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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Golf Lesson 1 of 4 with Jamie Smith


Golf lesson 1 of 4 started a little bad for me, because like an idiot trying to take a golf lesson during his lunch break, I went to the wrong course he does lessons at. I must spring across town to make the last 15 minutes of my 30 minute lesson.

It only got better though, as his 1:30pm lesson agreed to share the time with me, and we did a dual lesson for an hour instead of a half hour. He wanted to work on his driver, and I had no problem with that, I am more worried about the mechanics of my swing anyway, doesn't matter which club.

We started warming up with an iron before moving to the "Big Dog", so I choose the free Burner 6 iron I got from Taylor Made's "Play a Better Iron" contest. Felt a little lighter than my 08 R7s, but I loved the feel of it. After warming up, getting my grip set, Jamie made his first adjustment for me. Seems during my take away, I am lifting my left heel a little (I am right handed). Felt a little weird, kid of being glued to the deck, but I noticed the right side of the course going farther and farther out of play for me. My Slice has plagued me as a righty for my whole golf career.

Driver time, I am hitting an 08 Adams Speedline Driver with a stock stiff shaft.(I am pretty sure I will be going to a regular shaft after the lessons) We are about 20 minutes into the lesson so far, day is warm, with a slight breeze in our face, and the range balls are pretty dead. I am hitting them 180-210 down the middle or actually even drawing a little on the left side. Jamie makes his second adjustment of the lesson for me, I start working on keeping my left wrist flat on the full take away. I also also working on my pace of the swing, slowly in my mind counting to 3 on the take away, and then finishing the count on swing to 4. So, 1, 2, 3 top of the take away and start swinging, 4 I have hit the balls and am trying for a high finish.

Jamie is his usual self, a few short jokes at his expense (he is a towering 5 foot 7 ish), he's easy going, but teaching the whole time without being overbearing. He moves back and forth between us as we fire ball after ball out in the range. Watching his swing in 3 different views really helps me. First he has us watch his club all the way through a swing, then his hands, and finially his hips. Nice, natural, easy swing, transfer of weight and power, and the turning of the wrists for the "flick" of extra power and a nice straight out in front of you follow through.

I notice something also, it's my left elbow with a decent amount of space between my body on the down swing, so we are working on correcting that also. We are saving the fitting for the last lesson. So, the four lessons cost me 130.00 instead of 150.00, Jamie owes me 20 bucks and neither of us forgets about it!!

For a first "private" lesson, I loved the time and everything I took away from it. I have my second lesson on this Friday, so I will follow up with report 2 of 4 Friday afternoon.

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