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Monday, November 30, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 (Possible New Lodging)

There maybe a new idea in lodging this year, staying in North Myrtle, and playing golf in North Myrtle. I am basing my numbers this year off our group only, and 28 people. This would be 4 condos, on the ocean in the Tillman Golf Resort. I have been checking the lodging prices, and they are actually higher this season than last year, weird!
We can still do the condo on the course thing, but this gets more of us into a room (6-8 per room ) and works out to be a little less than the golf condos.

Here are some photos of the complex:

Also, there has been an idea proposed by the Vice President of the VB Golf Crew, that we consider changing the dates and days of the trip to Saturday the 26th through Tuesday the 29th (still taking 2 days off of work) Love to hear folks opinion on this also, we would need a majority of people to be ok with this before I would change anything out of the normal.

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  1. John, Parker here at Golf Trek. Not sure if I mentioned staying at Tilghman or not. We put a bunch of our golfers up there. While it's a bit more than the standard condo, the ammenities are tough to beat. I hope to hear back from yo.