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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Myrtle Beach 09 Trip Review

Myrtle Beach Trip Review: June 25th through the 28th

We finally made it back from Myrtle Beach, with most of our 52 people driving back to Virginia Beach VA. Long day driving home Sunday after playing, and having a 3 day hang over.

Wednesday Night: About half of us arrived this night between 11pm and 2:30am. We checked into the Grand Villa’s at World Tour, via the drop box. Smooth, rooms were great, everyone went to sleep ASAP.

Thursday: El Burro Loco, Donkey Feast for lunch after a relaxing morning, and then off to Long Bay for our 1:12 Tee time. We were double teed, and arrived in time for the range; everyone on staff was very nice. The course was in very good shape, the fairways were a little dry, but green. The course a challenge of course, our high handicappers had a nightmare, and our low ones blew the course away. Hole after hole was great, awesome lay out, and lots and lots of sand. I would rank this course a solid 8, the greens still needed a couple more days to come back, but were very playable and fair.

Friday: About half of the group made it to Litchfield on time, and the rest were a little late, but we got their and all was good. The course for some reason crushed our low handicappers and everyone shot poorly. I really like the course; it was in very good shape. Another nice layout, with some surprising holes and neat greens. I would give this course a solid 7.

Saturday: We had a double header, first off was Willbrook Plantation, we were a tad late, but they got us off and going. What a great course, this was by far everyone’s favorite of the trip. Great conditions, memorable holes, wild life, marsh, gators, double carries and a great staff. This course is a must play in my mind. Got very hot though, think it was 100 by 11am and all the “beverages” started sweating out of everyone’s system. I gave this course a 9, we will be back.

Next, over to River Club in the afternoon, which we played 2 years before, and it was in bad shape. I am glad I listened and got switched here from Blackmoor, who was having trouble with their greens. The course is a fantastic layout and was in perfect shape. We loved everything about this course, the staff, the layout, the greens, the fairways, the starter having a few beers with us, just not the heat. My foursome could only handle 9 holes by this point, we retired early. I would give this course a solid 8 and ½; we just liked Willbrook a little better.

Sunday: We lost about a third of the group after the golf marathon in the heat on Saturday, so some left. Those that did missed a fantastic finish up at Myrtle Beach National West Course. The course was a great layout, fair, some twists, fantastic shape, the best greens of the week, and the most relaxed round of the trip. We had 38 people play, including Brian Noblin and some other Myrtle Beach Locals I invited to play from the golf forums. The best round and the best day temperature wise for us. We played Kings North last year and loved, and we all loved the West Course also. I can envision us playing the South course next year. Awesome finish is the pictured Par 3 along the water, where else do you close on 18 with a par 3?? I gave the course an 8.

Long trip, lots of drinking, lots of sweating, only a few minor bumps, but all and all a great trip.

Barbie at Beach Vacations was once again a super star for us, with out her I could never get 52 guys down there and playing.
She is on the Board of Directors for the Myrtle Beach Golf Association.

Side note, had a few people play Wicked Stick on Friday afternoon and they said the course was in great shape, that it was fun, and we must play it next year. Always heard mixed reviews about, but a couple of our guys loved it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thanks Myrtle Beach Golf Tripers

Thanks to all the people who descended upon Myrtle beach this past Thursday. I had a great time, and I am sure everyone else did. Lots of people, lots of golf, lots of beverages and lots of heat. Summer in Myrtle is HOT!!!

I will be posting the reviews and pictures as soon as they start rolling in and we start sobering up.

Thanks guys for going on the trip, and thanks again for letting me organize it. As always, please post any comments on how I can improve the trip for next Summer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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You know you’ve had too many beers on the golf course when…

You know you’ve had too many beers on the golf course when…

A man in Wisconsin, is accused of driving drunk after trying to use a golf cart to drive home nearly 40 miles away from the golf course where he had been drinking beer. The Sheriff’s Department said Monday that the 47-year-old man told deputies his relatives had left him behind at the Kettle Hills Golf Course outside Milwaukee Saturday.

So, logically he got in a golf cart and headed for home.

Someone called the sheriff’s department to report an intoxicated man on a golf cart driving on the highway. Deputies caught up with the man about a mile from the golf course.

