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Monday, November 15, 2010

Play With The Clubs Your fathers and Grandfather's Played, Updated For Today

Zenieus – Vintage Clubs Are Back W/Modern Twist

For all you guys that still have those persimmon drivers sitting around this might be of interest to you.  The twist is that these only look like persimmon clubs they are really made from graphite and titanium.  So for the die-hard persimmon guys this might not be your cup of tea.  Here is their blurb:
“Vintage Series clubs are specifically designed with the look and feel of older ‘Vintage’ wooden drivers also known as persimmon drivers.  The club’s shaft is made of graphite, the club head looks as if it’s made of wood just like vintage persimmon drivers, although it’s made from aluminum and titanium and provides the technology and performance of today’s modern drivers.” visit Zenieus Golf.
Zenieus Golf

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