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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Group Lesson this Week saturday:Bow Creek 9:30-11:00am

Good Morning,

As we get closer to this weekend's Driver workshop at Bow Creek, 0930-1100, I will, as always ask that you let me know if you are in.

Also, I have to ask that you all do me a favor when the opportunity presents itself. As we get busy teaching the workshop and in the heat of the moment, we, the instructors hope to get to not only teach the basics as a group settting, but love to give as much one on one as we can during the session. Sometimes we may overlook someone that might really need some attention. If you become one of those people, no one will feel insulted if you speak up and let us know that you need help or just don't understand. Also, if you are paired up with someone and think they may have been missed or are not sure of when to ask for help, then please ask for them. I never want anyone leaving the workshops feeling short changed.

I know we don't charge much for the workshop, but I want you to feel like you just got a $1000 lesson.
Whatever that is!


I have been told that Father's day is coming up. I will run a special on the 4 pack gift Certificate I offer. Instead of the ussual $150 rate, I will offer it for $130. You or the "gifter" must contact me for this, so I can email it out.

I hope you all learned something on Saturday, See ya next,


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