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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tee to Green Series Part 1 by Jamie Smith

Bow Creek Golf Course

Green to Tee Series
Jamie Smith Golf Instruction

The Green to Tee Series is a step by step learning process conducted weekly. This process helps golfers of all levels learn or refine there skills starting at the Putting Green and working our way up to the final stage in which we take all we have learned and apply it to the Driver, ( the most difficult club in the bag ).

This program started at the end of winter 2009 with around 6 participants and has now grown to as many as 30 participants each week. Each session runs for an hour and a half, 0930-1100 on Saturday mornings. I bring in other PGA Professionals from around the Tidewater area to assist and to let the students see different teaching styles.

The series covers some intense focus on the grip, posture, alignment, and some real focus on the descending angle of attack at impact. This is covered from first day of the series and carried on throughout.


  1. Cover green etiquette, ball mark repair
  2. Grip, posture, stroke
  3. Read of green, grain effect, wind effect
  4. Practice procedure, pre-shot routine, distance control
  5. Work on maintaining spine angle through stroke and turn head to see ball roll, not lift and turn head
  6. Explain importance of a properly fitted putter

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