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Monday, April 4, 2011

Myrtle beach Golf Association's Player's Top 20 Courses

Player’s Top 20

Myrtle Beach’s Top Golf Courses


The Myrtle Beach Golf Association’s Player’s Top 20 culminates from local knowledge, insider advisories, golfer research, and feedback from the golfers actually playing the 101.5 Myrtle Beach golf courses.

In reality, the MBGA should call the Player’s Top 20 the “MBGA Player’s Plus (+) or Minus (-) Top 20,” because over the last couple of years there have been times when Mother Nature and the elements were in perfect sync and we had as many as 26 golf courses garner four-star, or better ratings. On the other hand, there have also been times when conditions were terrible (droughts, wild fires, hurricanes, water shortages, you name it) when we had as few as only 15 courses measure up to MBGA Player’s Top 20 status. So please don’t let us confuse or discombobulate you when the Myrtle Beach Golf Association Player’s Top 20 has more or less than 20 Top golf courses.

The Myrtle Beach Golf Association’s rankings are based upon each course’s layout, playability, challenge, imagination, beauty, pricing, actual conditions (course, clubhouse, restrooms, cleanliness, etc.), practice facilities, pace-of-play, as well as the amount of development around the course and the quality of their, food and beverage facilities. Particular emphasis and consideration is placed upon the professionalism and friendliness of the staff at each Myrtle Beach golf course.

However, the most critical question that must be asked of and answered by every golf course in a resort destination, like Myrtle Beach, is, “Is playing this golf course worth the trip?” Why would a golfer invest his or her time, energy and hard-earned money, while traveling hundreds of miles, only to play a poor to mediocre track, especially when they can do that at home without any of the aggravation and at a fraction of the cost? That over-riding question, and the answers that the MBGA gets, is why the MBGA ratings bar is so much higher than any others.

All golf course information is updated as quickly as new data becomes available to the Myrtle Beach Golf Association. The ratings and rankings, however, take longer because they are based upon the feedback of the traveling golfers. Since the Myrtle Beach Golf Association cannot totally rely on fast information from the traveling golfers, who e-mail their feedback upon returning home, they have recruited over 40 local golf industry “insiders” who work hard to keep MBGA.COM up-to-date.

Needless to say, since it takes a preponderance of evidence and verification before any up or down movements in the ratings can take place, the Player’s Top 20 and Basement rankings change rather slowly. Of course they are always revisited and corrected just prior to the annual Myrtle Beach Spring and Fall Golf Seasons.

All Myrtle Beach golf course rankings, Myrtle Beach golf course ratings and Myrtle Beach golf course reviews observations, narratives, assessments, advisories, assertions and opinions are the culmination of 30-years of working with all of the various entities and components of the Myrtle Beach golf vacation business, as well as monitoring the well established Myrtle Beach golf industry rumor mill. While all material found here is as factual and candid as we can possibly offer it, it is highly opinionated and subjective and is the personal opinions and assessments of the Myrtle Beach Golf Association and our contributors and should always be considered as such!

Please send your nominees - along with the date you played, details of your experience and your telephone number for possible verification - for inclusion in the Myrtle Beach Golf Association’s Player’s Top 20 to

The following MBGA Player's Top 20 Golf Courses are displayed in alphabetical order!

Barefoot Resort - Dye Club

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Crow Creek Golf Club

DeBordieu Club

Dunes Golf & Beach Club

Grande Dunes Resort Course

Heritage Club

International World Tour Golf Links

Legends Resort - Moorland Course

Leopard’s Chase Golf Links

Long Bay Club

Myrtle Beach National - King’s North

Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club

Prestwick Country Club

Thistle Golf Club

Tidewater Golf Club & Plantation

TPC of Myrtle Beach

True Blue Plantation

Willbrook Plantation Golf Club

Witch Golf Club

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