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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye® Golf Links

• Tiger’s Eye® Golf Links, one of Ocean Ridge Plantation’s crown jewels, is an
upscale daily-fee 18-hole golf course carved from a virgin pine and hardwood
forest in Sunset Beach, N.C.

• Designed by golf course architect and land planner Tim Cate, Tiger’s Eye is
one of four championship layouts at Ocean Ridge Plantation® — Panther’s
Run®, Cate’s first solo effort, Lion’s Paw® and the newly opened Leopard’s

• Tiger's Eye has been recognized by several national golf publications as being
among the best in the country. The course is currently ranked Number 73 on
Golf Digest’s “Top 100 Public Golf Courses in America”. It is also Number 3
on Golf Digest's list of "Top 50 Courses in Myrtle Beach" and has earned 4 1/2
stars in their prestigious Places to Play 2006-2007 rankings. Tiger's Eye was
also ranked No. 6 in North Carolina by Golfweek magazine.

• Cate took advantage of the land’s setting, giving each hole its own unique

• The varying challenges of the greens mirror the classic look and feel of
Pinehurst. The generous, undulated, fast-paced greens, which resemble
warped plywood, yield numerous pin placements that are obscured from
view and guarded by water and/or sand hazards.
• The mature long leaf pine groves also add to the Pinehurst look of Tiger’s
Eye, but the mature, dense hardwood forest that lines the fairways and
encircles the greens remind golfers that they’re in the Lowcountry.

• Tiger’s Eye exemplifies Cate’s unique design philosophy, which focuses on
accenting the natural features of the land. Cate took great care to make his
work look as though it’s nature’s own design.

Tiger’s Eye Fact Sheet — page 2

• The cost to build the Tiger’s Eye facility — clubhouse and course — was
nearly $10 million.

• Distinguished by dramatic elevation changes reminiscent of the North
Carolina sand hills and a stunning combination of natural waste areas, native
grasses, wild flowers, pine and oak trees and 40 acres of water features—
including a preserved Carolina Bay and a coquina-bouldered waterfall —
Tiger’s Eye is a thinking-man’s course requiring precise shotmaking and an
experienced, creative shortgame.

• Several holes and lakes on Tiger’s Eye are framed by mammoth, native
coquina boulders, which were mined on the original plantation and at a
nearby commercial mine.

• More than a half-mile of coquina boulders, weighing an average of four tons
each, were used to erect bulkheads throughout Tiger’s Eye. More than 35,000
tons — or 72 million pounds — of coquina boulders were used on the course.

• Many of the coquina boulders were native to the plantation’s irrigation
ponds, while the remaining boulders came from a nearby commercial mine.
The boulders came from different layers of the earth, with some having
shark’s teeth, million-year-old mastodon teeth, shells and other sentiments
encased in them.

• Tiger’s Eye measures 7,010 yards from the championship tees; 6,628 yards
from the blue tees; 6,115 yards from the white tees; 5,328 yards from the gold
tees; and 4,640 yards from the red tees. Par is 72.

• The front nine of Tiger’s Eye features five holes that require golfers to carry
water and three holes where waste areas are routed around oak trees and
come into play off the tee. The back nine features the most dramatic elevation
changes on the course, five more holes where water must be carried, a par 3
island green, and a waterfall next to the 18th tee complex.

• The layout features large, undulating Penn G2 bent grass greens built to
USGA specifications and generous, well-manicured TiftSport Bermuda
fairways. Fescue and carpetgrass line each fairway in the secondary rough.

• Most of the sand bunkers were handcrafted and are filled with pearl-white
sand reminiscent of Augusta National. The collars of the sand bunkers are
zoysia grass.

Tiger’s Eye Fact Sheet — page 3

• The par 3s at Tiger’s Eye are exceptionally beautiful. For example, No. 11 is a
large, undulating island green surrounded by white coquina boulders and a
pearl-white, gaping sand bunker. Its degree of challenge is reminiscent of the
famed 17th hole at the TPC of Sawgrass.

• The sounds of rushing water greets golfers at the closing hole, a difficult but
picturesque par 5 measuring 565 yards from the back tees. A five-foot
waterfall to the left of the tee complex marks the start of the hole, which also
features a stream that flows from the left side, across the fairway, and then up
the right side, from where a 200-yard waste bunker takes the golfer the rest of
the way to the green. In addition, four fairway bunkers must be negotiated on
the way to the green, which reaches into a lake and is surrounded by coquina
rocks. These bunkers are positioned as visual aids to help the golfer navigate
the hole.

