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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Mystical Golf Group Interview: Randy Broughton

Name: Randy Broughton

Position: Director of Golf --- Man O War Golf Club

How Long and What Experience do you have in the Golf Industry? 28 years total at 5 different facilities

What new and exciting has been going on at your courses? Continued great conditions. Best fairways and best conditioned greens in Myrtle Beach.

What is your best round on your course?  Best round ever? 65, which also ties best ever. The 65 at Man O War included a best ever 9 hole score of 29 on back nine.

What hobbies do you have, other than golf? Fishing, continued raising of children. Three total (one son26 and married, one son 22 living at home and getting married in March 2011, and a daughter 16 starting her junior year of high school, and looking after three dogs.

Dream golf 4some? My two sons, Brandon age 26 and Brentley age 22, who both recently caught golf fever after limited junior golf at age 12. Maybe throw in Arnold Palmer for good measure.

How has business been and what has the Mystic Golf Group done different than years past? Business has been pretty level with previous years. We’re doing more extensive marketing than in years past.

Where are you originally from? Kershaw, South Carolina

What is the strangest thing that happened on your course this season? With all the new technology, it seems like more golfers get lost. For example, I had a guy insisting he was very close to us (after a long talk about directions) because he was on Man O War lane. After I hold him I didn’t know of Man O War lane in Myrtle Beach. He replied by saying he contacted info. and asked for Man O War’s number. Then all I heard was laughter in the car and a hang up after he said he was in Maryland.

What makes your courses stand out compared to the other 100 MB golf courses? Excellent bent grass greens. Our layout is also fantastic. We have several long par fours mixed with shorter and tighter par fours.  Par fives also are mixed with reachable in two and long out of reach par fives. Par threes are also great, we have a one over 200 yards and one shorter with an island green.
Back to back island greens on a par four 14th hole, then an island green on the par three 15th.
Also an island fairway and green on hole #9.

What is the biggest challenge your course faces this year? Obviously the economy, were trying more creative marketing to encourage more new customers to our courses.

Describe your signature holes, and how to play them? Number nine is probably our signature hole. It is a par four of 433 yards. It is an island fairway and green. The hole is surrounded by a huge lake and the wind off the lake makes quite a challenge. I play it carefully and safe. Off the tee a big bunker entices you. But the safe way is to play far right of it which makes the hole longer. My normal drive leaves a mid to long iron. The green is long front to back, but again safer is better. A par is always an accomplishment. 

Have you played competitively? I play in about three Carolina PGA Section tournament a year. I recently finished 6th in our Carolina PGA Seniors Championship. I shot 70 and 74 for even par 144.

What course improvements have you undergone in the past year, or what improvements are you considering? The course is almost perfect. At 14 year years old, some bunker drainage and some new sand is being done on a couple of bunkers.

 What general trends are you seeing in the golf industry in Myrtle Beach? Probably more bargain shopping. We include some extra incentives on some of our rates that include lunch. Also, something new this summer is to have our cart staff go around the courses three times a day taking cold, iced towels to all golfers. What a great feeling to wipe your face and head with a cold towel on theses hot summer days. It is much appreciated from everyone.

Anything else you want to add about yourself, your courses or your staff? Again, like the towel idea, we are trying very hard to make our golfers feel welcome and appreciated and hope for continued repeat business.

Thank You Very Much For Your Time
John Barry
The Golfer’s Trip
VB Golf Crew

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