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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Fall

 If a lot of folks out there are a lot like me, Fall is the season of the year where the rounds of golf really trend down. The Spring has everyone chomping at the bit to go out and play as early and often. The Summer seems to hold the most rounds, the most day light, and the most golf trips for me and our group of players.

Let's face it Fall weather is great for golf. We need to play when we can, birthdays. tournaments, people coming in town, any excuse to get us out there. The prices are not as high as Spring, and course conditions are usually great this time of year. Uncrowded courses are the norm, so what holds everyone back from plays?

Now, as most of us here, we all have family and kids, and time with the family is very important. Getting out on the course for 4 hours is tough to devote, so hit the range and keep the swing working if you can't make it out.

College and Professional Football Seasons are in full effect. This maybe the thing that takes more guys off the course course in the Fall than anything. I personally have season tickets to ODU Football, as do a couple of my normal playing partners. Couple that with all the games on Sunday, hanging with the kids, it's really tough to play a round.

Here is to hoping that this New Years provides some warm temps, as the guys usually try for a round or two in Nags Head when we are down.

In the mean time, use any excuse, and trick to get out on the course and remember to hit the ranges!

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