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Friday, September 18, 2009

I Have a Dream!

Well I do of course, everyone does, something that they work towards in their career, their jobs, a goal to meet at some point of their life. In today's blog entry, I am actually going to "blog" and not review. This will be my personal goals and dreams, and I hope some of you will respond with your also. I would love to hear comments and any help anyone is willing to offer, and please excuse me if I ramble.

My main goal in life, is always taking care of my Wife and Kids. To watch Addison and Jake get older (not too fast) learn, love, and have lives and children of their own.Weird to say, but I look forward to being a grandfather (not too soon though). To be able to provide for them for their whole lives.

My career goals are little out of the ordinary. I have a great job now, working as a Sales Manager for a great Clothing Company, but my true love is Golf, and working in the golf industry. It's just a matter of time before something happens, and I own my own business, maybe after I retire, maybe earlier (I hope).

I have plans in my head of a Golf Pro Shop/Golf Sports Bar, with huge HD Golf Simulators, a golfer's paradise so to speak. But I only consider that a launching point, I want to learn club fitting and making, start a marketing firm, a golf clothing line, sponsor a PGA golfer, run numerous Charity Events, give back to the community and my friends, and play lots of golf and live comfortable.

I know more than a few of my friends can attest to this, in life and business, it's all about who you know, and your relationships with them. I have gone out of my way in planning our Myrtle Beach Golf Trips, to get to know the Pros at the courses, interview them, speak with them, and try to stay in touch. Also, I have met two people from Myrtle Beach who stand out as outstanding people and professionals in the golf industry. Barbie Chesnutt and Brian Noblin. These are two people who have devoted their lives and careers to making people like us, who love Myrtle Beach, happy.

Barbie Chesnutt is the Golf Director at Beach Vacations, a member of the Myrtle Beach Golf Directors Association. She is the voice of reason for Myrtle Beach, helping set the prices to the public from the courses, and has been our trip provider for the last 5 years. I can not say enough about her level of service, let's just say, I am tough to work with and she handles everything I ask.

Brian Noblin, at the Golf Desk, not only sells Myrtle Beach Golf packages, he stands behind everyone. He is the most devoted person for Myrtle Beach Golf I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He runs a web site devoted to Myrtle Beach Golf, reviews, conditions and golfers talking with golfers. The best place for information on Myrtle Beach bar none, as well as being a member of the Myrtle Beach Golf Directors Association

Rambling a bit, but people in the golf industry tend to help each other out, because they one thing in common, the love of Golf!

Tom Rath, of Rock Bottom Golf out of our local area, is another who has carved his niche in the golf industry, selling older, new golf products at close out prices. He has single handily made golfing possible for a lot of people in troubling economic times. They do lots of Charity Work with tournaments, and prize give away. I am proud to say he will be sponsoring our Golf Tournament with prizes for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society!

I am currently trying to work with Srixon, The Golf Ball Shop (locally), local pros Jamie Smith (757-287-1965) and Ed Collins (757-739-3381)and of course, everyone in the VB Golf Crew, and folks who just go on our golf trips.

Life is nothing without family and friends, and I always want to to give back to my friends as much as possible. I am giving away my 2010 Myrtle Beach trip which I get for free as the Trip Leader, to one lucky random member of the golf club, demo clubs, and golf balls as I get them.

In closing, I want to say, Golf has become a huge part of my life and happiness, and I want to find a way to make everyone's golf as enjoyable as mine.

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