• The tee complexes have been carefully designed for ease and convenience for
those who choose to walk. Motorized walking carts will be available for
August 2007

Monday, December 28, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 Courses Set!!

This year's Myrtle Beach 2010 Golf Trip will take place Wednesday June 23rd (leaving that night) and coming home Sunday June 27th (an optional round Sunday morning at Farmstead)

We are playing the Big Cats Packages, which feature two top end courses in Tiger's Eye and Leopards Chase!!

1. The Big Cats: Lion’s Paw, Panther’s Run, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase: 294.00 per person.
(All 4 Cat courses, very very close to each other, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase are top notch)

Just a short list of information for all those going on the trip to Myrtle Beach, or considering it.

Condo Deposit: I need 25.00 per person by January 15th, and another 25.00 by February 19th. Then the Balance of the condo rate will be due June 1st ( 50.00 per person) for a total of 100.00 a person.

The golf deposit of 100.00 is due by March 19th, with the balance being due by June 1st also.

You are more than welcome to make all checks out to me, and I will make sure as usual this all gets paid and done.

28 people is the cut off for this trip, it's works out perfect for us Condo wise and golf. So please contact me, or another VB Golf Crew member for more information.

A last minute surprise is that local PGA Golf Pro, and friend of mine, Jamie Smith will be going on the trip with us. It will be a great chance to meet him, maybe take a pointer or two away from the trip, try to drink him under the table, and stick him in the "Hot Shot" group with Bob, Steve and Kevin, and see if he can play for doe!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Myrtle Beach is Golf Town USA

Thanks Chris King, for another great blog post, stating what we all know to be true, Myrtle is the Best Golf Destination on the country!!!

It is the bartender, the guy behind the rental car counter and the multimillion dollar business owner. Chances are, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., they all have one thing in common – golf.

The game crosses economic and social barriers. It reaches out to everyone, and therein lays the charm of the world’s most popular golf destination. The Myrtle Beach area, called the Grand Strand by locals, stretches from Georgetown, S.C. to Brunswick County, N.C. It’s home to more than 100 golf courses, hosts 1 million players and plays nearly 4 million rounds annually, but numbers aren’t what makes Myrtle Beach popular.

Quality golf, tremendous value and a fun-filled experience, on and off the course, are the attractions, even in difficult economic times. Visitors are immersed in the game and a good time from the moment they arrive, a needed reprieve from the stress of daily life.

“(A Myrtle Beach trip is) a week away with a great bunch of guys - it’s a lot of memories, a lot of laughs,” said Chuck Cooper, a Pennsylvanian who has been coming to the area for seven years.

Set amidst the natural beauty of the coastal Carolinas, golf courses are nearly as plentiful as the state’s trademark Palmetto tree, allowing the area to provide a greater spectrum of offerings than any other destination.

From the group looking for a high-end experience, to a couple of friends as interested in having a good time off the course as they are on it, the Grand Strand meets all needs. The Myrtle Beach area is home to 10 of Golf Digest’s “100 Greatest Public Courses,” two of Golf Magazine’s top 25 golf schools in America, and at least as many top 100 nightclubs.

The area’s reputation as a quality golf destination has soared in recent years but it has never lost touch with its roots. Myrtle Beach remains the greatest value in golf, appealing to blue collar and blue bloods all the same.

Great times, great people, great golf. That’s why Myrtle Beach is GolfTown, USA

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Me and the VB Golf Crew to each and everyone, and hope everyone get's those clubs they are wishing for.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Latest Trend in Myrtle Beach Golf?

First the story:

Arrowhead Country Club, centrally located on Hwy 501 in Myrtle Beach has announced it is offering a pre booked replay for their golf package groups. The golf course designed by Arnold Palmer has undergone extensive renovations, including brand new mini verde Bermuda greens. This should ensure great playing conditions year round.

For groups that are interested in playing more than 18 holes per day, this is an ideal location to do it. Prebooked replays are available for those that play the golf course in the morning, for as little as $30 per person inclusive of carts and taxes. This has to be one of the best values in Myrtle Beach Golf. A tremendous opportunity to give customers the option to play all 3 nines and the some.

