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Monday, September 14, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 Rates are posted

In keeping with our theme, golf's greatest play ground, Myrtle Beach, I have been following the rates for next year. The rates are set in September by the Myrtle Beach Golf Directors, and usual reflect how the previous year went, and adjust prices accordingly.

Here are some interested facts about next season:

14335.9 in reply to 14335.1

Comparing the Golfdesk 2009 brochure to the 2010 rates on the website, here is what I found, based on peak April rates, AM Thur-Sunday.

The rates at most other courses not listed below were down from $2 to $8.

INCREASED RATES 4/8-4/25 2010:
Blackmoor 4
The Dunes 19 Must not want much package play.
Int Club 10

Brunswick -$24
Crow Creek -$23
Farmstead -$10
Founders Pawleys -$30 Some of this FC drop was during 2009.
Leopards Chase -$14
Lions Paw -$13
Meadowlands -$10
Panthers Run -$24
Pawleys Plant -$18
Pearl -$14
Pine Lakes -$12
Rivers Edge -$ 9
Tidewater -$18
Tigers Eye -$18
Wicked Stick -$15

Thanks Art for the break down.

I was looking at this same time frame, Art, since that's when I went this past year and when I intend to go next year.

My numbers agree (almost) with yours* (based on AM Thur-Sun rates).

Roughly unchanged (+/- less than 3%): Barefoot Courses, Caledonia, Founders, Litchfield, Long Bay, River Club, Thistle.

Down 10%+: Meadowlands, Pawley's Plantation, Pine Lakes, River's Edge, Tiger's Eye

Others of note: Down: Legends/Oyster Bay/Heritage -6%, Grande Dunes -4%, True Blue -4%.

Up: Tidewater +4%, Dunes +9%, Avocet +19%, TPC +1%

Thanks Chris NH for this break down with percentages.

The following are some other observations about pricing for next year, thanks to the great folks at Myrtle Beach Golf Talk.

Sea Trails for $35-$37 pm and mid-week is better 'steal'. Panthers Run, Lions Paw and Farmstead for $41 as well.

Interesting comment on the Dunes Club.

In 2007, we paid $95 or so (midweek) during the low price season. This year it's up to $130.

My guess is that either they don't need the package play, or they've been getting so much due to popularity, they're trying to cash in.

In general, it looks as if the rates as a whole went down for 2010, good news for us, and the rooming rates remain dirt cheap, all of which should equal a better price and value for next years trip.

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