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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIVOT's Daily Deal

Nike Mojo Double Dozen

Nike Mojo Double Dozen Golf Balls

Product Details
  • 2 Dozen golf balls
  • low compression, "magic" core
  • Provides maximum distance
  • Softened ionomer cover
  • soft touch and feel.
When I lived in D.C. I wasn’t married, I didn’t have two kids, a dog, two parakeets (in spite of the rolled-eye responses I receive, I use any opportunity I can to describe these birds as my pair of keets), a mortgage, or any semblance of responsibility. So I played golf… constantly.
I was a well-known patron of Lake Presidential, where I would spend 20 – 30 hours a month perfecting my game and trying to talk the girl at the concession stand into a no-strings-attached kind of relationship. If you’ve ever played Lake Presidential then you’ve probably heard about the trap on the 8th hole. Those who have previously fallen victim to the trap either avoid the area completely by using 4 extra strokes to get around it, or simply go from 7 to 9. Extreme measures for extreme circumstances.
For, hidden somewhere in the heavily wooded surroundings the 8th hole, a fox resides. And if a ball appears within a 300-foot perimeter of the dogleg, he explodes out of the underbrush like a bolt of lightning, and before you can stop and say, “Swiper, NO swiping! Swiper NO swiping!” the fox, and your ball, have vanished. Several explanations have been suggested over the years, the two most probable are either:
a.     The fox, believing the first golf ball he saw to be an egg, and therefore lunch, abducted and attempted to chew, swallow and digest it. This explanation does not give the fox much credit, as one would think any animal of any intelligence would eventually give up trying; or
b.     The fox is a jerk.
Whatever the explanation may be, there is surely an underground cavern on that course where golf balls are piled up like salmon eggs, and dreams of making par are imprisoned forever, like the howling souls of the dead who are frozen between the here and the hereafter.
Fortunately, there is a way to play this hole without spending the month’s mortgage payment on replacement balls. Today, and today only, you can get two dozen Nike MoJo golf balls for $12.99, and play with fox impunity. Go ahead - swing at those balls with as much concern as birds have for the glossy finish of your parked car! Tee up and get your MoJo on!

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