This seems to be a growing trend in Myrtle Beach, before the high season even begins. Golf courses and groups of Courses advertising pre-booked replays, some as little as FREE . The Glens Groups has free afternoon pre-booked replays on the the Glens course you booked in the morning. Play 3 morning rounds, get 3 free afternoon rounds.

The courses are going to great trouble to make sure the tee sheets are filled for 2010. This is a blessing for the players, with rates already 5-10% lower than last year.

The only down side I can find for 2010 is the small increase in condo prices on Golf Course Condos, the usual lowest price for a package. Seems to be about 4-7% across the board.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 info

Just a short list of information for all those going on the trip to Myrtle Beach, or considering it.

Condo Deposit: I need 25.00 per person by January 15th, and another 25.00 by February 19th. Then the Balance of the condo rate will be due June 1st ( 50.00 per person) for a total of 100.00 a person.

The golf deposit of 100.00 is due by March 19th, with the balance being due by June 1st also.

You are more than welcome to make all checks out to me, and I will make sure as usual this all gets paid and done.

Just need to know if everyone is game for 1 of the rounds Sunday morning before we leave, very close to the condos?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Myrtle Beach Trip Options Summary


I will be laying out the trip options based on 4 price ranges, and list as much details about the top pick in each one. We can then decide what we want as a group based on price, courses, and service.


1. River’s Edge, Carolina National, Tidewater and Glen Dornach: 357.00 per person
(The best deal in the high end, lots of on the river/marsh courses)


1. Grande Dune, Tidewater, Farmstead and Meadowlands: 327.00 per person
(This would give us 2 of the very top end courses with 2 mid tier under rated courses)


2. The Glens: Possum Trot, Shaftsbury Glen, Heather Glen, and Glen Dorach: 322.00 per person
(this would give us the 2009 MB Course of the year, and free replays on every course we play in the afternoon)


1. The Big Cats: Lion’s Paw, Panther’s Run, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase: 294.00 per person.
(All 4 Cat courses, very very close to each other, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase are top notch)


2. The 5 Bagger: 5 rounds instead of 4, Sea Trails Maples, Jones and Byrd, plus Farmstead and Meadowlands!: 282.00 per person.
(Good course, and a nice mix of styles, and it’s 5 rounds for less the price of the 4 rounds packages)


1. The Pearl, East and West and the Sea Trails Maples and Jones: 270.00 per person.
(Again, 2 Marsh Courses, two wide open courses, and we stay in the cart on Saturday, no driving around)


2. Farmstead, Meadowlands, Sea Trails Maples and Jones: 253.00 per person.
(These are mid tier courses, with different feels, and even though these are the lowest priced, they still be very fun to play)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 (Option XXX)

Today's Myrtle Beach 2010 trip option is called the Triple X option, because it's so good course wise, it's X rated. The Barefoot Resorts, with their 4 courses, all of which are in Golf Digest's Top 100 Course You Can Play, are on tap here.
I was not even considering this package, until they just announced a special, book 3 rounds get a 4th free. Names of the courses? The Dye, The Norman, The Fazio, and The Love. I don't have to explain to you whom they are named after, and this is actually the grand daddy of all packages, and the most expensive by far. With 28 people, are price per person is 392.00 per person.
I will not be pushing for this packages, but let the pictures speak for themselves.


Greg Norman's newest design at Barefoot Resort is unique in many ways. With only 60 acres of mowable grass existing on all 18 holes, Greg uses stunning waste areas and the site's natural vegetation to frame each hole. The course resembles one found in the deserts of the southwest, without the desert. The course also features several holes along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway.

Norman has already achieved great reviews for his previous work and he is excited about his latest design stating "We have a fabulous piece of property with great elevations and the developer has spared no expenses to insure that this course is the absolute best it can be:"


Carolina native and leading PGA TOUR professional Davis Love, III, winner of the 1997 PGA Championship may have solidified his reputation as a course designer with his newest creation at Barefoot Resort. Competing with other architects in the Barefoot Resort project such as Fazio, Norman and Dye, Davis was determined to build a course that was unique, visually striking and fun to play.

The course even incorporates a replica of ruins from a 17th Century plantation house, similar to ruins found along holes in Scotland and Ireland.


Tom Fazio, voted by Golf Course News as "Golf Course Architect of the Year" five years in a row, brings his design expertise to a rolling parcel of land at the heart of Barefoot Resort. Golfweek Architecture Editor Brad Klein states that Fazio has "perfected a certain formula for creating overwhelming, lovely holes that are meticulously manicured and pleasant to play."

