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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Holidays Are Coming, Gift Ideas VB Golf Crew Style

 Here comes the Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, a great time of the year. Most of us have kids, and it sure is fun to share the Holidays with our families, especially the young children we have. The magic in their eyes, the wonder, being crazy for 5 weeks straight waiting for Santa,

But what about us, the Father's of the VB Golf Crew? Well of course there is the huge dinners of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Get your sweat pants out and get ready for the time of the year we love to call Turkey season! But what else is there to ask for, or give the wives hints about that we would want. Well, allow me to lend a hand, John Barry style:

1. This is what I ask for every year, I ask for Karen to pay for my Myrtle Beach Trip. Nothing like getting a golf trip for Christmas, you have to wait a bit for it, but having it paid for makes it sure nice!

2. Another idea of course is new clubs for the golfer in the family. But finding a new set of irons or a driver, or a putter can be tough for someone not experienced. Gift cards to Golf Galaxy works well, as you can go in and get what's best for your game. A few clubs to keep an eye on for the High to Mid Handicappers (which most of us are):

3. Golf Balls, lets face it, every golfer, at least most we know, goes through a lot of golf balls through out a season. There is plenty of value to be had in golf balls, and a 2 piece golf ball is the best for the normal golfer. The ProV1 isn't going to help you, especially with less than 105 mph swing speed, so here a few good choices: 

4. Looking good on the golf course is very subjective, as looking great might mean looking like your Grandfather! I applaud those people who dress in the cutting edge of golf, so here are a few of my ideas:

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