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Monday, July 6, 2009

The VB Golf Crew is Forming

Thanks all for the support and encouragement. The VB Golf Crew is being formed, at a rate of 23.00 a person, payable to me. I will have us up and running as soon as we have 10 people paid in. I will keep adding members as they come in.

Ross Hampton has agreed to become the Vice President
Evan McNamara has agreed to become the Social Director, and will be putting together our first Wanna Be's night later this month.

As soon as we are up and running, I will be getting together a group of local courses that will give us discounts for play. Also, we can start keeping our handicaps and our scores online. I am also looking into a local series of golf events for a the Club Championship.

May 2010 I will be spearheading our first Charity Golf Tournament to benefit Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Membership is open to anyone who has been on one of our Myrtle Beach Trips in the past. New members must be friends of friends and make at least one social outing to introduce themselves to the group, after which they will be voted upon.

Please contact myself or Ross Hampton for more details

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