Living up to such acclaim, Fazio's Barefoot Resort Course is certain to attract more national acclaim. Off the tees, players will be greeted with stunning visuals and 18 distinct holes that will all be remembered after your round. Be one of the first to enjoy this fantastic new course.


Famed architect Pete Dye maintains his reputation of building memorable and challenging - courses with the Dye Course at Barefoot Resort. This visually stunning design is filled with Dye's infamous pitfalls for wary shots. Working with exceptional elevations and an excellent site, this course lives up to the Dye name.

Dye's course is one of four championship golf courses built concurrently at North Myrtle Beach's 2,377 acre Barefoot Resort, and is the only one of the four to be semi-private.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 (Option 8 and 9)

As a lot of the packages get put together, a lot of the same courses are combined with different ones, so I won't be doing a full write up on all the course packages, but a summary later in the month. When we reach January and I need the 25.00 of your 100.00 deposit, I will have narrowed it down to 4 choices.

This option is a little different, I like to call it the Value Packages, not because it's cheaper, but your getting good, under rated courses at a price way less than they should be. This is actually 2 different combos based off of the Pearl Courses from the last post. Each Combo will have a Saturday with Pearl East and West, stay in the same cart deal.

Option 8: Farmstead, Meadowlands, Pearl East and Pearl West
Price per person based off of 28 people is a total of: 263.00

Option 9: Sea Trail Maples, Sea Trail Jones, Pearl East and Pearl West
Price per person based off of 28 people is a total of: 270.00

As you can see, a lot of the package prices are around the same price mark, so I will be grouping them together and rating the best out of that price range.

Now the Courses we haven't covered yet:


Located on the northern end of Myrtle Beach, SC's Grand Strand, Farmstead Golf Links is one of the most exciting courses in the Carolinas. Routed along a spectacular piece of land, the course boasts one of the most memorable holes in Myrtle Beach -- its mammoth, 767-yard, 18th hole. The area's only par 6, this finishing hole actually begins with a drive into a wide sweeping fairway in South Carolina and concludes on a large undulating green in North Carolina.

While the dual-state 18th hole is the stuff that golf dreams are made of, it is complemented by 17 other holes that also deliver their own brand of charm and challenge. As the course layout rolls over the natural contours of the land, it provides countless views of the area's native grasses and sparkling lakes. Playable for golfers of all skill levels, this par 72 designed by Willard Byrd with enhancements by Dave Johnson offers five sets of tees and three par 3s on the backside.

The golf experience at Farmstead is enhanced by an 8,000-square foot Georgian style clubhouse that includes a full-service pro shop, grille and lounge. The clubhouse features a veranda that offers a spectacular view of the first tee and 18th green, making it the perfect place for a post-round drink.


Named one of the "Top Ten Best New Courses" by North Carolina Magazine when it opened, Meadowlands Golf Club also earned a spot on Golf For Women's Top 100 Women-Friendly Courses. Designed by Willard Byrd, Meadowlands is located less than one mile from its sister course, Farmstead Golf Links.

Meadowlands features a number of unforgettable holes, bordered by serene meadows, mature hardwoods, and vast wetlands. The course's 7,054 yards are artfully sculpted around pristine fresh water lakes and natural vegetation.

One of the most memorable holes is Meadowlands' 432-yard, par 4, 6th hole. From the elevated fairway and the pond that meanders down the left side of the hole, to the hidden water hazard that protects a raised green complex, the 6th hole demands precision golf while distracting the golfer with its stunning beauty.


Although opened in the late 80's, the Dan Maples Golf Course at Sea Trail Resort and Golf Links is still considered one of Maples finest. This player friendly coastal course features gently sloping fairways, ancient live oak trees, towering Carolina Pines with medium sized, carefully guarded undulating greens. With five holes winding their way along the picturesque Calabash Creek, Maples used nature's gifts as the setting for this unique course. A home for nesting Ospreys and other native wildlife, the scenery itself is worth the trip to this course. Waste bunkers abound, with one extending the full length of the 15th hole, some even contain a tree or two to impede your shot. All this makes for a challenging round for golfers of all expertise.

A1/A4 blended Bentgrass cover the greens of this par 72 course, measuring 6751 yards from the Championship tees, it has a slope of 134 and a course rating of 71.5. Rated 4 **** stars by Golf Digest this outstanding course would be an excellent addition to any package. Another Maples marvel.


