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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Ping Anser Irons, 100% Forged, and a First for Ping!


Ping Anser Irons – First Large Production Forged Iron EVER by Ping!

Now you might think this is the first forged iron Ping ever made but actually it’s not.  The first forged irons ever produced by ping (1961) were actually forged blanks that Karsten milled cavities into.  They were his first cavity back irons and only a couple hundred were produced before he turned to investment casting that would revolutionize the industry.

Will Be A BIG Hit in Japan & US As Well (In Fall)

The Ping Anser Forged 2010 Iron I think will be a massive hit when they are released in April in Japan.  And as far as we know when they are released in the US later in the Fall they will fly off shelves as well.  I feel it was the next logical step for Ping to make…although when we heard the rumors about this a few months ago I was shocked to hear about it.  That is because Ping had stuck to their guns for so long when it came to casting there clubs…and the quality of their castings were done so well.  But this allows them to grab a piece of the market that they might not have been able to in the past and will open more doors down the road I feel.


What They Are Made Of

The Ping Anser 2010 irons are made of 8620 carbon steel with a partial tungsten sole.  They have a larger then average sole width and offset as well.  So you might ask why forged and why now?  Well the Japan market prefers forged irons and this will in our opinion dramatically grow their market share in that market.  And why the wide sole and offset on a forged iron…well the Japan market prefers this style a little more then a pure blade as well.  I also feel that they will eventually come out with a more traditional forged blade in the US in the coming years.  Well as long as they feel it will improve on the other blades on the market.  Because that is what Ping is all about.
The looks are similar to the Ping i15’s and when we tested the i15 irons there was not much you could say bad about them really.  The only way they could improve on them might be the feel and the 8620 forged version will surely improve on that.  Even though Ping’s castings are some of the best in the business when it comes to feel already.


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