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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fairway Wood Tips

Tips For Using Fairway Woods
Step 1 Relax as you address the ball. Take an athletic position by flexing your knees and keeping them shoulder length apart. Allow gravity to pull your hands to their natural position in order to hit the ball with a relaxed swing.

Step 2 Use a full hip and body turn to hit your fairway wood. A fairway wood especially requires a steady and repeatable swing to hit correctly. That means a full hip turn as well as a full turn of the upper body. Speeding up when swinging a fairway wood will almost certainly result in a mis-hit.

Step 3 Hit the ball up in the air by playing it from the correct position. With a fairway wood, play the ball off of your left heel which will allow you to have full momentum with your swing at impact. If you are using a 5-wood, play it one ball length closer to center from your left heel.

Step 4 Change your swing plane when you are using a fairway wood. It should be longer and flatter and that will allow you to hit through the ball. Most golfers try to hit at the ball instead of hitting through it. A longer and flatter swing will promote a full follow through, which is what is needed with the fairway wood.

Step 5 Practice with the fairway woods usually. Because fairway wood is one of the most difficult clubs due to its length and weight so it requires a lot of work on the practice tee. Hit at least 20 percent of the balls you hit at the driving range with your fairway woods.

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