Opened in the spring of 1990, the Rees Jones Golf Course at Sea Trail Resort and Golf Links quickly became a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. Best described as a target course, Jones used all the tricks in the book to protect the greens with many pot bunkers and large waste areas among the favorites. A classic Jones design, the wide and considerably mounded fairways are surrounded by water that comes into play on 11 of the 18 holes and lots of sand. The devilish back to back par 5's on 8 and 9 can play havoc with your game if you're not careful. Both holes are dog-legs and both provide a great chance of finding water. A natural look was achieved with indigenous grasses and wildlife foliage. A wonderfully challenging course, this will quickly become one of your favorites also.

A par 72 measuring 6761 yards from the Championship tees, this course has a slope of 135, a course rating of 73.1 rating and Bentgrass greens. The Jones course was also rated 4**** stars by Golf Digest and Golfweek awarded it "Best Resort Course of Distinction" in 2005. A taste of Jones genius waits for you with a round on this gem.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 (Option 3)

This package is just a little different, bringing us in with a Thursday round of Carolina Nations (WHICH HAS ANOTHER 9 WE COULD PLAY ALSO), and also River's Edge from the previous packages, but also giving us two mid tier courses at the same place, so we would not have to get out of the cart on Saturday. Assume we hit our 28 person number, price would be 288.00 per person. I also figured I put in a picture of a pretty famous North Myrtle Beach Eatery!


Carolina National Golf Club is a 27-hole Fred Couples signature golf facility set along the Lockwood Folly River. Carved out of low-country marshlands, the course offers golfers an endless variety of playing experiences. It has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of the finest courses on the eastern seaboard, and is conveniently located between Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington, NC.

Carolina National Golf Club is also an Audubon-Certified Sanctuary Golf Course. This honor comes with the responsibility to uphold the principles of environmental stewardship such as maintaining a refuge for wildlife and a healthy environment. It is to these principles that Bluegreen Golf is committed while at the same time providing the best golfing facility possible.

The course was designed to accommodate all skill levels through its innovative design and multiple tee placements. Just over 7,000 yards from the tips, the course will challenge the accomplished golfer, yet five sets of strategically placed tees offer an equally challenging test to golfers of all abilities.



Situated upon one of the most breathtaking pieces of property that you'll ever see is one of the most spectacular courses you'll ever play, designed by one of the most humble men you'll ever meet. The very first day that Arnold Palmer gazed out across the Shallotte River, he remarked that this site had the potential to be something very special. He assigned one of his top project managers, Erik Larsen, to the job and the result is sensational.
Six of the holes at Rivers Edge Golf Club sit high upon bluffs that overlook two miles of grassy marshlands bisected by the bends and turns of the Shallotte River. The interior holes at Rivers Edge are equally stunning with gentle elevation changes, freshwater lakes and bent grass greens. GOLF MAGAZINE ranked it among "Top New Courses You Can Play" in 2000, and in 2008 ranked it among "The Best Courses Near You."


The "Gem of the Carolina’s" Welcomes you!

The Pearl is tucked quietly on the banks of the Brunswick coastal marshland in the heart of Calabash, North Carolina, and just a short drive from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Dan Maples masterfully designed The Pearl’s two Championship golf courses – The Pearl East and The Pearl West, to challenge golfers at all skill levels while show-casing the spectacular 900-acre marsh surroundings. The Pearl is open year round and offers seasonal specials and golf packages for vacationers.


The Pearl East

Completely renovated in 1999, the East Course is a traditional parkland layout, carved through the pristine forest, with many scenic views, all ending with a dynamic finish along the Calabash River. The East Course was given a notable 4 star rating in Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play” in 2008. It features crowned greens, demanding tee shots and consistent conditioning. The East Course is one of the most sought after courses to play in the area and it is certain to be the highlight of your golfing visit to the coast. Book your tee time now!


The Pearl West

The Pearl’s West Course is links-style with lots of open stretches complimented by thick displays of pampas grass. The West Course was given a prestigious 4 ½ star rating in Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play” in 2004. The last four holes feature a dramatic finish along the bluffs overlooking the coastal marshland and scenic Calabash River. Attention to detail and meticulous grooming characterizes the course which has played host to a number of major tournaments. The West course offers plenty of challenge, along with untouched natural beauty. Play once and you will certainly want to come back again and again! Book your tee time today!