He told investigators he had consumed 10 beers, but didn’t think he was intoxicated. Keep this in mind next time you or your buddy things he can take the cart home from your next round at a Myrtle Beach Golf Course.

Myrtle Trip, and what to do while I am gone!

Well, the Myrtle Beach Trip is finally upon us, our group of 52 have started going down already (that's what she said) and the bulk of us will be leaving tonight, and meeting those driving down Thursday at Long Bay Golf Club for our first round.

While I am gone, I thought I would leave you with a few links (which for some reason I can post still, so copy and paste please).

Golf Rewind:

One of my personal favorite sites to sit back, talk golf, share stories, play Fantasy Golf with, equipment reviews, trip reviews, photos and tour talk. Go sign up, it's a warm welcome and a great place to visit!

Golf Rewind 2:

An off shoot of Golf Rewind, more great guys running the site, showing everything from rules to what did you shoot to who had the best golf trip.

The Cut Line:

Another golf forum with a way more laid back approach. They still take golf serious, but various private invite only sections promise to show much, much more. Let's just say they know how to have a good time!!

Myrtle Beach Golf Talk:

Now this is Myrtle Beach, 24/7 Myrtle Beach golf talk, courses, trip calenders, trip reports, general talk and a Gentle Man's Club review section. The site is run by Brian Noblin, a golf provider, but this site is biased in no way. It's as up to the minute as any golf site can be about Myrtle Beach. The Bonus is that Brian can get you to Myrtle for less, and take the hassle out of your trip.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Minute Trip Problems

Well, with any large trip, we always have a last minute problem. I lost at least 1 player today, Neil, best wishes for your family. I am also awaiting word on Nick, our prayers are with your your family also.
So we may have a last minute spot for someone interested in joining us on the Myrtle Beach Trip at a discounted rate.
Contact me if anyone is interested. I can promise a great time, lots of golf, and lots of drinking.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hell's Point Golf Club Review

Saturday, myself, Bob Garrison, John Hadzima and Tommy "Bunker Shots" Krotzer set out to play Hell's Point on the warmest day of the year. It was about 98 and 110% humidity, nice conditions to play. We figured this a good "warm up", no pun intended, for Myrtle Beach.

The course, tee, boxes, fairways, and greens, was in fantastic shape. We had a lot of heavy rain the 2 days before, and we figured it to be wet, but they improved the drainage a few years back, and it really shows. The Par 3's on this course are all a guarded challenge, but of course, on the last day of the El Burro Loco Bet, Chef birdies one and now I owe him lunch there in Myrtle. My only chance to even up with him is to birdie a hole a Long Bay, maybe the toughest course at MB..great!

We couldn't even drink a beer the course was so hot. I drank two Power Aids, and 4 bottles of water, never went to the bath room once, and sweated it all out.

Let me also state, the crew at Hell's Point is top notch, friendly, helpful, very nice looking cart girl and they were not upset at me being 10 minutes late. Thanks guys, see you again this summer!

A must play if you come to Virginia Beach for vacation. This course is the hidden gem of the beach, no houses, wild life, quiet and inviting.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Myrtle Beach Trip Preview

Just a small picture preview of the Myrtle Beach trip, to get everyone excited!

First up, Thursday afternoon at Long Bay, maybe the toughest course in Myrtle Beach. Nice warm up for the trip?

Next, Friday morning at Litchfield Country Club, where, they have water on every hole. Bring out your dead!!

Saturday Morning, Willbrook, a plantation course along the marsh.

Saturday afternoon, River Club, where again, the word "water" comes into play a lot!

Sunday morning, early, before we leave, we play the forgotten gem: Myrtle Beach National West.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Comedy Stylings of Ross Hampton

"KJ" (that stands for Karaoke Jockey to those cretins who don't know) Pam on St. Patty's day at Wanna Be's

Somehow, I think this is a poke at me and Evan at the same time. Comic gold, Gold Jerry, Gold.

Pam, tell me a little bit about how you got started in the karaoke business?

[KJ Pam] Listen jackasz, don't crowd the booth! If you spill your beer on my laptop, you bought it!

OK, how about the most memorable thing that you've seen in your 25 years of KJ-ing?

