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Friday, December 17, 2010

New Acer XDS React Irons For 2011

 Heirko Golf brings Out New irons For 2011:

This one of the most underrated companies out there, making their own product and marketing it themselves. Take some time to look at the site, they have lots of great clubs and sets are great prices, just not the Major Name Brand, but real golfers know.


Acer XDS React Irons

Sniper Accuracy.
Behemoth Distance.


NEW FOR 2011!

“Worth Their Weight In Gold” - Read review by

“Excellent distance and accuracy on my first try.” – Read review by
Finally an iron that reacts positively to the way you hit the ball by putting the kibosh on off-center shots. Shrouded within the ultra-deep, asymmetrical multi-tiered cavity area is a monstrous assemblage of weight ingeniously dispersed to ultimately provide that unbelievably solid feel, and precision accuracy you have always dreamed about. The clean, unobtrusively appearance includes a well-rounded sole, thin tapered top line and moderate offset that will be sure to please a wide array of players. And remember, every assembled Acer XDS React Iron is custom made to order!

Acer XDS React Irons Custom Assembled $25.95 each
Acer XDS React Irons Component Clubhead $9.95 each

I3660-00332059.255.8 mm243 g0 dRH/LH
I3660-004423605.5 mm250 g1 dRH/LH
I3660-00552660.755 mm257 g2 dRH/LH
I3660-00662961.54 mm263 g3 dRH/LH
I3660-00773362.753 mm271 g4 dRH/LH
I3660-008837633 mm278 g5 dRH/LH
I3660-00994163.752 mm285 g6 dRH/LH
I3660-010PW4564.52 mm291 g8 dRH/LH
I3660-015AW5064.52 mm291 g9 dRH
I3660-020SW5564.51 mm298 g12 dRH/LH

NEW FOR 2011!

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