First Sponsor

Special thanks to Jeff Guinn, of Guinn Graphics for his creation of the logo for the VB Golf Crew. Jeff is a graphic artist who can do all sorts of jobs. He has worked for years in the fashion industry and does graphic jobs, big and small for very low prices.

Be on the look out for the official NMCRS Tee shirt he will be designing later in the year when all the sponsors are set.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twenty Dollar Group Lessons

Every Saturday, 10am, at Bow Creek Driving Range from Ed Collins, PGA Professional and all around nice guy. The lessons are relaxed, everyone talks, and Ed moves from person to person and I am telling you, he spots things right away for you to work on.

Ed Collins, PGA
Head Professional

I began my career as assistant professional at Pasadena Yacht & Country Club in Gulfport Florida where I worked for 9 years. While working there I took lessons from tour pro Bill Buttner and PGA teaching professional Bob Ellsworth.

Later, I moved to Ft Lauderdale where I worked to complete my entrance into the PGA of America. While working for Coral Ridge Country Club, personal course to Robert Trent Jones, I began taking lessons and seminars with Chris Toulson, PGA Director of Instruction for Jim McLean at Doral in Miami.

Upon arriving in Virginia in 2003, I worked as PGA Head Professional at Cahoon Plantation in Chesapeake. I began teaching while at Cahoon which later became a full time position at Indian River Golf Center. Now, I am living my dream of teaching full time!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

River's Edge Reopens to Rave Reviews

The first four holes at Rivers Edge are very good, but as golfers make the climb to the fifth tee box, the beauty of one the Myrtle Beach area’s most stunning golf courses is fully revealed.

The 143-yard par 3 is secondary in thought to the Shallotte River and the surrounding marshland that come into full view. From the fifth tee box, the ninth hole is visible along with the expansive marsh. It’s one of many views the course offers that rival any along the Grand Strand.

The course’s natural beauty and Arnold Palmer’s design work have long made the layout a favorite of Myrtle Beach golfers and the game’s elite. In 2007, Golf Digest ranked Rivers Edge among “America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses,” and it has consistently been ranked among North Carolina’s best layouts (Rivers Edge is located in Shallotte).

(qouted Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mid to High Handicaps Rejoice, a Golf Ball for Us!

Golf Balls come in many forms, and everyone wants to hit the ProV1s, but they may not be the best ball for you. Sometimes, a cheaper ball might not only save you money, but save you strokes!

I would like to introduce you to the Srixon Soft Feel Balls, rated a gold medal by Golf Digest as the Top Golf Ball you Can Buy under $22.00 a dozen.

Studies have shown, that most golfer have a problem with a slice, and side spin greatly effects the amount of a slice. The Soft Feels are designed from less than a 110 mph swing speed, to give the distance of a higher swing speed, and promote less side spin, and therefore control on the course.

From Golf Digest: You can read the reviews here on all the price ranges:


PRICE: $20/dozen


The new butadiene rubber core gets softer closer to the center and is designed to work with the ionomer-blend cover to help launch the ball high and with low spin. The 328-dimple design features eight dimple sizes to promote a high ball flight.

It's difficult to find a better-feeling ball at this price.

The better news, The Srixon Soft Feels for some reason, regular price of $19.99 a dozen, is on sale at Dicks for 14.95 a dozen!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

VB Golf Crew Member's Get:

Not only will one lucky VB Golf Crew member be getting a free 2010 Myrtle Beach Golf Trip with us, they now have a chance to win demo clubs.

There will be a demo club being given away every month, thanks to our friends Heriko Golf. Once the club is finalized and formed, the first club being given away is a Camien 3 Iron, good luck all!!

As always, contact me for any Heriko Clubs!

Power Play Caiman Irons Square 200x200

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Golf Club, Going Forward, ETC

Morning all, just some quick updates on everything and future plans. The VB Golf Crew is still a few members shy of me being able to start it. I have had a few people say checks are on the way, but still haven't got them yet. We will be a Virginia State Golf Association sponsored Golf Club, and once we get started, we will grow it with friends of friends. Here is the VSGA link to check out:

I am using every incentive I can come up with to get all of you guys to join. I am giving away right before X-Mass a free trip on the Myrtle Beach 2010 Trip to a random member (my free trip for being group leader)I am also going to use our group, to get free rounds every month at local courses to be given away, standing discounts for club members at courses and local golf shops. Demo Clubs, free items, everything that I can get for club members will go right back into the club.

All advertising from the Blog and profits made through the links, will go to fund the 2010 trip also, again, I am not keeping a dime.

Once the club is formed, I will be opening a bank account for the club, and also work towards making it a charitable organization for everyone. Right offs and take breaks for companies donating items to us, and us for the man hours for the Charity Golf Tournament. I will be using the Charity Event to establish for us, more benefits from local courses and businesses, as well as important contacts for everyone for local business.

For a mere 23.00 dollars a person, you become a VSGA member, with all benefits, including tracking and storing your handicap, all the discounts, freebies, business contacts and a chance to go for free to Myrtle Beach next Summer. I think this is well worth 23.00 dollars, and I don't think I can personally give up anything else to get this going. I am looking for you guy's help to get this started.