[KJ Pam] Some a--hole got up here and started singing a rap song and the security guys had to pert-near beat him senseless to throw him out....kind of like what's going to happen to you if you spill that beer!

Karaoke bars seem to attract the, let's call them "less skinny and attractive women". Is that a fair statement, and why is that so?

[KJ Pam] Listen pecker wood, the girls that come in here may not fit in your fancy store-bought chairs, but you put on an Aretha Franklin song and I'll take those fatso...I mean ladies any day! Plus they drink and eat more, which is good for business.

On the same topic, many of the patrons I see here tonight either have a chronic limp or some other deformity. Comment?
[KJ Pam] If I could get off this stool, get around the bar and get to you before I had to play the next song, I would slap you silly!! Lucky for you I turned my ankle last month.

Karaoke seems to be quite popular among Asian cultures. As we have several on our upcoming golf trip, would you like to send a specific message to them before ending the interview?
[KJ Pam] Oh, I would like to say a few things, alright! Don't try coming in here and singing a duet with the KJ and then hanging around at closing time to give her a ride home, bend her over her sink, then drive off without so much as a thank you or good bye!! You know who I'm talking to, you S.O.B!!

Thank you for your candor. To end on a light note, what is your favorite song to hear at a karaoke bar like this?
[KJ Pam] Well, I used to love just about anything by Elton John. But someone told me that he had turned into one of them homeos----can you believe it? They say it's always the ones you least expect!

Pam, I appreciate your time and I look forward to many more years here at Wanna Be's

[KJ] Buddy, if you so much as step foot in here again I will shove this mike where the sun don't shine.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Favorite Myrtle Beach Moments!

I love Myrtle Beach, like that's hard to tell, and the golf trips we do each year. Before I started planning the trips, my good Friend Edgar Castillo was the trip planner. We had much smaller turn outs back then, and as soon as we started to grow, I think Edgar had enough.

So, in no particular order, some of my favorite moments from the Myrtle Beach Golf Trip!

El Burro Loco, wow what a good call by Edgar and Jeff. The best Mexican food ever, and the Challenge of the Donkey Feast!

And of course, the drunken pictures after: Hi Jeff, Kevin, Ted and Chef!

Edgar screaming "Taxi!!!!" As his Dad rampaged through Myrtle Beach with the "youngsters."

Driving the 15 person Van down. The thing was a beast, and drift back and forth due to the weight. Teddy Ballgame decided to call me Swervie, and then came all the Pirate "Argggs" for 5 hours and 5 hours back.

Bob slamming on the brakes in his golf cart, and Alan flying through the windshield.

Evan making up every dirty thing he could think of, Boston Baked Bean, Bismark, Angry Dragon.

Sitting in stopped traffic, as a door to a truck opens 4 cars a head, a leg steps out..Edgar saying "Hello legs" Then the rest of the burly male construction worker stepping out.

The "Some body's Crying" golf video of the worst shots of 08

Bob playing a round hung over, barefoot, and smoking a cigg enlue of brushing his teeth.

The infamous, Jon and Bob tee off disaster, before picture included:

Captain Morgan replacing beer as the Drink of Choice. Never had a Captain and Coke until Jeff, Edgar and Chef forced one upon me. Now I force them upon them!

A drunk Edgar and Bob spend 20 minutes outside slurring to each other, and Edgar coming back in and saying " I finally understand Bob."

The infamous Jeff urination vacation on my tee shot.

One trip Edgar and I placing first and second in every poker tournament, paying for each of our trips and then some.

Playing Kings North, what a great course and in perfect shape.

Tommy buying a 20 dollar lottery ticket and then somehow being talked into spending the last of his money on a new driver, Day 1.

Jeff eating a so called "boiled" steak, and making the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina pay for his upset tummy. And, may the lady behind the glass in the one gas station, trapped inside with the smell, may she rest in peace.

The poker exchange between a drunk Bob and Andy (brothers), "You DON'T WANT TO CALL ME, DON'T CALL ME, YOU CAN'T WIN." and Andy saying "I call". Andy's pocket 10s are no match for Bob's pocket AA, except Andy sucks out and Bob loses what's left of his mind.

No matter where you put you beer in a room, Bob will find it and knock it over.

