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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting an On-Line Golf Fitting from Hireko Golf

Hireko Golf is a custom club maker, with several brands under their roof including Dynacraft, Acer, iBella (for Women), Nextt and Power Play. You can buy the components and assemble them yourself, or buy they already put together. What sets them apart is price, service, and getting a custom fit on-line. You can make any club you want, in any flex, with 100's of shaft and grip options, a true custom club maker on-line.

Let's take a look at their on-line fitting tool. Easy to use, and very accurate, it helps create a better fit and and a better game for you.

The First page, getting your basic distance with a 5 iron (for iron fitting) or Driver (for Driver fitting):

After choosing driver, distance 200-224 yards, a fast swing tempo, it recommends a Regular Flex.

The Next Page is Grip Size:

Three questions here, 1: "I hold my club in my hand?" you can choose either finger tips or palm. Picked palm. 2: Hand Size, measured is 8 inches and 3: Longest Finger: 3.25 inches. There is a visual chart to show what measurements you need to do and how to do them.

It recommends a Mid Size Grip.

Last section is Shaft Size:

Questions, Male or Female, Height and what shaft you want, steel or graphite.

Based on my answers, a standard shaft length is recommended.

The Last Page is a printable summary for your records.

An easy on-line fit, so go ahead and try and make some customs clubs for a better game today!

Caiman Driver In Golf Tips 336x280
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