Thank you to all who have given me their money so far, I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Short Game Clinic this Sunday

This Sunday at Bow Creek Golf Course, the Ed Collins Golf Academy will be holding a 2 hour short game clinic. The price is 25.00 a person, a steal of a deal, and will also have a guest. Below is the link with more information and sing ups:

Golf Schools and Clinics

Next Sunday the 23rd, from 3:00 to 5:00 at Bow Creek will be a two hour short game school. We will cover chipping, pitching, and bunker shots.

Special guest PGA Professional Scott Gray will be here as well.


Short Game Clinic

August 23
3:00 to 5:00 PM

Price: $25.00

Call Ed at 757-739-3381 to register or email Ed at

Monday, August 17, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 Could be Legendary?

Myrtle Beach Trips are usually born in a drunken stupor at Ross Hampton's Annual Christmas Party. The fellas get together, relive last years, talk about courses we would like to play, come up with a decent price range and throw ideas. The Van was born of the X-Mass Party, and many more ideas will be too.

Looking a little further ahead this year, I had been thinking what might be holding us back the most. Travel time to the courses, especially after going out at night. There are a few resorts that have multiple courses on site, or are close to our general area which we have always stayed.

An idea we haven't tried yet, is the Legends Group (always packaged together, so the savings is there.

The course listing is pretty impressive, The Heritage Club, Oyster Bay, the TPC, and 3 courses on site of their condos, Parkland, Moorland and Heathland. There is a possibility to walk out the door, and play golf 3 times on new courses, that are rated very high, and we mix in Thursday on the way play with one of the other 3 courses.

The condos look very nice, and are on the same tier as The Grand Villas, but we can walk outside and play, plus there is pub on site also:

Here are the courses:

Legends Heathland:

Legends Moorland:

Legends Parkland:

The TPC of Myrtle Beach:

The Award Winning Heritage Club:

Oyster Bay, A Favorite of 2 years ago:

Also, an added bonus, is the breakfast and range balls:

Legends 3 Round rates are based on 3 nights stay and 3 rounds of golf per person. Rates include buffet breakfast, range balls, and cart fees. Taxes and gratuities are not included. TPC has an additional surcharge.

Of course, all this depends on price, but it maybe a good idea, and instead of a double on Saturday, maybe just doing a replay would save us money.

300x250 Ashworth Polos

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Updated News

Small update today, as I would like to plug and rave about a golf blog like no other:
My Golf Spy is just that, a link the very newest, earliest information about golf equipment around. They are in contact with all the companies, and every thing is official as it can be, before a company releases the information themselves.

Just a small bit of whats going on over there:

The New super secret Nike Putter the Pros are tearing up the tour with

Adams Golf getting into the Putter market

Golfer's using their Bags as advertisements

A contest to design your own Putter

The Nike SQ Dymo vs the Taylor Made R7 contest

They broke pictures of all the G15 and I15 clubs from Ping 2 months ago.

This is a great site to go visit for up to date information about golf and new items coming into the market place.

Rock Bottom Golf 320 X 250 Ad - General

Monday, August 10, 2009

The 20.00 Dollar Lesson

I wanted to share with everyone, the 20.00 dollar group lesson I took this past Saturday from Ed Collins over at Bow Creek Golf Club.

Arrived with a bout 10 minutes to spare, went inside the club house and bought a bucket of balls. To my surprise, Leo Anthony, former ODU Basket Ball Legend, former PA High School Basket Ball Coach, and my coach and PE teacher for 3 years at PA, was behind the counter. The guy looks great,. and he's manning the counter twice a week so he can play more and more free golf. Retirement must be nice.

Ed was on the range, and set me up, along with the 3 others who had signed up. He watched my swing a few times, and asked my handicap, then immediately made 2 adjustments to my slicing swing. He brought my left hand over more towards my right shoulder, and had me shorten my back swing. He then had me hit a few shots, then told me to practice and moved to the next guy. The atmosphere was relaxed, and the other guys had taken the class before or knew Ed. It was a very relaxed feel, but at the same time, Ed was very attentive to everyone in the class.

His golf cart had a huge bucket of balls, and told me to refill several times. He came back and worked with me 6 more times, each time, I dialed the new grip in more, and started straightening out my swing with the irons. I switched to my driver, and worked on that.

I would say I got more than my money's worth, and Ed watches you, and asked what I wanted to work on, so I am sure I am going to find myself a regular on Saturday Mornings at 10am! Best 20.00 dollars I ever spent, and I urge you guys to come out.

120x600 2009 Burner 460 Price Reduced

Friday, August 7, 2009

Group Lesson this Weekend

There is a group lesson this weekend at Bow Creek Golf Course, taught by local PGA Pro Ed Collins of the Ed Collins Golf Academy. The fee for this lesson is 20.00 for 45 minutes of instruction.

Group Lesson, Pro demonstrates a topic, followed by question answer period, then pro will check each golfer 's progress. Topics range from: swing, short game, to specialty shots.

