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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Golf In Style

I am more than biased, being Irish, and now owning 3 Kilts I regularly play in. This company makes great product, they are fast, have a great selection, and playing in a Kilt is actually pretty cool both style and air flow wise. Please check them out, they have a lot of great product.

Posted Image Enjoy the Freedom, Comfort and Style of a Sport Kilt! Sport Kilt is a modernized and distilled version of the centuries old Scottish kilts. Each of our kilts features the look of the ancient and traditional kilts of the Scottish Highlands, but made with a lighter, more comfortable, no itch, machine washable, easy-care fabric.

An American innovation, Sport Kilt was created in 1995 by athletes seeking to relax in style after competing, and at the same time celebrate their ancestry. Well, one thing led to another and the next thing you know everyone wanted a Sport Kilt.

People love the comfort and practicality of our kilts as well as the style, heritage, and attention that comes with wearing a Sport Kilt.

We are constantly striving to improve our kilts, and are proud of having the largest selection of poly-viscose tartans on hand in clan tartans and universal tartans. Check out our awesome Irish Kilts and Scottish Kilts.

Need it quick? Let us know. We take pride in having the quickest turn-around in the industry.

Sport Kilts are not just for men -- women and children can also enjoy the freedom, comfort and style of a Sport Kilt!

Sport Kilt - Leading the revolution, since 1995.

The Sports Kilt

The casual kilt that started it all!

The Original Sport Kilt is fully pleated around the sides and back, with a flat front panel, or apron, in the front. See this Video for more sizing and product information.

The Original Sport Kilt features our special poly-viscose blend material with superb swing and drape. The material we use is machine washable and non-itchy. This material is great for active wear, yet it still holds a pleat really well.

Each is fastened with a secure velcro closure, with a touch of elastic in the waistband for a perfect fit. This allows for adjustability and comfort an also the required "give" for athletes during strenuous activities.

The Original Sport Kilt also includes an inside stash pocket big enough for a money clip, keys or spare change. The Sport Kilt is also available in several specialty fabrics. All of our kilts are made right here in the good ol' USA!

Price: Size Small is $49.50, Size Medium is $59.50, Size Medium-Long and Large are $69.50, size XL is $79.50, and XXL is $89.50

Please note: We will do our best to get your kilt when you need it and often we can ship it out within one or two days. When choosing custom options like sewn-down pleats, belt loops, buckle straps or fringe, please allow 3-5 days for production.

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  1. SportKilt, scottishkiltshop, Utilikilts are best kilt selling brand in USA