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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Callaway Wedges

More Grooves, More Grip

Roger Cleveland is a legend in the wedge world, so when he designs new wedges, there's a good chance they're good. And these are, the new Callaway X Series Jaws CC wedges. Key feature: Callaway's Tour CC grooves found only in Callaway's forged wedges and irons.

The forging process, of course, provides a softer feel around the greens, but the real deal is the 21 grooves on the wedges versus the traditional 15. The 21 grooves mean you can get more traction on the ball, which translates into more spin and control.

Callaway also has new bounce options, featuring soles individually designed for maximum versatility especially in firm and tight conditions. Example: In the 58- and 60-degree wedges, options include a zero bounce (great for tight lies around the green) and an eight-degree bounce. The Jaws CC wedges ($119) also have reduced-bounce offerings at 52, 54 and 56 degrees.

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