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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hireko Hybrid Review

Dynacraft Avatar XMOI/Hireko Golf

I just bought this hybrid/iron as a tool to check out the company, the clubs, and their online fitting tool. I went through a fitting, measured finger to wrist, wrist to floor, my biggest finger, answered questions about how I grip it, swing speeds, how far I hit a 5 iron, etc.

I came up with a surprising result, based upon maybe my bad distance with my long irons. Regular length(knew that), a mid sized grip ( I suspected this) and a Senior Flex Shaft (This blew me away, I am 40, swing about 95-103 mph). I wanted to put their fitting system to a test, so I ordered a 5 Hybrid. Loft was 27 degree, the Lie was 61 degree, Face Height was 43mm, Off-Set is 3.8mm, Volume was 100cc and the Shaft Length was 38.5".

I tested this club several ways, in my back yard into a hitting net with real balls, the driving range off the mat, and a true test, 2 18 hole rounds.

The look of the club is handsome, the blue with the black a little strange at first, could be all black, but it's fine. The club was assembled by them, and looks very well put together. I didn't upgrade the shaft, just went with their Acer Velocity Graphite Blue, in Senior Flex. It feels natural at address, and I have hit the Cleveland HiBore Hybrid set, but this club looks a little different.

First the back yard, I hit around 200 balls in a 3 day period, it was crisp off the club face, solid, a very, very slight metal ting, but nothing that offends. It seems solid with no vibrations, and I liked the ball flight.

Next the Range, 120 balls, hitting off the mat, again solid, but what surprised me is the senior flex shaft didn't seem to feel strange or whippy, it felt natural. I hit this club about 160-165 consistently, but the fact that I hit 90% of the balls straight, which I have a huge slice problem. A very forgiving club and a definite game improvement club.

Lastly, 18 holes, where I tried hitting it as much as possible. Now on the course, I am a different man, never as good as on the range, but again, straight and true. I hit a par 3, 152 yards, up hill, left to right wind, about 9 feet to the hole. This club is staying in my bag, and I am debating on selling my R7s and getting the whole set.

All and all, I was more than surprised by the performance of the club, the fact that the Senior Flex Shaft I got out of their fitting, all came together with the mid sized grips, to make the most accurate club in my bag.

Changing The Face Of Golf Club Hybrid Technology - Introducing The New Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids.Changing The Face Of Golf Club Hybrid Technology - Introducing The New Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids.

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