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Monday, January 31, 2011

Parallel Golf Clothing Hits The Market

New Line from The UK
Golf clothing designed by Parallel Clothing is a funky, stylish new breed of golf fashion, launched to create a new look on the golf course. 

Using unique designs and colour styling makes the brand stand out from any other golf clothing company within the industry.

"Parallel Clothing "Golf clothing with a difference"

Be a part of a rapidly growing brand that is soon to be one of the most innovative, fashionable, unique golf clothing brands available. 

The concept of Parallel Clothing is to deliver top quality designer golf clothes that could be worn on or off the golf course. Each and every garment made by Parallel Clothing complies with golf club dress code rules, however this does not prevent our fashionable golf clothes from being unique with a trendy, designer twist.

Established in 2009 Parallel Clothing was created to become one of the most fashionable golf clothing companies available.

Parallel Clothing 'The next level of golf apparel' 

Parallel Clothing has been designed for players with a passion for fashion. Players that want to look trendy, unique and stylish. Parallel Clothing is for players who take pride in their appearance on the golf course.

Even though Parallel Clothing is fashionable golf clothing it is a brand that can be worn as streetwear, looking incredibly stylish, trendy and modern.
The range has been produced in Limited Edition quantities making the brand highly exclusive. Make sure you are the first to wear the newest and most expressive, fashionable golf clothing and streetwear brand available.

The name: Parallel Clothing
The name Parallel Clothing is a strong part to the concept of the company. Parallel arose from the concept of using two fashion genres (golfwear and fashionwear) working along side each other to create a range that is worn in both places.

They also have a very unique marketing idea, golf ambassadors  who represent their company and promote their line. You 700.00 worth of clothing at a greatly reduced rate in order to promote and market the brand.

Parallel Clothing's unique ambassador programme allows successful applicants to represent the brand by where a selection of the finest and most unique golf clothing available.  

Here's how it works

If you would like to apply to be a Parallel Clothing ambassador send an email to stating the reasons why you believe you would make a good ambassador for the brand and what unique ways you would promote our clothing.

Successful applicants will receive £600 worth of clothing for for a heavily reduced price. 

All professionals and amateur golfers can apply to join the ambassador programme.


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