This is a class that happens every Saturday for the Summer, and everyone is welcome to sign up and join at:

Here is the Ed Collins Golf Academy Web Site address also, along with all the information about their Pros and Lessons:

I hope to see some of you guys out there in the next few weeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ProV1s on Sale Locally

The guys over at Your Golf Ball Shop are selling ProV1 (used and cleaned, not refinsihed) at very low prices. They are location and contact information is as follow:

Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM Sunday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Our new store is located:6229 Indian River Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23464-3504
Tel: 757 368-0700

The Balls at the shop are graded into 3 diffent conditions, A being the best, and of course C being scuffed and lessor quality. They carry all major brands of balls, but the current special on ProV1 pricing is:

Titleist Pro-V1 and Pro-V1 X
Ranging from $11.95 to $24.95 per dozen

Go by and Mention the Golfer's Trip and my name for the best deal possible, and ask for Craig Steward, the owner and diver!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Red Wing Golf Course

Re-opened a couple years ago, Red Wing Golf Course still does not disappoint. The conditions continue to remain top notch, with a lay out that was already loved by locals. The current tee time rates and specials are listed below:

Resident Discount (weekend & holidays) $47 Resident Discount (weekday) $42 Resident Discount Seniors $31 Twilight Rounds (weekend after 1pm) mandatory cart $36 Twilight Rounds (weekday after 1pm) mandatory cart $32

Not bad for a top notch muni course here, that rewards local for playing. In addition to the course, they have lessons, both private and groups, availible, please see the information below:

Red Wing Lake's PGA and LPGA Teaching Professionals offer private lessons and a variety of clinics throughout the year. Scratch golfers, 20 handicappers, women and juniors will find a golf professional with the experience to teach them how to get to the next level. After the lesson, practice your drives, approaches, chips and putts on Red Wing Lake's practice range.

Call today to schedule a lesson: 757.437.2037
Liz Rowlan 757.576.3564 Sue Vreeland 757.724.2466 svreeland@cox.netTodd Wise 757.472.1326
Group lessons are also offered through the
City of Virginia Beach

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting an On-Line Golf Fitting from Hireko Golf

Hireko Golf is a custom club maker, with several brands under their roof including Dynacraft, Acer, iBella (for Women), Nextt and Power Play. You can buy the components and assemble them yourself, or buy they already put together. What sets them apart is price, service, and getting a custom fit on-line. You can make any club you want, in any flex, with 100's of shaft and grip options, a true custom club maker on-line.

Let's take a look at their on-line fitting tool. Easy to use, and very accurate, it helps create a better fit and and a better game for you.

The First page, getting your basic distance with a 5 iron (for iron fitting) or Driver (for Driver fitting):

After choosing driver, distance 200-224 yards, a fast swing tempo, it recommends a Regular Flex.

The Next Page is Grip Size:

Three questions here, 1: "I hold my club in my hand?" you can choose either finger tips or palm. Picked palm. 2: Hand Size, measured is 8 inches and 3: Longest Finger: 3.25 inches. There is a visual chart to show what measurements you need to do and how to do them.

It recommends a Mid Size Grip.

Last section is Shaft Size:

Questions, Male or Female, Height and what shaft you want, steel or graphite.

Based on my answers, a standard shaft length is recommended.

The Last Page is a printable summary for your records.

An easy on-line fit, so go ahead and try and make some customs clubs for a better game today!

Caiman Driver In Golf Tips 336x280
Acer XK Irons In Golf Digest Hot List IssueAcer XK Irons In Golf Digest Hot List Issue

Monday, August 3, 2009

Heron Ridge Golf

As usual, a day at Heron Ridge for golf is how it is meant to be. Great conditions, great staff, a great layout, and brand new golf carts.

I played Sunday with Bob Garrison, and the two Clems, John and Jack, Jr and Sr! It was humid to say the least, then the sun came out and it was down right hot. I fired a 45 on the front side and tied Bob, thanks in part to Glenn Pierce taking him out the night before and Bob wanting to throw up all morning. Thanks Glenn!! Of course Bob rallied to 2 birdies and an eagle on the back side for a 35 to shoot a "smooth" 80. I ended up shooting 44 on the back side and broke 90 for the first time ever!! My drivs were in play, and my 3 wood was working, but I had been practicing chipping a lot, and my short game is starting to come along.

When you come to Virginia Beach, please stop by and see Glenn Pierce and the staff at Heron Ridge for a round of golf. They treat you like family, and the have the course to back it up!

XK Irons Square 336x280

Saturday, August 1, 2009

VB Golf Crew Member's Bonus

I will be doing an exclusive VB Golf Crew Member contest in early January for the Myrtle Beach Trip 2010. Members who are signed up, and paid up will be randomly drawn for a Free Myrtle Beach 2010 Trip. That's Golf, Carts, and Condo, all free, courtesy of Me and Beach Vacations.

You have until January 1st 2010 to join the club to be eligible for the drawing. So get signed up, get you fee into me and good luck!!!

Membership has it's rewards!