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Saturday, February 6, 2010

PGA Show Awards:My Golf Spy's Best Irons 2010

1st Place – Mizuno MP-58 Irons
No secret to our readers that I am now bagging the MP-58’s from Mizuno. And as I said in our review that is because I simply could not find a better iron to replace them…they are that good. They have always had incredible forgings but they stepped it up a notch this year when I thought there was no way they could. The technology behind this iron produces one of the most forgiving and incredible feeling irons I have ever hit. They have absolutely raised the bar for other companies to try and match the MP-58’s performance.

2nd Place – Ping G15 Irons
Now the G15 irons don’t fit my profile as a player. Although if you are looking for an iron that makes it like almost cheating to play the game of golf…then this might be the iron for you. It seems like no matter where you hit the ball on the face…Ping has figured out a way for it to feel good. Their research and testing at Ping has led to one if not THE easiest irons you will ever hit. You can almost close your eyes and still hit the ball solid. I have to congratulate Ping on once again some very rarely seen innovation to a fairly stagnant iron industry.

3rd Place – Scratch Golf

There are not many companies around in the iron industry that will customize the average golfers iron purchase as much as Scratch golf. Their business model has been built on making a set that actually is shaped and ground to your unique needs. Which believe me is needed when purchasing a set of sticks. Only problem is they are becoming more and more popular and they are going to reach a threshold to where they might not be able to customize them as much to each customer as they have been able to in the past.

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