There are many, many more, please post your favorites!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caldonia, Pride of Myrtle Beach Golf

Caledonia is one of the Grand Strand’s most acclaimed layouts, gaining top 100 accolades from every substantive list, and many players will tell you it’s their favorite Myrtle Beach golf course.

The expectations of players that turn onto Caledonia Drive and travel nearly a half-mile to the course’s clubhouse are higher than the soaring oak trees the line both sides of the road. Caledonia faces the daunting task of being the course everyone circles on their itinerary, and it always seems to deliver.

“It will exceed your expectations every time,” said Al Serafino, a Brookville, Md. resident. “You get excited every time you play a new course and it always seems to not live up to the hype, but here it’s just the opposite. We love it.”

The late Mike Strantz was denied the opportunity to assemble an extended resume as an elite golf course architect due to the ravages of cancer. But Strantz was supernova on the architecture scene, shining brightly during more than a decade-long stint working on his own. Renowned as equal parts artist and architect, much of Strantz’s lofty reputation is derived from his work at Caledonia (official site).

The Pawleys Island course was Strantz’s first design and he was given complete autonomy. Set on property that a thriving rice plantation called home through most of the 19th century, Strantz crafted a course that is as good technically as it is beautiful.

A 6,500-yard, par 70, Caledonia isn’t exceedingly long, but it is a thinking man’s golf course that delivers one memorable hole after another. Players shouldn't’t be fooled by the distance, three front nine par 3s, make the course seem a little shorter than it plays. Caledonia has several meaty par 4s, particularly on the back side, and isn’t susceptible to being gouged by anyone with a new driver and a sleeve of Pro-V1s.

Caledonia has greens that are three clubs long (60 yards) in some instances and are typically defended by sand, water or even the centuries old oak trees on the property. Ranked among America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses by Golf Digest and the Top 100 You Can Play by Golf Magazine, Caledonia is a second shot course.

With the size of some of the greens, a 100-foot putt isn’t inconceivable so a precision iron game goes a long way towards a good round.

The layout at Caledonia has been deservedly lauded, but it’s only part of the story. Starting with the alley of oak trees (which is longer than Magnolia Lane at Augusta National) leading into clubhouse, Caledonia has an aesthetic charm that few courses in the country can match. After a stunning drive to the clubhouse, the scent of the flowers, which seem to bloom throughout the year, is noticeable before players get to the antebellum style clubhouse.

“It’s something you can’t duplicate,” Todd Weldon, the only head pro Caledonia has ever known, said of the oak trees serve as an introduction to the course. “The feeling you get when you drive in, you know you are going to be in for something special and we don’t take that for granted. We take care of those trees like we take care of the clubhouse.”

Actually, everything is taken care of at Caledonia. From the first tee box to the last flower bed, every inch of the property is maintained as if it’s the most important.

Golfers don’t book tee times because of the clubhouse, but like the landscaping, the fish shed (which is still in use for private parties, and the oak trees, it contributes to the ambience at Caledonia. The clubhouse offers a magnificent view of the marsh and the stunning 18th hole. Golfers gather on the deck, drink in hand, to watch people finish and it’s a picturesque way to finish a round of golf.

Par 3s
Caledonia has five par 3s, including three on the front side, and they are an interesting, if not exceedingly long group of holes. The longest par 3 plays 187 yards from the tips, but lack of distance shouldn't’t be confused with lack of challenge.

A prime example is the 187-yard third hole. The green is 56 yards deep and shaped like a landing strip. The green has three levels and a waste bunker that runs from the tee through the right side of the green. It’s not exceedingly difficult to find the third green but getting down in par is a challenge.

Based on pin position and where the tee box is set up, the 157-yard sixth hole could require as little club as a nine iron or as much as a six, and therein lies the beauty of the course. The challenge varies and golfers have to be aware of changing dynamics.

The ninth hole is short at 118 yards, but exceedingly pretty. The oak trees that frame the back of the hole were the inspiration for Caledonia’s logo, which was also a Strantz design.

The back nine par threes – No. 11 and No. 17 – are equally memorable. The 11th, which features a creek that meanders between the tee box and green, is one of the course’s most photographed holes. The green is longer than it is wide and the creek comes into play on the left side, so players should always aim right to minimize risk. The 17th is defined by the waste bunker that surrounds the green. Stay out of the bunker and a possible par awaits.

