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Monday, August 10, 2009

The 20.00 Dollar Lesson

I wanted to share with everyone, the 20.00 dollar group lesson I took this past Saturday from Ed Collins over at Bow Creek Golf Club.

Arrived with a bout 10 minutes to spare, went inside the club house and bought a bucket of balls. To my surprise, Leo Anthony, former ODU Basket Ball Legend, former PA High School Basket Ball Coach, and my coach and PE teacher for 3 years at PA, was behind the counter. The guy looks great,. and he's manning the counter twice a week so he can play more and more free golf. Retirement must be nice.

Ed was on the range, and set me up, along with the 3 others who had signed up. He watched my swing a few times, and asked my handicap, then immediately made 2 adjustments to my slicing swing. He brought my left hand over more towards my right shoulder, and had me shorten my back swing. He then had me hit a few shots, then told me to practice and moved to the next guy. The atmosphere was relaxed, and the other guys had taken the class before or knew Ed. It was a very relaxed feel, but at the same time, Ed was very attentive to everyone in the class.

His golf cart had a huge bucket of balls, and told me to refill several times. He came back and worked with me 6 more times, each time, I dialed the new grip in more, and started straightening out my swing with the irons. I switched to my driver, and worked on that.

I would say I got more than my money's worth, and Ed watches you, and asked what I wanted to work on, so I am sure I am going to find myself a regular on Saturday Mornings at 10am! Best 20.00 dollars I ever spent, and I urge you guys to come out.

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