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Friday, October 22, 2010

Golf Variety Awaits You In Myrtle Beach


Recently, our local newspaper carried a Letter to the Editor from a gentleman that seems to regularly offer his opinions on golf subjects. The article began with a walk down memory lane that reminded we “chronologically challenged” readers of the munies we grew up playing.

No tee times, no carts, carry bags and a course that was fairly straightforward. Place your ball in the rack and when it was your turn tee it up. Where I grew-up the nine hole public course featured 4-holes on each side of the railroad tracks and then back over the tracks to the Par 3 No, 9 finishing hole. Separate tee boxes gave a slightly different look to the 2nd nine, but the tracks were still there.

All was well with the gentleman’s “Letter” until he began pontificating and portrayed golf course design as one-dimensional. He further described today’s courses as “monstrously long and difficult.” I beg to differ.

During the past twelve months I’ve had the privilege to play more than 30-Myrtle Beach area golf courses. I’m a writer doing 20+ course reviews each year and an average, mid-teen handicap golfer. Thank goodness I’m a better writer than I am a golfer.

Granted there are some monstrously long and difficult holes, but I’ve found this area’s courses quite playable. The one thing they have in common is their diversity. A case in point is reflected in the two Glen’s course we played last week. Heather Glen Golf Links and Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf are in name and positioning quite similar. However, both are quite different in playability, length and visual appeal. I thoroughly enjoyed and had fun on both golf courses, but for decidedly different reasons.

If you’re concerned with distance and difficulty, play from the tees that are appropriate for your handicap. However, if you’re concerned with playing one-dimensional golf courses on your Myrtle Beach trip, talk to your golf director. Make sure they know you’re looking for golf course variety. There are plenty of courses to consider and they’ll be happy to accommodate you. 

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