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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Golf Club, Going Forward, ETC

Morning all, just some quick updates on everything and future plans. The VB Golf Crew is still a few members shy of me being able to start it. I have had a few people say checks are on the way, but still haven't got them yet. We will be a Virginia State Golf Association sponsored Golf Club, and once we get started, we will grow it with friends of friends. Here is the VSGA link to check out:

I am using every incentive I can come up with to get all of you guys to join. I am giving away right before X-Mass a free trip on the Myrtle Beach 2010 Trip to a random member (my free trip for being group leader)I am also going to use our group, to get free rounds every month at local courses to be given away, standing discounts for club members at courses and local golf shops. Demo Clubs, free items, everything that I can get for club members will go right back into the club.

All advertising from the Blog and profits made through the links, will go to fund the 2010 trip also, again, I am not keeping a dime.

Once the club is formed, I will be opening a bank account for the club, and also work towards making it a charitable organization for everyone. Right offs and take breaks for companies donating items to us, and us for the man hours for the Charity Golf Tournament. I will be using the Charity Event to establish for us, more benefits from local courses and businesses, as well as important contacts for everyone for local business.

For a mere 23.00 dollars a person, you become a VSGA member, with all benefits, including tracking and storing your handicap, all the discounts, freebies, business contacts and a chance to go for free to Myrtle Beach next Summer. I think this is well worth 23.00 dollars, and I don't think I can personally give up anything else to get this going. I am looking for you guy's help to get this started.

Thank you to all who have given me their money so far, I really appreciate it.

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