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Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Master's Winner To Grow The Golf Game?

Here is a topic I really wanted to jump into today with you guys, Bubba Watson and the Bubba Effect on golf now that he has a Green Jacket!

Ok, lets start off with Bubba himself, a lesson less player, who plays golf with no fear, takes risks, uses his imagination, and usually swings first before thinking of the ramifications of the shot. He appeals to the young players, and those players who are always looking for the flag, not the lay up. A all or nothing type of player like Phil sometimes, and when he is on, he can be the complete package. Humble, funny, warm, and very fan friendly, which golf must have to grow.

Phil wear Travis Mathews, which like Rory, isn't a Tour Staple like Nike etc..but will be now for sure. Love seeing the new younger designer golf clothing getting out there and becoming popular.

Bubba goofs off with, and hangs with and good friends with, the younger generation of pros. I love his comedy and the fact that outside of the ropes, he doesn't take himself serious. He hangs with Ricky, Ben Crane and Hunter! Look how many Pros were there to hug and greet him as he walked off a winner, a testament to his character and nature.

He and his wife adopted a baby, again, showing that kids who have no future or very little need the attention of everyone, and if you can help, you should. A loving family man now, who's focus I think will become sharper and sharper!

Bubba elevates the game from boring to the young potential players, to exciting, he can bring more new players to the table, and he and his fellow pro friends are the future of the sport and it's growth.

Let's discuss!!!

and of course, CONGRATS BUBBA!!!!

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