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Friday, February 5, 2010

My Golf Spy's PGA Show Awards 2010: Best New Driver


1st Place – Callaway FT-9 TOUR
Callaway has stuck with the carbon composite technology even though they had some rough years with it. But they have been improving on it every year little by little. This technology gave a lot of OEM’s fits when it came to sound and performance in it’s early stages. Callaway has made major improvements on both those fronts with this model. We found the Callaway FT-9 TOUR to be the best driver at the 2010 PGA Show. It is longer and straighter then all their previous models to date and looks more traditional and also feels incredibly solid

2nd Place – Ping G15
Every time Ping comes out with a new driver it is one of the last ones we try just because they don’t try to hype theirs up as much and the fact that just by looks alone they don’t seem to be technology driven. But every year we test their new driver we always leave the range wondering how they made such an ordinary driver perform so well. Well it’s called a lot of common sense R&D if you ask me. Like we have said before they consider looks last and performance first…which a lot of companies don’t do anymore. Kind of like having an amazing paint job on a car but having a 4-cylinder under the hood. The Ping G15 could have easily taken 1st with this new driver. It’s longer, straighter and overall just a better driver then almost everything out there.

3rd Place – Adams 9032LS
Just as we predicted back in 2008. Aerodynamics would be the next big thing in driver designs…and our prediction has proved true. But I feel Adams has up to this point produced the best driver with this aerodynamic technology being implemented. I like their 9015D a little better from last year but I feel this driver was a little more forgiving just not as much roll. But that is not always a bad thing.

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