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Monday, February 8, 2010

PGA Show My Golf Spy's Top 3 Hybrids!!!

1st Place - Adams Pro Black

There are a ton of new hybrids this year…but for the most part it was the same ‘ol same ‘ol when it came to their design, shape and the technology that went into them. Although we couldn’t say that about the new Adams Pro Black Hybrid…but what we can say is that Adams continues to push the envelope with their hybrids and it was no where more apparent then in the Pro Black. This thing just looks the part…it might not be for every style golfer but they have created an amazing looking and performing hybrid for the better player. You mostly see either hybrids nowadays that either are almost a fairway wood in size or one that just looks like a fat backed iron. But Adams has honestly made a true hybrid of both in shape and form. And if we were to just rank them on looks…their would be ZERO competition for the Pro Black.
(Not recommended for slower swing speeds)

2nd Place - Ping G15 Hybrid

When hybrids came out you almost knew instantly they were here to stay. Too many people had problems being consistent with a fairway wood…it was just the next logical step…well seems logical now after years of them being out but at the time it was revolutionary. But people still have problems with hitting many hybrid designs consistently as well. Well…Ping has the solution to many golfers problems with the release of their Ping G15 Hybrid. This hybrid is more iron like in its design but there is a lot more going under the hood then meets the eye with this one trust us. They got this one dialed in for the game-improvement market. It exudes confidence at address.

3rd Place – Ping i15 Hyrbid
No you are not seeing things…Ping won both 2nd and 3rd for best hybrid at the 2010 PGA Show. I actually think that the Ping i15 performs better then the Adams all-around but we base a lot of our awards on innovation and not saying this one is not innovative but I felt the Adams is actually changing the way the entire golf industry looks at designing hybrids when they begin at the drawing boards…and where the Ping i15 is not different in shape or design although it’s performance for the better golfer is un-deniable.

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