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Friday, January 7, 2011

Myrtle Beach 2011 Trip Feature Arrowhead Country Club

We will be playing acclaimed Arrowhead Country Club on the trip this year. They have 3 18s, so I am working a deal for 27 holes, or 18 with a 9 hole replay.

Arrowhead Golf Course

Address: 1269 Burcale Rd | Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 (map it)

Arrowhead Golf CourseOnly minutes from central Myrtle Beach, Arrowhead Country Club has earned its reputation for superior maintenance and a challenging layout. Arrowhead's three unique 9-hole courses, The Waterway, The Lakes, and The Cypress each has its own unique feel. Ray Floyd and Tom Jackson designed this golf complex to be a unique and challenging addition to South Carolina's fantastic courses, and gave it the feel of a course in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills. These courses challenge players to think strategically.

With a canvas of Bermuda Fairways and MiniVerde Bermuda greens, the team of Ray Floyd and Tom Jackson have created a 27-hole masterpiece along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway in Myrtle Beach. 
Each nine-hole layout is unique, featuring uncommon elevations, hardwood wetlands and the most impeccable manicured holes in the area. Arrowhead was recently awarded SC's Golf Course of the Year (1998). Arrowhead is conveniently located five minutes from the Myrtle Beach International Airport. Various elevations, hardwood wetlands, and manicured holes make this course truly worth playing and with our special program for Junior golfers, we can accommodate even the novice golfers. 
Arrowhead_Club_SignMyrtle Beach, SC - January 09, 2008--Through the courtesy of Myrtle Beach Golf Directors I, again, had the pleasure of playing Arrowhead Golf Club. Let me say right off, this 27 hole beauty is one of my favorite courses.

Arrowhead features Bermuda Fairways and Bent Grass Greens and was designed by Ray Floyd and Tom Jackson. Lots of water is on the course and Waterway #5 parallels the Intracoastal Water – a very scenic view.

When I first moved to the Grand Stand area I stayed at the Arrowhead Apartments that are adjacent to part of the golf course. So, I played this course a few times while our home was being built in North Myrtle Beach.

I came from the Baltimore area where tee times on public course are quite difficult to get and their amenities are few.

Therefore my first experience with Grand Stand Golf courses was the Arrowhead Golf Club. I had no idea that this course would become a standard for me on which to judge other Strand courses.

By playing Arrowhead at the start I thought all the courses on the Strand had complimentary balls on the practice range. Also with Arrowhead having 27 holes makes arranging for Arrowhead_drivingrangetee times easy to get, especially through Myrtle Beach Golf Directors.

Since those “early days” on the strand I have played Arrowhead numerous times, and I have even taken advantage of their frequent player card. Be sure to ask about the latest version when you play there.
Why would I go all the way from North Myrtle Beach to Arrowhead that is tucked between route 17 and 501 on Burcale Road?

The answer is the new highway built to interstate standards – SC 31, also known as The Carolina Bays Parkway.  A golfer can get to almost any course along the Grand Strand in half the time or less than it took prior to its opening in December 2002.  The Parkway parallels the Intracoastal Waterway from its beginning in Little River to its terminus in Socastee.
As a result, it is only a 30 minute drive south on The Carolina Bays Parkway from North Myrtle Beach to Burcale Road and maybe one, or two at the most, traffic lights to get there.  And yes! Come Spring time you can drop off the non-golfers at the new Hard Rock Theme Park opening early spring 2008. I don’t think Myrtle Beach Golf Directors can arrange the Hard Rock admittance, but it is real close to the golf course so the best of all worlds awaits those who plan well.

The three courses at Arrowhead are called Lakes, Waterway and Cypress. Today we played the Arrowhead Golf’s Waterway and Cypress courses.

Each time I have been to Arrowhead the course has been in excellent shape and today was no exception. In fact even with the extremely dry conditions, the course is as green as ever. The greens themselves are in tournament shape. They roll smooth and true. Just accept it, when you play Arrowhead the course will be an excellent to superb condition. Also just accept the fact that as you play this course you will loose a ball or two to the many water hazards on the course.

This golfer was patting himself on the back because a second shot was way out there, just slightly off the fairway over a distant mogul. This was hole # 9 on the Waterway course – a par 5, dog leg to the left.

Aggah! When I got to where my second shot came to rest, I discovered the lake that ran parallel to the fairway had an offshoot just behind the mogul that gobbled up the ball.

There is lots of water on this course that add to its beauty as well as adding penalty strokes. Plan your shots carefully on Arrowhead.

Arrowhead is also a unique course, in that well place tee shots are as important as booming drives.

On Waterway #2, a really good drive will put you almost on the green, missing it slightly will make the second shot more difficult.

Arrowhead_2However an accurate drive in the center of the fairway will put you in easy chip range to the small elevated green. Save the booming tee shots for the par fives.

Part of the course runs along the Inland Waterway, and this adds to the beauty.

Another “different” hole is Cypress #4.

Here you drive over water then come back over the same water to the green.

It is quite tempting to try and slice it up the lake and be on the dry side or even on the green off the tee. The risk isn’t worth the reward, play the safe shots and you will have a good chance to par this hole. 

What’s that guy doing in that boat? Could it be he’s collecting the “go for it” tee shots.

Arrowhead_4Two of the par 3’s are over water and require sound club selection.

Make sure you take enough club to clear the water: you are looking at 181 yards on Cypress #3 and 158 yards on Waterway #3.

Also get the beauty of the course out of your mind.

The monster par 5 is #2 on Cypress. It is 528 yards with water that parallels the left side of the fairway all the way to the green. Since your third shot on this hole is over water to the green, you want to keep the ball up the left side of the fairway to make for a shorter third shot.

Once you get to any of the greens at Arrowhead relax, they are really good. The ball will roll where you hit it, breaks are not severe and the speed was just right for us not fast, not slow…. and most important consistent.

I play with a variety of golfers, skill level, and temperament. To a man and the lady who occasionally plays with us the universal statement from them is: “Arrowhead is always in great condition, I have never played there when it wasn’t perfect.”

For me Arrowhead’s pleasurable beauty makes golfing in and around North Myrtle Beach great. 

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