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Friday, August 21, 2009

Mid to High Handicaps Rejoice, a Golf Ball for Us!

Golf Balls come in many forms, and everyone wants to hit the ProV1s, but they may not be the best ball for you. Sometimes, a cheaper ball might not only save you money, but save you strokes!

I would like to introduce you to the Srixon Soft Feel Balls, rated a gold medal by Golf Digest as the Top Golf Ball you Can Buy under $22.00 a dozen.

Studies have shown, that most golfer have a problem with a slice, and side spin greatly effects the amount of a slice. The Soft Feels are designed from less than a 110 mph swing speed, to give the distance of a higher swing speed, and promote less side spin, and therefore control on the course.

From Golf Digest: You can read the reviews here on all the price ranges:


PRICE: $20/dozen


The new butadiene rubber core gets softer closer to the center and is designed to work with the ionomer-blend cover to help launch the ball high and with low spin. The 328-dimple design features eight dimple sizes to promote a high ball flight.

It's difficult to find a better-feeling ball at this price.

The better news, The Srixon Soft Feels for some reason, regular price of $19.99 a dozen, is on sale at Dicks for 14.95 a dozen!!

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