Par 4s
Anyone that thinks 6,500 yards is to short likely hasn’t played Caledonia’s par 4s from the Pintail (or back) tees. Holes 12 through 16 are the course’s most challenging stretch. Only the 13th hole, which features a 90-degree dogleg and plays 398 yards, is less than 415 yards.

The 16th hole is the course’s toughest. A slight dogleg right, it plays 417 yards and has a bunker on the left side that virtually eliminates any chance of par. Throw in a large pond on the right side and a green that is narrow in the front, and a significant challenge awaits.

Any discussion of Caledonia’s par 4s has to include the 18th. The approach on the closing hole requires a shot over water with the clubhouse deck – typically full of people – looming in the background. In theory it’s not the most difficult hole on the course, but with all your buddies watching on the deck, the pressure is turned up. It’s a great finishing hole.

The easiest hole is the 376-yard first hole, the course’s shortest two-shotter. Strantz gives everyone a chance to get off to a good start. Any golfer that finds the fairway (and three bunkers on the left can make it difficult) will have a short iron into an accessible green.

Par 5s
Caledonia only has three par 5s but they are an enjoyable collection of holes. Strantz allowed players to ease into the layout on No. 1, but the second hole is a 570-yard par 5, the course’s longest. It’s a true, three-shot hole. With no water, the risk of hazard is minimized but anyone that records par will sign the card with a smile on his or her face.

The eighth is the classic gambler’s hole. At 528 yards from the tips, it is accessible in two to anyone that clears the three bunkers on the right hand side. The bunkers are approximately 260 yards from the tee so it takes a good poke. Anyone with dreams of making eagle also has to consider the pond directly in front the two-tiered green.

While the eighth can be reached in two, discretion is typically the better part of valor.

The 553-yard 10th hole also offers the possibility of going for the green in two for long hitters, but it’s fraught with risks. The fairway runs down into the green but a pair of nasty bunkers on the left are to be avoided at all costs. Like so many holes, don’t be fooled by distance on the 10th. Unless you are a superior player, layup to a distance that provides you a comfortable wedge and be happy with par (or better with a great shot).

Verdict: Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golfweek all rank Caledonia among not just the best courses in the Myrtle Beach area but the best in the nation, and Caledonia deserves every accolade it receives.

It’s a superb golf course surrounded by the type of natural environment that every bulldozer Pete Dye has ever touched couldn't recreate. From the oak trees upon entry to sitting on the clubhouse deck watching friends finish on 18, Caledonia delivers on the expectations golfers have.

There is no better judge of golf course than the people who play it.

“Caledonia is great,” said North Carolinian Robbie Robinson, who has returned to the course for years. “You better get your tee time here because if you miss Caledonia, you’ve missed one of the greatest courses almost any place (in America).”

Enough said.

Repost from and written by Chris King (the Myrtle Beach Course Reviewer!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glen Pierce, Beach Native, Loving Family Man and Golf Lover!

What is your official title and how many years have worked for the company:
[Heron Ridge] PGA Director of Golf…Just celebrated my 10 year anniversary last April 1st

Where did you go to high school:

[Heron Ridge] Kempsville High School in Va Beach

How long did play competitive golf, and who did you play for:

[Heron Ridge] From the time I was 12 years old through College…I played collegiate golf at Campbell University in North Carolina

How did you get started working in the golf industry and how long have you:

[Heron Ridge] I began picking up driving range balls at 13 for $25/week and golf privileges…ever since I had golf in my blood

What’s the biggest challenge you face today for the courses:

[Heron Ridge] This year strangely enough has been weather and not the economy…or at least the weather has ‘shaded’ us of realizing how much our play is affected by both. We have had it pretty easy in the golf industry for the past several years…offer a fair price and excellent conditions and the people will come. Now it seems people are holding off spending on some of their disposable income and our rounds have been affected. You learn a lot about your business and the people working for you in this type of economy…We have a great staff at both our clubs that have been stepping up to help us get through this tough time!

Who is your favorite golfer?

[Heron Ridge] Growing up I was a huge Tom Watson fan…but now it’s Fred Couples. I guess I like all the guys who struggle with the ‘flat stick’?

