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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FMI, Leaderboard Golf Coming To Virginia

FMI golf, the nation's leading gold marketing score board company is coming to Virginia, with Virginia Beach as their first target area.

The company installs large steel and marble score boards to golf courses, at no expense to the course. they use a teaming up marketing model to use advertising to a "marketing circle" for everyone involved. The employees of FMI hand pick a course and present them their plan to do their marketing for them, no charge to the course. The y next approach the members, looking for business owners who want to be on the board as advertisers. the course tailors a custom plan, 100% up to each course, that will give the advertiser free rounds, a tournament, and reward cards with special rates and offers.

The advertiser then in turns hits their target market, as the board is viewed between 25,000 to 40,000 times a year. the advertiser also has in hand, 1000 rewards cards, good for a two year period, and freely gives them out to customers, friends and family. this process has one objective in mind, filling the courses tee sheets on a daily, weekly and yearly basis!

This is just an over view of the whole process and the business model for FMI and the newly forming FMI Virginia. The company's web site FMI Web Site


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