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Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Tee To Green With Rick Bidnick

Hello everyone,

After this session ends May 1st there will be some  changes to the workshop. I wanted to try a few things and see what you all think. Here is what I have in  mind... My goal is to make you all better golfers in ALL areas of the golf swing... in order to do so we need more practice with each part of the golf swing. So instead of working on different clubs each week, i thought it would be more beneficial to work each week on the proper body movements and swing thoughts in each part of the golf swing and  in creating a repeatable golf swing. This is my idea for the next series.

Week one-  May 8-9 putting  $10

Week two-  May 15-16 chipping $10

Week three- May 22-23 pitching( this will be on the range) $15

Week four-  May 29-30 full swing grip- set up- alignment and the first half of the takeaway. $15 

Week five-  June 5-6 the back swing as the club gets hip high to the top of the golf swing $15

Week six-   June 12-13 the first move down, the rotation of the lower body, the dropping of the golf club to the inside and maintaining wrist cock. $15

Week seven- June 19-20 impact position...release of club head....where the body and club should be at the "moment of truth", when the club-face meets the ball and the finish of the golf swing. $15 

Week eight- June 26-27  putting it all together....the full swing $15 Club selection will vary each week...........

Playing lessons  weekdays after week eight.

This series will be more of a sequence oriented workshop, so it would be ideal if each student could attend each week. I know that is not possible so each week I will do a 15-20 minute  review of the previous weeks lesson. I will still offer three classes each weekend. Sat 1030-12 noon and 1230-2pm and Sunday 1115-1245.

The total cost if you attend each week adds up to $110. Anyone who wants to prepay for the entire eight weeks the cost would be $90. The $90 is due May 8-9.  If you prepay and then want to attend a extra session each week the price would be $10 for the extra session. please be aware the series price is not refundable and I cannot do any make-ups should you miss a session or multiple sessions. This price does not include the optional playing lesson after week eight.

Your feedback would be appreciated....let me know if anyone wants to sign up for the entire workshop.

Rick Bidnick,
PGA Professional

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