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Friday, September 24, 2010

Vision Golf Ball Test Begins

 I got my "care package" from Boz and Vision Golf Balls Yesterday, just in time for golf this weekend. The package was full of prototypes, inline golf balls, a glove, and some swag from the company. I want to personally thank The Boz for including me in the US testing.

The box arrived, packed very tightly, from the Land Down Under!

Tees, golf towels, hat, stickers, the super tacky golf glove (one the things I can't wait to test out) and lots of golf balls to test.

Opening the the package a little more, you can see the various balls, different colors, and prototypes. The company's balls feature UV coated balls to make them brighter, easier to find in the rough (for me personally I think) and easier to watch the ball flight.

Testing starts this weekend at Cypress Point Golf Club.

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