List anything personal you want to say about yourself, your passion for golf and the family. Make sure you give me a little on the charity work you have been doing, I know Bob has spoken often about it, so I can plug it for you.

[HERON RIDGE] – I don’t play nearly as much as I did back in the day (High School, College and a few years after) but I do still get it around the course alright…I love the golf business and knowing that everyday is going to be a little different than the previous…I will be married to my wife Jenny for 9 years this June and I have 2 children. A 4 1/2 and a 2 year old…so that keeps me busy. In the past couple of years my passion has moved into riding a road bike for exercise to keep in shape. The event that keeps me motivated now is every year the MS 150 on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. I started a bike team last year…I am happy to report since its inception in January of 2008, 20+ team members have raised more than $65,000 towards research into a cause and a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

I was diagnosed with MS in March of 2006 but I refuse to let that define me!

This is Glen's Bio, and if there is ever somebody who want's you to play your best golf and have fun, it's Glen. Stop by Heron Ridge or VB National and say hello!

Glen Pierce, Head PGA Professional
• Married 8 years to Jenny; 2 Daughters, Claire & Grace
• Labrador retriever, “Georgia”
• Graduated Kempsville High School, Virginia Beach, VA; 1987
• Kempsville High School Golf Team 1984-1987
• Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC; 1991
• Campbell University Golf Team 1987-1992
• PGA Member since 1995.

Employment History
• Head PGA Professional, Heron Ridge Golf Club; 1998 – Present
• Head Golf Professional, Stumpy Lake Golf Course; 1994 – 1998
• Assistant Golf Professional, Cypress Point CC; 1992 - 1994

Playing Achievements
• 1986 Norfolk City Junior Champion
• 1987 Virginia Beach Junior Champion
• 1987 Tidewater Junior Champion
• 1987 State “Big I” Champion
• 1987 Runner Up, Regional High School Championship
• 1991-92 Co-Captain Campbell University Golf Team
• 2003 Norfolk Sports Club Pro-Am Champion

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Virginia Beach Area Golf Deals

I wanted to gather some information and get to everyone, some of the good afternoon/twilight deals for the Summer at the better courses around our area, the Tidewater of Virginia.

First up, is the 2 courses at Bay Creek on the Eastern Shore. The drive is well worth it as these courses are always in fantastic shape:
Twilight Rate-55.00 for 18 w/cart
Sunday and Monday after 12pm
Tuesday through Saturday after 2pm

Next, a very under valued Cypress Point, which at one point a few years ago, was talking about going private. This course is in great shape and a very nice lay out. A lot of condos and house, but they really don't intrude into the the course:

Cypress Point Rates Click Here for: Tournament Packages

Monday through Friday

Local Resident Non-Resident Guest of Member

6 am - 9 am $30 $30 $30

9 am - 1 pm $39 $45 $33

1 pm - 3 pm $35 $35 $33

3 pm until Close $33 $33 $33

9 holes $23 $25 $23

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Local Resident Non-Resident Guest of Member

6 am until 1 pm $49 $58 $42

1 pm until Close $35 $35 $35

9 holes after 1pm $27 $27 $27

Hell's Point, always a locals favorite and always in tip top shape. The course is worth many rounds in a summer:
Twilight rate: after 12pm everyday: 39.00

Another under rated club in the are, I guess due to it's location and usually a long drive for most, Nansemond River Golf Club. Along the James river, great scenery, and an awesome layout.
Weekday Twilight Rate: After 12pm 29.00
Weekend Twilight Rate: After 12pm 39.00

River Front, another course along the James River, and always in great shape. Again, the drive from the Beach area is long, but well worth it:
Twilight (Weekdays) (After 2 PM) $35.00
Twilight (Weekends & Holidays 1pm - 3 PM $47.00
Twilight (Weekends & Holidays after 3 PM 37.00

One of my favorite local courses, the Signature at West Neck. Now this course defines good greens keeping and conditions. A must play if you come to Virginia Beach, and not a long ride from the resort area.
Twilight Rate: After 3pm everyday 49.00 (also GPS in carts)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Could you introduce yourself, and let us know what’s the name of your business?
I am Craig Stewart owner of Your Golf Ball Shop on Indian River road.

