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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Makes a Golf Round Memorable?

Golf is game, and as a game, it is supposed to be enjoyed. Now, what might make a round fun for someone, might make it misreable for another person. So I am going to speak on some general things that make a round the most fun, and one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Location, Location, Location:

This might be the number one factor in making a round memorable. The Scenery of the course, the waterways, the desert, the mountain views, the wildlife and anything else pleasing to the eye. Some courses feature waterway holes, lots of them, natural enviroments, gators, birds and various critters running about. Some feature desert views, green in the middle of no where, carry to carry over scrub to lush green fairways and greens. A courses location can make a lasting impression on anyone, but you don't have to play maybe the most famous of all scenery courses, Pebble Beach, to enjoy them.

The Course/Layout:

Not only does great scenery make a course unforgetable, the layout itself can do it, and a lot of the most famous layouts are by designers whom we rooted on as Pros, or respected elders of the game in it's truer form. Famous for their layout, Agusta comes to mind, but you can look to almost any Palmer, Nicholas, Couples, Maples, and many, many other's designs. There are so many signature holes across golf, some are famous and make the course, there is a certain island green that holds Pros and Fans in awe and fright every year. That hole makes the course, and you could never forget playing it.


You could have the best secnery, the best designed course, but if it is not maintained, in great shape, trimed, green, you may never remember the course. Again, Agusta always comes to mind as the best conditioned course we get to see on TV, but make no mistake, there are many, many accessable courses where a blade of grass is never out of place we can play. There is nothing like being the first group off, seeing the maintaince crew putting the finishing touches on the course before you play. As you go about your round, everything is perfect, tee boxes, fairways, greens, rough cuts, green collars, everything is a golfing oasis!


This maybe the most over looked one on the list, but think back to your most memorable rounds, how was the service? From bag drop, to club house, to starter, to rangers, to cart girl to the 19th hole, service is the one thing any course can improve on to make people come back year after year. We are in a recession and golf courses have been hit hard, and always are looking for that edge to get more rounds played. Some have stepped up with service, and golfers love this. Wet cool towels on a hot day while you play, friendly staff who not only takes your money, but makes you feel like a member. Starters and Rangers giving advice on holes, laughing joking with groups, taking pictures, making sure the golfers have fun no matter what. You would think this comes hand and hand with the other points above, but sadly that doesn't happen. The nicest, most upscale club can make you feel like an outsider while a lower end, public course can treat you like golfing royality!

Who You Play With:

Another under rated point, but who did you play with on that day that sounds out as golf nirvana? Was it your best friends, your family members, a celebrity or maybe it was that special Father/Son round that stands out. All of these points I think go hand in hand to provide the most memorable round for you.

by John Barry

Love to hear everyone's ideas and comments about what makes a round the most memorable they have played!

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