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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday Group Lesson at Bow Creek

Good afternoon everyone,

This Saturday's portion of the series will be all about the Fairway Woods. We will focus on what it takes to get solid contact and a good ball flight. And most of all, when you should use them.

I need to get a list of participants so I can get the required help. Please let me know if you are in.

Also, some good news. I have added Rick Bidnick,PGA to the scheduling roster. I respect his teaching discipline and am honored to have him on the Jamie Smith Golf Instruction teaching staff. If you have gained a good relationship with him through the workshops and you feel you can learn from him, feel free to get some private lessons from him. Please wait until he gets his calender set up. I will announce when he is ready for you to start scheduling.

See you all Saturday


As always, bring some style to the golf course!!!

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