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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nice Weekend, Group Lesson At Bow Creek

Hello everyone, looks like a nice weekend. We will have three classes this weekend. As usual Sat from 1030-12 noon and 1230-2pm also Sunday from 11:15 to 12:45. I ask that you email me if you plan to attend. Remember the price this week is $15 as we pay for the range balls.
This week we will work on the hybrid club and or fairway woods. If anyone is interested in 9 holes with other class members after Saturdays early class or Sundays class please let me know.

Next week we will work on the driver, the following week Gary and I will offer the playing lesson like we did last year. But.... i would rather do these on weekday afternoons, when the golf course is not as busy. I plan to schedule some times and will post the schedule times next week. Like last year it will be on a first sign in basis. I will provide more information on this during the classes this weekend. The week of May 7 we will start all over beginning with putting and working through all the golf shots  to the driver.

The new managers at the beach courses are offering a discounted range pass that is valid between the ranges at Bow Creek, Kempsville and Red Wing. For those of you who like to hit range balls, i suggest you look into buying the pass. Also, each week, Thomas the grill manager has coupons for our group, buy a sandwich and get a free drink,  the cheeseburgers there are awesome. Be sure to ask me for the coupon.

Thats all for now, hope to see many of you this weekend.
Rick BIdnick, PGA

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