Where is Your Golf Ball shop located, it’s web site and contact information?

Your golf Ball Shop
6229 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach Va 23464
757 368-0700

Describe how you got into the business, and your golf business history?
I was trained as a Navy diver in 1976. Dived diamonds off the west coast of Africa and commercially. In 1988 a friend suggested golf ball recovery as a way of becoming self employed. It took several years before we opened our store but have developed a great base of local customers.

Describe a typical day for you at work:

I am diving at least 4 days per week March thru November. We wash and process the balls as fast as we can for resale. The lower grades are either striped for driving range balls or sold as shag balls and the best of them are packaged for our shop.

Tell us a little bit about your new location, and how you have expanded your business from just golf balls:
Our customers have actually guided us into the inventory we have now. When some golfer asks us if we carry a particular product we take note and try to find a variety that will not break the bank.

Where do you see the golf market going in the next 5 years?
It appears that there was an over expansion of golf courses and now we are seeing a retraction. I think however that growth will again pick up especially where they develop homes around the course. As the Boomers retire they will be looking for this in larger numbers.

What plans do you have for you and your business for the next 5 years?

Right now we are trying to establish this location. My goal is to pay for the building and keep growing that base of really great customers, we have been fortunate with the kind of folks that have supported us to date.

How do you guys manage to find and get all those used golf balls?
I spend an inordinate amount of time on the muddy bottom of our golf courses ponds. We offer value to the golf course for this privilege by supplying range balls, jar balls, cash or services.

What is your favorite local course, and favorite non local course to play?

To be politically correct I think it is best to avoid this question, however I do work two beautiful golf courses in Ocean City MD. Rum Point and Lighthouse Sound.

Give us some personal information about yourself, married? Grew up here? How long have you been in the golf industry? Etc.
I grew up in beautiful Cape Town South Africa. Left there during the apartheid era. Married to my wife Donna an elementary school. I have been diving golf balls for over twenty years now! I think I need to sit down.

Anything you want to share with us?
Yes! We really appreciate the support we get from our customers. Our goal is to, obviously stay afloat, but also to make the game a little less expensive. If we can have fun doing so we will have achieved our goal.

Lastly, give us your “Deal of the Week” that we can pass onto the reader:

Our best deal, I feel, is the “value grade” Prov1 ball. This sells for $11.95/doz for the 2007 Prov1 and $14.95/doz for the 2008. These balls are near top grade and very playable.
Ladies balls are locked in at $6.95/doz. We have lots of other goodies like towels under $5 and gloves under $7 ea. Grips installed from as low as $4.

Thanks for your Time!
Thank you for the interest.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deal of the Week

Wow, the Taylor Made Tour Burner Driver (2008 edition) was a 399.00 retail club when it came out. But, Taylor Made has moved onto R9s now, and this once Driver Model leader, is now in the close out bin, 129.99!!!

Most Golf Retailers have it for sale at this price, attached is Golf Galaxy's link:

Not sure how you can go wrong at this price for this driver!! Especially a Tour Edition!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Comming Summer 2010, a Block Buster!

Ok, well, it may not be a Block Buster for everyone, but it sure will for me. I am going to be organizing and running a Charity Golf Tournament in the early summer, 2010.
I am going to be needing a lot of help of course, from friends, contacts, and social club members, and most of you don't know it yet.

I am in talks with the course I want it held at, but it's so very early, I don't want to talk specifics, but I have a wealth of experience I can draw upon friend wise who have done this very same thing. I also want to make this very enjoyable, while raising as much money as possible for the two charities I have in mind, but will name later when everything is in place.

I will be calling in all favors, sponsors, and help I can. I will be setting up a board to supervise the planning very soon. So, if your someone with experience and want to help, please respond so I can talk with you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deal of the Week

This week's deal is not equipment, but on a trip, and green fee's for the Summer which I thought were an awesome value. Brought to us by Glenn from Eat, Drink and Sleep Golf, look at these prices for Caldonia, True Blue and Wachesaw East:

05/18/09- 09/09/09: $245.00 with Cart. Divide that down and that's 81.67 a round. Anyone familiar with Myrtle beach will instantly see this as a huge value.

Eat, Drink, and Sleep Golf can be found at:

Contact them at: