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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lesson 2 of 4 with Jamie Smith

Lesson number 2 of 4 was today on lunch break from work. We all should all find our way to the range or course during a lunch break, we get better at golf, we are in the outdoors, and we will sure lose some weight from not eating lunches!

Arrived at Bow Creek and set up on the range, saw Jamie Smith's cart at the club house and I let him know I was there via a text. Found half a bucket and hit a few. As Jamie was pulling up, he made his first adjustment of the day, from across the chipping and putting green. I had my Pitching Wedge out, and he said he saw something way over the, I was scooping at the ball instead of hitting down on it, so we adjusted, and he noted that I wasn't taking a divot out in front of the ball, but most of the time, either behind it or none at all. This was my hands releasing to early, and not leading with my hips.

Did several drills to make sure my hips are leading out, and my left hand is pulling the club through the swing arc instead of the right throwing it. He had a long piece of foam, which he put 6-7 inches behind the ball(there is a joke in there some where) and I had to hit the ball with out touching the foam, meaning hitting down on the ball. We did this for awhile, and I had a tough time with it, but I got my wrist flat at impact and that helped me a lot.

The second adjustment
was to continue to work on my base, not lift my left heel up, and turn with the waist more, to keep me balanced through out the swing. I worked on dropping my hands down late, and turning my wrists at impact, trying to hook, which did nothing but straighten up my ball flight. This swing will take sometime to get used to, but I really hit about 10 great shots, easy swings that took off high and straight, with a crisp sound at impact.

As the lesson progressed, my back started bothering me some, but being the super golf fashion icon that I am, I plowed through the pain to continue with the lesson. I can feel my swing becoming less forced, and more natural feeling. last two balls I hit were just very easy, trying to make the form and swing all come together, and they maybe the two best balls I hit.

Keys for me to work on before our next lesson. Feet still, turn with the hips, the club and the shoulders will follow. Let that club head do the work, and drop into the hitting position. Work on the hitting down on the ball with the irons.

Going to be work on a Punch Shot, which will help me with all the irons and the basics of the golf swing.

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